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Modded again.... Good bye!

Yup it happen again....Im just not going to come back to this site anymore...getting sick & tired of the mods here.

I been level 26 for a very long time now......I was level 29 I think a long time ago now.

lol this does sucks oh well....bye everyone take care! (Maybe I'll come back just to blog something for fun but other then that Im gone.)

;) I'll be in game

Fallout3 DLC coming to the PS3!

With the recent release of Broken Steel, the last of the three announced DLC packages for Fallout 3, it would be easy to assume that Bethesda might take a break. Never! The company today announced a pair of additional DLC, set to arrive in June and July. The first, Point Lookout, is set in a new swampland area that includes new missions and other unnamed content. Alien enthusiasts may want to watch out for Mothership Zeta, which brings aliens back to the wasteland with a hankering for abduction. (With any luck, it'll include some extra ammo for the Alien Blaster weapons, too.) Both sets of DLC will be available for 800 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360 or for $9.99 on PC. As before, PlayStation 3 owners are left out. Or are they?

Turns out, that "exclusive" DLC wasn't quite so exclusive. PlayStation 3 owners will finally have access to the expanded content starting in late June, with Operation: Anchorage, followed up by staggered releases of the Pitt and Broken Steel. Exact release dates are still unannounced, but at least we know that they're on the way. After that batch has been released, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta will hit the PS3 as well.

The expanded content will be hitting store shelves in the future, too, with a pair of add-on packs that add the Pitt and Operation Anchorage or Broken Steel and Point Lookout on an Xbox 360 or PC disc. (Bethesda says that disc-based expansions aren't possible on the PS3, so those folks are going to have to scrounge up an Internet connection to score the content.)

Finally, a Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition will be hitting shelves in October, bundling the original game and all five add-ons for $59.99. (With each of those DLC bundles costing about $10, that's a pretty slick deal, if you can wait that long...)

Resident Evil 6 will reboot the franchise

Though many will agree that Resident Evil 5 is a great game, there have been some complaints lodged against it. Some stem from the control scheme - the title uses the same control scheme as the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4, but times change, and what was innovative in 2005, may no longer be in 2009. Others will fault the game for continuing Resident Evil 4's transgression to more of an action game than a survival horror title. And yet others will find even more to nitpick about.

Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi has recently revealed, however, that the series is in store for franchise reboot. Resident Evil 5 seems as if it's practically guaranteed to be the last of its kind, and just as Resident Evil 4 reinvented the franchise, it seems Resident Evil 6 is slated to do the same. Check Jun Takeuchi's interview with 1up later this week(spoiler in link) for more out of the man himself.

Resident Evil 5 is a survival action game developed by Capcom. The latest in Capcom's popular survival franchise, the title is due out March 13, for the PS3 and XBox 360.

PlayStation Home opens tomorrow!

The day we've been waiting for is here! And this is just the beginning...

Today we announced that PlayStation Home will enter into open beta, and will be available to everyone tomorrow. This milestone represents the very beginning of a long journey together, as PlayStation Home is an ever evolving, always changing, organic experience - full of new friends to meet, new events to enjoy, and new content to explore.


If this will be your first time in PlayStation Home, be sure to talk to folks that have been around for a while, as they can show you the ropes. We also have a tutorial built in that will get you started with the controls, as well as help menus for you to reference in the Menu Pad. If you don't have a USB keyboard or Bluetooth headset paired with your PlayStation 3, now is the time to do so - either option will allow you to easily talk and meet everyone.

One of the first things that you'll notice that there are always things going on - parties, tournaments, events - some of which will be announced, and some of which that will just happen. You've got to be there to be a part of the party, so make sure to log in often to see what is going on.

If you want to know what's coming up, check out the PlayStation Home forums, as we will be announcing events, tournaments, content updates, and feature revisions there, and by actively participating, you will be the first to know. You'll also find that the PlayStation Home forums are alive with conversation from the PlayStation Home community discussing everything from feature requests to new clubs to join.



Home Uncharted

Many of you will have already seen the news regarding participation in PlayStation Home from your favorite game publishers and brands, including Activision, Disney, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Lucas Arts, THQ and UBISOFT as well as Sony Pictures, Paramount, Red Bull, Ligne Roset, and Diesel. As you can imagine, with this many partners already on board, PlayStation Home will grow rapidly, so you'll need to check back often to see what is new. We'll do our best to keep you informed on what is going on, but with so much happening in PlayStation Home, there will always be new surprises and secrets to discover. If we simply told you about everything, then it just wouldn't be as fun for you to discover...

For those of you that have been in PlayStation Home for a while, I wanted to take a moment to discuss something very cool that you will notice right away. Once you get in, you'll see that a redesigned Central Plaza is there to greet you - we've made major upgrades as a result of your community feedback. Thank you!

First of all, the Central Plaza now features a new 4 player mini-game called "Saucer Pop," where each player launches a flying saucer from a take-off pad and flies around popping bubbles. These bubbles contain stars that have points attached, but watch out for the bubbles with bombs which will take you out if you're not careful. You also must keep an eye on your saucer's fuel gauge and collect bubbles with fuel cells or else you will quickly meet a watery fate. Success is all about the high scores, so good luck out there! I've been playing for a while now while we've been developing the game, so I'm getting pretty good...for those of you that know me, prepare to pop!

Secondly, you will also see some changes to Listen@Home. Now, you'll be able to select from a number of songs and vote on your favorites. Which ever song gets the most votes plays for everyone, so be sure to get your voice heard and get down on the dance floor.

I could go on and on about all the cool new things you are going see and find in PlayStation Home, both on day one of open beta and beyond. The important thing to remember is that PlayStation Home will continue to evolve and change overtime, so be sure to get in often so you don't miss out...

See you in PlayStation Home.

Qore episode 5

Celebrate Halloween with "The
Monsters of Gaming": Fallout 3,
Resident Evil 5 and Dead Space

We head to Park City, Utah to
check out Shaun White

Plus an assortment of mini-games
and other downloadable content

PlayStation HOME closed beta

PS HOME beta logo

So Yesterday when I was checking my e-mail. I saw that I got seleted to take part in the closed beta for HOME. I was really glad that I will get a chance to check out HOME in action.(I got really lucky lol)
I also notice a few of my PSN friends got in the beta as well....
For those who want to know how is HOME....well its awesome lol...Don't worry by the end of the year or very early next year HOME should be open to everyone....PS HOME is one of those things that will get updates just like the psp, and the PS3 on how they get (system/games)updates. It seem that HOME will just get better over time.
As a beta tester I'm expect (so is everyone else who is a part of the beta) to report any issues with HOME or any great ideas that I might have for new features to add to HOME.

P.S. Got any questions? Let me know I guess If you want to know more about HOME.

Warhawk Update (GGL Tournament blade)

My new Knife!

Thanks to the update & the trophies...I started to play Warhawk again....for now.

I also got my new knife for the game(pic shown above) for entering in the GGL Tournament that's cool I guess...I really don't care much for this game now....but it is really fun though (sometimes)

Anyways, for the people who still play Warhawk what do you think about the new update.......& if you bought the new add-on booster pack....let me know if its good......I'm might buy it, but not sure anymore (about the game)

happy birthday to me!

Today July the 31 is my birthday! I'm 17 today...feels good! I had a small party today & the cake was good!

BTW, I got two new games MGS4 & Oblivion: GotY edtion.......cake

Coming soon: QORE episode 03

In the next issue........
(the first Thursday of August)

We get deep into DC Online, Including an exclusive Art Gallery.

Story: Audrey Cleo is living the life in NBA 09: the inside.

Hollywood: Veronica Selmont Hits the WB Backlot to get an Intimate look at Lego Batman.

Exclusive to Qore Ep 03: An Invitation to the Resistance 2 Beta.
(Scheduled to be Available in late September)

and more to expect!

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