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Lollipop_Crew Blog

Survey Test :D

Name: Lollipop_Crew :P
D.O.B: December, 31st, 1992
Birthplace: Wellington, New Zealand
Current location: Computer desk :P
Height: 6'
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black
Right or left hand: Right
Zodiac sign: Capricon all the way :P
Fear: Death and snakes
Weakness: Peer Pressure
Best physical feature: Shoulders :P
Overused phrase on IM: wtf???
Most missed memory: Got none
Favorite color: Metallic purple
Favorite food: Nacho's, Lasanga, Meatballs
Favorite sports: Athletics and swimming
Favorite animal: Elephant
Have you ever been in love? yes
Have you ever been heartbroken? yes
Have you ever been cheated on? yes
Have you cheated? no
Last person you talked to? My sister
Last person you hugged? My mate
Last person you kissed? Hmmm I dunno
Last person you smiled to? Some random girl
Last time you cried? Yesterday
Last time you smiled? Yesterday
Hot dog or Hamburger? Hamburger
Blowpops or Tootsie pops? wtf???
Ranch or French Dressing? Gross, none
Appetizer or Dessert? both
Would you rather golf or play tennis? Pup Put
Go to the movies or on a picnic? Depending on what movie, and for the picnic, depends on the location and food of course :P
Coffee or Tea? both
Do you have an inny or an outty belly button? Inny
Wax or Shave? None..
Windows open or AC? depends on the season
Rather be the driver or passenger? Driver (I don't trust the driver except myself :P)
Ever driven 12 hours or more in a car? Yes
Fly or drive? both
Do you beleive in Unicorns? I think they're extinct
Do you believe in Heaven & Hell? Yes
Think we've ever really been to the moon? Nope..
What was your worst subject in school? Home Economics.. I burnt the kitchen down :P
What is your least favorite bill to pay? Yay I live with my mommy still lol..
Would you donate blood? yes
Would you donate a kidney? No, too scared.. sorry.
Swimming pool or hot tub? Skinny dipping :P
Camping or stay in a hotel? hotel
Ever been on a canoe trip? Yes
Ever been bungee jumping? No
Jeans or sweats? Jeans
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
Do you have any tattoos? no
Do you have any piercings? yes.. my ear
Have you ever done anything illegal? No
Have you ever dated anyone ugly? Yes... I didn't wanna reject them and hurt their feelings...
What is your favorite season? Sping, nice and warm:P
What do you look for in a partner? Someone who makes me laugh, honor, trustworthy, warm when I hug, listens to me, sticks up for me, loves me, always hugs me, can keep a good convo.
What is a sexy feature on a guy/girl? Their hair..
What 's the one country you visited outside of Australia? New Zealand
Where are the 3 places you would like to visit? France, England and Ireland
What's your favorite cartoon? Naruto, Bleach and One Piece.. too many..
Do you find yourself funny? Heck yeah
Have you ever peed on a dirt road? no
Have you ever kissed a pet in the mouth? no...
Have you ever lied to a bf/gf/lover? Yes, when I accepted that I will go out with them, when I didn't really, cause I didn't wanna hurt their feelings :P
Have you ever played outside in the rain? Yes, great fun
Have you ever done somthing you regret? Yes....
Have you ever been close to death? Too many
Bush or Clinton for president? Don't care since I'm not an american
Have you ever flashed someone? Yup.. great fun :P
If Dora and Minnie Mouse had a fight who would win? Dora would get the Mafia from the simpsons...
Do you think your attractive? at times...
Have you ever peed in a pool/lake? yes :P
Do you have siblings? 5 sisters 2 brothers
Do you have a best friend? Yup.. his name is Tod
Can you keep a secret? Yes
Have you ever broken a bone? Yup.. my fingers in the game Mercy...
Have you ever cut your own hair? Yup...
Have you ever had a stalker? I wish
What is your ringtone? Potalococo.. It came with the phone :P
Have you ever kissed a picture? Yeah
Do you like to play dress up? sure why not :D
Have you ever thought about what people would say at your funeral? Yup..
M&ms or skittles?Skittles, I'm allergic to chocolate, but I don't get reactions, because it doesn't contain alot of nuts.. :P
Do you have braces? I wish..
Do you still watch kiddie tv shows? Yup...
Vampires or werewolves? None...
Are you easily amused? Nope..
Have you ever sung karaoke? Yup...
Did you answer this survey truthfully? Hmmmmm besides the first question yes...

Shame !!! Lvl. 3

Heii, my blogians :D

Not what I expected :P

I was hoping for a Lvl. 5 or something :D

Hmmmm, oh well, won't be hard to get to 10 before July ends lol...

AniiwaiiZz, my goal for this yr is to make it to hmmmm make it between Lvl. 25 and 30. Which I highly doubt :P

AniiwaiiZz thanx for reading this boring as blog :P

I'm in Antarctica atm.....

Man, I hate winter....

It feels like I'm in Anarctica :P (A bit over exaggerating but oh well)

My feet are freezing. I went to go stand up and walk, and it felt like they were gonna snap off...

And I stayed up all night, cause I left my window open and my room is COLD!!!!

So I just sat here on the computer underneath the air con... :P

Gosh, I wish it was summer!!!!


This site is really easy to use.

I thought it would be hard, like when I first joined bebo and myspace. But everything so easy. Probably because explains things way better.