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Recent Findings 3

It's been awhile since I've been on GS but I was busy with 3 projects at school and various other things so I didn't have as much time to write reviews for games or play them in general. And for the most part, All the games I review, I wait til I beat them all completely like 90% of the time with the few exceptions like Zombies Ate My Neighbors due to it's level format. Anyways, these are the new games I got.


Batman Returns - a really underrated beat 'em up


Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse - I finally got a working copy
Dragon Warrior - the best RPG series on the NES


Aladdin - it's awesome for a kid movie
Contra Hard Corps - debateably my favorite Contra


Duke Nukem 64 - another great FPS for the N64

Like I said, I've been very busy with other crap so not a lot of new games, but I finally have no more projects and school's almost over so look forward to Reviews of Contra Hard Corps, Aladdin on both Genesis and SNES, and my feature review of Earthbound!

My SNES Collection

So it's been almost a year since I got my SNES (about 11 months), and My collection went from a sad collection of 3 to a satisfying number of 46. For the record, I could have well over 100 games if I really want to, but due to my very, very, very, low income and thirst for rarer or more expensive games, 46 is a nice number for me. My goal is to have 100 games for my SNES by the end of the year and with all the games that are a lot of money and all the games that I wanted, this task shall be easy as this store I go to sells a lot of SNES games for like $3 - $9 dollars for games that aren't like Chrono Trigger and Super Metroid. And if I have about $20 a week to spend on games, I can buy from 2 - 6 games a week. I hope to pick up a lot of cheap games so I can find underrated or hidden gems. But without rambling on I present you my collection with a quick blurb on my thoughts of the game.

Actraiser - really fun unique game that combines side scrolling action with nice music and a simulating part
Battletoads/Double Dragon - 2 of the best beat em ups in one game nothing else to say
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs - not as good as Battletoads/Double Dragon or the original, but still fun
Breath of Fire - awesome turn based RPG
Castlevania IV - my favorite in the Castlevania series, fun as hell and challenging
Chrono Trigger - my favorite RPG ever, and the best on the SNES, and one of the best SNES games, need I say more?
Contra III: The Alien Wars- awesome shooter and multiplayer Contra at its best
Disney's Aladdin - really fun platformer
Donkey Kong Country - this or Mario RPG are best SNES graphics, game is fun as hell and addicting
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - everything like its predecessor only better in every aspect
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie's Double Trouble - not as good as 2 but just as good as 1
Doom - I like this game, but nowhere as good as the epic PC version
EarthBound - quite possibly the weirdest and most unique game/RPG, but fun as hell
Earthworm Jim - fun and humorous game and action packed
Final Fantasy II - it's Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy III - my favorite Final Fantasy and 2nd favorite SNES RPG and BTW I successfully fixed my copy's battery
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - not as good as I - III but it's still really fun
Final Fight - really fun beat em up nothing more to say
F-Zero - great example of SNES mode 7 graphics, oh and it's pretty fun too I guess
Gradius III - another one of Konami's greats, fun shmup
Killer Instinct - very unique and fun fighter with an awesome combo system
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - I'm a huge Zelda fan and A Link to the Past is just perfect, best SNES game
Mortal Kombat II - so much of my childhood was spent on this, I think you can tell I like this game
Robotrek - haven't played it much, but it's fun from what I've played
Secret of Mana - best action RPG EVER, can make an RPG hater a fan
Secret of Evermore - most of the great things of Secret of Mana are carried over in this game but falls short of it
Shadowrun - really fun and unique actionRPG
Sim City - it's Sim City
Sparkster - really fun platformer; you're an opposum with a sword and rocket pack, it's awesome
Spawn - a fun side scrolling beat em up
Starfox - revolutionary and fun but I much rather would play Starfox 64
Super Adventure Island - fun platformer
Super Double Dragon - fun beat em up
Super Mario Kart - started the awesome series
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars - best SNES graphics (they're 3D!), and awesome gameplay
Super Mario World - no comment
Super Metroid - best Metroid game, 2nd best SNES game, and damn is it EPIC
Super Punch Out - not as good/fun as Mike Tyson's Punch Out for NES, but still fun
Super Smash TV - one of my favorite SNES games, fun as hell, and challenging
Super Turrican - really challenging shooter but damn is it fun
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time - best beat em up ever
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - my favorite Mortal Kombat game ever
U.N. Squadron - really fun shmup and I love the fact that you have a life bar
Wolfenstein 3D - really fun FPS and I can easily look pass the censorship of the PC version to enjoy this great
Y's III Wanders from Y's - fun action RPG platformer that I haven't played much of unfortunately
Zombies Ate My Neighbors - a really funny and uniqueshooter that's a dedication to horror movie fans like myself

In addition to my SNES collection I have a Game Genie. Overall, I must say my collection is pretty solid, and I doubt you can find any bad games in it. Sure you might have your opinion on some games being overrated or not that good, but overall my collection I think is solid. I have great games in every category: Platformers (Mario, Aladdin, DKC trilogy), RPGs (Chrono Trigger, FF II and III, Super Mario RPG, EarthBound, Secret of Mana), Shooters (Contra III, Smash TV, U.N. Squadron, Zombies Ate My Neighbors), Simulators (Actraiser, SimCity), Beat Em Ups (Final Fight, TMNT IV, Battletoads/Double Dragon), Action/Adventure (Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania IV), Fighting (MK II and UMK 3, KI, Super Punch Out), Racing (F-Zero, Super Mario Kart), FPS (Doom, Wolfenstein 3D). So now that I have all the games that I really want, like I said I'm gunna just start collecting a bunch of cheap games and trying to find hidden gems that I can review and let people know about so they can enjoy other fun games that are unknown and cheap. Yes I know I'm missingessentials like Yoshi's Island and Mega Man X. I hope to see your comments on your thoughts on my list and I will check in with new games I got in my 'recent findings' "skit". And again, leave comments on your thoughts, or underrated games you like that you think I should check out.

Recent Findings 2

I've got around to only SNES games, but nonetheless I still got some great ones.

Shadowrun - a really unique action RPG which takes place in the future
Secret of Mana - I actually have it this time, and like I predicted it's bomb and even better than Secret of Evermore
Super Turrican - a really fun shooter that's similiar to Contra
Robotrek - a fun RPG I haven't gotten around to playing but I heard it's fun
Breath of Fire - another RPG I haven't got around to play yet, but I heard it's awesome
Disney's Aladdin - an awesome platformer which is fun for fans or not fans of the movie
Y's III - an action RPG very similiar to Zelda II but I haven't played it much
EarthBound - people probably won't believe that I have this game, but I do and it costed me $75 and it's one word: awesome
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - not as good as FFII and FFIII (or IV and VI) but still great
Final Fantasy II - I actually don't have this yet I'm waiting for it in the mail but it's Final Fantasy so it's gotta be fun
Final Fantasy III - well I'm only putting this here because I'm gunna be getting a new copy of this unless I can replace the dead battery in my current copy but this game is great to say the least

Currently looking for:

Breath of Fire II
Harvest Moon
Lufia - in my last recent findings I said I got this but my copy was defected and I had to return it to the store
Lufia II
Aladdin (Genesis)
Shadowrun (Genesis)
Illusion of Gaia
Soul Blazer
Wolfenstein 3D (SNES)
Mega Man
Zelda II

Recent Findings

This is my new "segment" where I share what recent games I got and my quick thoughts on them.

Castlevania III - see my last blog :/
Super C - great sequel to one of my favorites on the NES, but inferior to the original
Mega Man 3 - it's Mega Man, what else can I say?

Chrono Trigger - masterpiece; see my recent review on it
Secret of Evermore - great, underrated RPG that's very similiar to Secret of Mana
Zombies Ate My Neighbors - fun run 'n gun action; great co-op
Lufia & the Fortress of Doom - a good RPG but I would pass on this and get the sequel
Secret of Mana - I actually don't have this yet, i'm waiting for it in the mail, but if Secret of Evermore is similiar to it, but not as good as it, it should be awesome, and it's an RPG with co-op so me and my friend will have fun with it
Actraiser - one of the most unique and funnest game son the SNES

General Chaos - fun little action pointand clickgame which feels like a PC game
Mutant League Hockey - fun sports game where no rules apply and even non-sports gamers would like

Games I'm Currently Looking For
Mutant League Football
Final Fantasy II (IV)
Phantasy Star II - IV
Harvest Moon
Castlevania III
Actraiser 2
Breath of Fire I and II
Uncharted Waters
Soul Blazer

Castlevania III

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse is a great game. I think like the title though, the game is cursed. I mean Jesus Christ I got thisgame and it worked then just randomly stopped. So what do I do? Buy another one of course. Guess what. This game doesn't work either. So I was pissed off to the max this time. So I cleaned it numerous times and got it to work every once in awhile but it just randomly doesn't work. So now I'm gunna have to get another copy and I'm kinda pissed off cause this is gunna be around $30 spent on an NES game that isn't even rare. If I didn't like the game so much though, I would've said screw it by now.

I'm Back

Wow 3 years later and I'm back. All I can say is wow. I grew up a lot and when I used to use this site it was for modern games like ones for PS2 and GC(at the time). Things changed a lot. I got no newer systmes of this gen (360, Wii, PS3) and instead I went backwards. I got a Genesis then I got a SNES and eventually a NES. So, I now changed my focus and instead of reviewing new games, I now do old games. So check out my new (actually old) reviews of games from the past mostly for SNES (as it is my favorite system). It's good to be back again.


So if you keep up with my life you'll know I take guitar lessons and I learned today on (April 1st) how to play Hypnotize on my guitar by System of a Down. It's not as hard as I thought and it sounds pretty neat. I been practicing it for like 2 hours this morning and my intro is getting really good but I need to work on the chorous a lot.

Keep it Real


New Icon

Well I got a new icon and it's Fierce Diety from Zelda and I think it came out really kool. Tell me what you think about it.

Keep it Real


First Video

Well I'm planning on making more videos. I released my first one. I do not like to make my own videos I just tape parts from Family Guy and maybe other shows. I made a classic part from family guy one of my favorite episodes!

Keep it Real


Report Card

Well I got it 3 weeks ago but never posted my grades but I made 2nd honors OH YA!

Science B+ my science teacher got fired after this grade he abused my class and threw balls at us and through munchkins (donuts) at me.
Math A+ Oh ya!
English B+ yaya!
Math Extension (second math forbidden>

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