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10 Things Gamespot should do (or should be doing)

1- Create a real Profile section showing what systems the person own's, what genres he likes etc and integrate the Game Lists with the Profile page.

Aside from the obvious benefits it will also enable GS to personalize it's Ads, which would help GS and also mean we would get less info about games we simply don't care.

I mean, I keep getting all kind of ads when I have a game list that says I haven't bought one or two in my whole life.


2- Put Union invitations on a separate place than personal messages. Honestly I hardly receive any messages than union invites, many users simply don't open the inbox for this reason. Which brings me to another issue:


3- Make Unions more functional and more accessible. Unions are so hidden in the page that the only way of finding about one is through invitations which most of the time feel like spam. But the problem is that right now an Union can be having around 1000 users but has a traffic of 10 users a month, never wondered why?

Listen to this: Union-Posts-should-be-shown somewhere. Isn't that the point of "tracking" stuff?

Putting popular union posts on the main pages would create an extra layer of content GS wouldn't have to pay for.


4- Give some use to the bloody "Games Lists" tab. Use it to recommend games to the user or to find people with similar tastes than ourselves, like the LastFM music compatibility. I enter this guy page and I see he has a 2% compatibility with me, great!I leave without making any noise.


5- Invest a few hundred bucks on hiring a web designer, and I'm not talking about tweaking the theme but functionality. There are so many little annoyances with the site and stuff that just doesn't make sense.


6- I can't understand how anyone in it's right mind could have ever designed the My Friends frame at your left. You can't press the title to show all your friends instead you have a duplicate tab called "Friends". You can see who is "online" yet there is no way you can use this information since there is no chat.

If GS is so eager to keep this useless list, "My friends" should be a link to... My Friends (who would have guessed that?) and they should remove the Friends tab.


7- Add a search function for friends... A-B-C-D is great but you know. It would also be great to be able to you know... find stuff.


8- I love to talk with this guy about Mario games but I don't want to add this person I barely know to Facebook or messenger. Is it too much to ask for chat? Maybe it is, so I suppose I can live without this one.


9- The friend's feed is just wrong. My feed currently is telling that five persons added Bioshock Infinite to their tracked list and it's telling me, well... 5 times. Not very useful really.


10- GS seems to have a full feldged Tag system, they even have emblems to encourage people to add tags, but does anyone realize they don't use the tags in ANY way?

Think about it, Do we get recommended games? Can we search blog posts with the tag "Final Fantasy" for example?. I don't think so, In fact I don't have the slightest idea how the tags are being used and I doubt anyone does.

And one thing that I feel obliged to add, wouldn't it be nice if blog posts showed spaces between paragraphs?.


They can't keep using the same layout they created more than 10 years ago. For god's sake there wasn't even facebook back then. I'm not even asking for a very expensive redesign but just to fix little annoyances, I get annoyed they don't do it when it's extremely cheap and there is so much to profit from it.

And if that wasn't enough the simpleton design doesn't even work right. It's ok to be buggy if you are coming up with new features everyday but what's the excuse if you haven't improved anything in 10 years?.

Dissecting Kingdom Hearts 1

Today, for no particular reason, I decided to write a review for Kingdom Hearts (the first entry), one of my favorite games which I retained after selling my PS2 and now hold uselessly and idiotically because of the lack of retrocompatibility.

While the franchise is now huge, Kingdom Hearts was misjudged by it's content and it was greatly overshadowed by it's sequel. The first title kinda never managed to receive the attention it truly deserved in the west.

KH1 was meant to be a walk through childhood memories -Disney and Final Fantasy being two representatives of it-. It must be taken into account that whille the original story was an excuse for the journey, the frame was given real life in order to encompass new sequels. KH2 became the funny mix between Disney and Square Enix people thought KH1 of being.

Bu KH was a lot more than that, it marked a before and after for the role playing genre. It delivered real-time action battles without sacrificing any of the common conventions of traditional JRPGs. While this feat may not seem so incredible I assure you the mix of the two genres has always been a delicate matter; japanese developers haven't made turn based games for so long just because they don't like real time, the few times they partially managed to mix the genres they were disencouraged by sales to try again.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that while Super Mario Bros. set the basis for modern platformers, KH did it for modern RPGs. KH proved real-time action role playing was a profitable concept and screamed "this is how you do it!".

The battles in KH are simply flawless, it's one of those few games like Ocarina of Time, Golden Eye or Warcraft III which just stay fresh no matter what.When I was a kid I always dreamed of playing with Cloud in real time, I suppose every RPG fan at some point of his life has fantasized about his favorite game made an action RPG and Kingdom Hearts went far beyond what any of us could imagine.

After all this years the memories of KH grow sweeter and sweeter. Nostalgy, fresh controls a lots of heart put this one next to the big ones.

Anyway I'm eager to hear what you think about KH and I hope this makes some people try one (especially the first) on the future.

FFXIII, Read Dead, Mod Nation Racers and other BIG guys

I traded in: Valkyria Chronicles, Star Ocean, Little Big Planet, MGS4 and Ninja Gaiden and with the money I got I could afford part of the three games in the title (a little part actually). Half of the money came from Star Ocean as it was relatively new the time I traded it but they didn't give more than 8 dollars for any of the others. I wasn't planning to play any of them anymore anyway, maybe LBP but the sequel kinda draws the fun of it doesn't it?

If you didn't play any of these games I would highly recommend Valkyiria Chronicles and in lesser degree MGS4, I suppose everyone has heard about them anyway. I don't recommend buying LBP as the sequels is coming and anyway everyone knows that one. I feel compulsed to write a bit about the others as I think both were extremly overrated (even more than average):

Ninja Gaiden: A definite 5 to me: There isn't much to say about it. The controls aren't so tight and the level design is so plain you feel you are playing Streets of Rage or other arcadish title, also the story is just lame even for an action game. I don't see the reason for wasting time or money on it. I encourage everybody to sabotage games with bad story, my advice is: if you do get one, get it used.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope is just one of the worst RPGs I have ever played in my life and believe I have played A LOT of RPGs, no kidding. I feel it's just the stupid sibling of a Tales game for it I would probably never get another Star Ocean, it's a pity as the game seemed so promising in retrospective. The story is awful, the dialogues are awful, the gameplay is awful, the level design is awful , the characters, cutscenes and even the menus are awful too, all the rest is ok. I suppose it would be something like another 5 if I had to rate it.

Well anyway I traded all those games in and bought FFXIII, Red Dead and Mod Nation Racers:


FF XIII: I have to say that I'm a HUGE fan of FF and I was incredibly excited about XIII but it was probably one of the biggest letdowns on my gaming life and the first one coming from Square. Let me explain: after playing most of Square's main titles I developed the idea that they just never went wrong, I was like a kid looking at his big dad in awe. However there is always a first time. While some people may stand it and others even like it, XIII it's clearly the worst FF in the series and while even the worst in the series could make a decent game this one doesn't.

The reviews have been pretty messed up, from reading you would though they would give it a 6 or so but it obviously got an 8 or 9 in most sites. The fact that the production values are incredibly high seems to have been considered in most reviews, a great reason for firing a reviewer if you ask me.

The problems with XIII are gigantic, where do I start? Belive it or not neither the gameplay or the story are the factors that make it such a poor excuse for an RPG, actually the fighting system is the only new concept that actually works; what really sets this game apart from all FFs are two things: XIII brought a new idea for the series: You can't customize your character!. Even the simplest of mind could realize FF uses a simple leveling system. Disguised as the "Crystallium" which is a very linear point allocation estructure.

The second problem with the game is that the only objective of it is to go straight in one direction. I understand that formulas do need refreshing but FF is about exploration and idk discovery, talking to people etc taking out all of that is like making the next entry of Zelda a first person shooter. Even so the main problem with this is not the change itself -everyone can make a mistake- but the reasons behind it; it wasn't a simple misstep, it was done intentionally first in line with Square's desperate attempt to draw bigger audiences (mostly western's) and secondly to reduce the already gigantic production values they put on the rest of the game that are an offspring of point 1; in a few words they dumbed down the formula.

While I hold my veredict till I finish it, right now I have played a solid 20 hours, even if things change later, after enduring 20hs of this the rest of the game would have to be mind blowing to even getting to a 6.

Edit: I'm reached the final chapter and it's still crap.


On the other hand Mod Nation Racers is an amazing Kart Racing game, probably one of the best ever created. Every aspect MNR beats any other title of the genre; it has really tight controls and the level creator is incredibly straightforward, once you get the hang of it you can make anything in less than 20 minutes.

I have to admit that I never played a "first title" as close to perfection as this one. It's impossible not to draw comparitions with LBP, I think in part MNR has a lot to thank to LBP but though they are two completly different games, and the comparison is really stupid I have to admit I've been enjoying more this one.

The /10 scoring system forces me to give it a 9 but it's so good that with some extra modes added and loadings shortened this would be a flawless game.


RDR: This game seems to be all the rage right now. I have been playing it ocassionaly, I'm not even close to finish it yet. Still I have to say that I found the game very good, I think the critics got it right simply because it was actually good (they always say games are good). I don't know if it's a 9.5 though, but it's a good game nevertheless, an 8 maybe.

I think the phrase that better defines it is that It's more than the sum of it's parts, but what it needs to be pointed out is that in close inspection there are some problems with the "parts", some rough edges I could say. They are most noticeable on the gameplay, even moving the character doesn't feel completly right; those things and the many bugs it has lead us to believe that they either went out of budget before time or the release date was very hurried (as a matter of fact I believe I heard some talking about that). But all in all is a great game, good voice acting etc. What I would really have enjoyed is the sense of character growth that made us love GTA, not in "personality" but you know on becoming the "Capo" and in the ludic sense, you know gaining abilities etc (well that wasn't really on gta). Maybe it's just that I feel the Reputation system (or however it was called) wasn't very rewarding but it's just my opinion.


How Nintendo won our hearts and general E3 impressions

I watched Nintendo's and Sony's conference, I couldn't watch Microsoft's, anyway my first impression after watching Nintendo's was that it had already beaten everyone, there was NO WAY(as Elaine says) that anybody could beat it.

I don't have a Wii anymore but I'm somewhat excited for all the good stuff it's coming for it. Nintendo has single handedly (with almost no 3rd party support) put the Wii right on track again. Honestly till now the catalogue has been a joke, sales aside talking about the console war was talking about the 360 vs the PS3 but with the new Zelda, Donkey Kong Country and Golden Eye and more importantly everything at 200 bucks they are back on the top.

Also the 3DS announcement was massive while marketed as a redesign it's clearly the next portable N system, I don't care how real the 3D effect is but the 3DS paired with a remake of Ocarina of Time, Kid Icarus, with an analog stick, full retrocompatibility and Golden Sun is a system every gamer needs. It's not a wonder why they left Pikmin for later; they are doing everything they can for the Wii, maybe they don't have much third party support but all the stuff the nintendo lot is doing makes us seriously wonder if Sony and Nintendo are really giving so many software support to their systems.

On microsoft's part though I couldn't watch the conference, the new 360 slim made my mouth water, there are no words to describe how amazing the design looks. It's true it's just a redesign with more or less the same stuff (albeit with wi-fi built in) but I would buy it just for how pretty it looks. Also it's on shelves on the weekend already, I honestly I don't know how they pulled it off with any leaked images or anything, great move M$!. However I didn't read the actual size and I couldn't picture it I believe the difference is more or less than from the original PS3 to the slim model, still it looks incredible.

On Sony's: idk there was not many new stuff shown on the conference, they didn't manage to come up with any soft that made the PS Move look impressive, it's worth to mention that they used a part of the conference to talk about their new marketing campaign which is not really bad on itself but I don't think it was fitted to the point of the expo.

One thing woth mentioning is that when showcasing Move, they actually promoted... just Move, I mean Sony promoted the hardware asuming the games were just trash to showcase it. It's not the first stupid mistake the japanese giant has made on the last years. On the other hand the new move ads are great and so are the new PSP ads they showed, albeit they could have done it a lot earlier drived by tough competence they finally have came up with a decent marketing campaign. On the PSP they seem to be aiming more exclusively to the "teen/pre-teen" market which is a good yet obvious thing; there is almost no reason a kid would like a PSP instead of a 3DS (at least I wouldn't) at first but pre-teens like to buy anything that sets them apart from younger kids and younger kids tend to buy whatever the older ones do, so it's the only possible way to market the PSP.

Motion stuff: I feel both giants enter the market with the wrong foot, Sony failed to show anything that set Move apart from the Wiimote except from screen resolution and neither any good titles. On the other hand Kincect was a great rebranding but there wasn't really any soft to make it appealing.

Overall: Nintendo ruled, Sony was lame, 360 slim kicked ass.

How many RPGers got Demon's Souls? plus some thoughts on the game

yeah we know it got goty here and all but I was wondering how many people actually bought the game, and what did you think of it.

I got it a couple of weeks ago and I been playing ever since (one of the best RPGs I have played btw), but I know it's can be a bit unaccessible and also the media has given this awful reputation of being unplayable, which though it's true it's kinda unforgiving it's not as difficult as you may think from the reviews. It can be impossible for casual gamers who put down the controller the first time they die but with a bit of repetition it really isn't very difficult, you can complete the game with not much training or not at all but if you do find a section too difficult you can train a bit and then it becomes a piece of cake. anyhow if you are a rpg gamer you should get it.

Reviews have become pure trash

I'm urging GS to hire some new writers or maybe change their policies about reviews, the truth is that lately they have been awful. I'm not a big fan of IGN but I have been switching back and forth between sites to escape GS reviews and coming back here for the community and everything else.

Yesterday I was in the middle of nowhere and I remembered about Bioshock and entered GS from a pc on some shop to read the review, and the review was more like simple summary of the game, lacking any real opinion about it albeit in the conclussion, (making no compromises, annoying nobody helping none either) therefore forcing me to turn to IGN -Here I must praise GS as they have added (or maybe I just found out) links to IGN and other well known competitors directly from this site's review-, anyway the point is that though I dislike IGN for many reasons I found their review FAR supperior to Gamespot's.

I'd say that a notable trend on GS reviews is that they have always felt reluctant to critisize big or beloved franchises, which (without being too harsh on them) we could call marketing, but still it's fault the whole point on the review, we need honesty and specially on the bad games and the ones that don't live to the hype, even if they are big or heirs to an old line of good games. Bioshock was a shining gem among coal, I don't know if the second is really as good as the first one, but the point is that every time there is some comment to be made about giants GS will write it subtly with delicacy and ambiguously, (making no compromises, annoying nobody helping none either) some may see through the review and some won't notice the truth in them but neither of them will ever get a full picture from it.

Gamespot's relation with the Wii

OK I wanted to post about it long ago, but my connection died just about I submited the post so I copied it on a text file and now like 8 months later I found it! and I post it for your pleasure, anyway this is it:

There are few Wii titles that really catch my attention, and I recently got my hands on a game called "Rune Factory 2" for the DS that is basically some sort of spin-off of the Harvest Moon franchise but also a game on it's own right, although both this game and it's prequel were badly reviewed by Gamespot they both have a solid 8.5 in IGN and in my personal opinion they are really good games, anyway the point is that I remembered that some time ago I had read about a Rune Factory for Wii, but like, I heard the title and nothing else.

So I did a quick search on gamespot and they never ever mentioned it, no videos, no previews and much less an official review they only have photos and the infurating fact that it came out on march. I have to wonder, what were they doing when it came out? they have reviewed each awful Mysims game (a title which I've many times I have aimed my rants) and whoeve btw I don't think whoever buys them is the type to check ratings, do they only focus on the bad stuff? it's not the fact that they review bad games, because they should do it, but it's like they enjoy to hype bad titles, they love to do it, they dedicate like 80% of the wii page to 1st party titles and what is left for crap 3rd party shovelware like party games or dance.. "things", maybe it's just me but just why do they review crap games and don't write anything about a high profile RPG?.

So I did some research on gamerankins and with a 81.58% of average rating Rune Factory is the FIFTH best reviewed third party exclusive for Wii, (I say exclusive because I want to exclude three particular PS2 ports) this may sound stupid, but third party support on the wii is very scarce and it's not only that, Rune Factory is also the best reviewed RPG on the system, I know you could also tell me it's probably the only one or one of the few, but that's really the whole point; it's more or less the only RPG and it hasn't even been mentioned on GS also 81.58% is a great score for any game on any system.

Though I cannot assure you personally that the Wii version is as good as they say, if it's just half as good as the DS one, it would still be worth a try, also it actually has really good graphics and it's obvious that was some money spent on it's development which is is veryvery rare for third party games on this system and sometimes also for N games, if you look at the Wii's library it's overcrowed with on-rails shooters, party games and "mapless" RPGs, it even has the merit of inventing the term "on-rails RPG" =@. I'm not ranting against the Wii but against gamespot, I sold my wii and lost the opportunity to play this title because I had never ever heard about it, I only saw articles about Rayman and Mario something, now I have to wonder how many other have I missed because of them? why don't they do a little effort and start paying a little more of attention and promoting GOOD Wii games?

Demon Souls GOTY

Like everyone I wasn't expecting DS to win, not only because Uncharted is an incredible game but because I thought that as being Gamespot it would give the award to Uncharted. But right now I'm just happy DS was recognized on an American site and a bit pissed off by some arguments against the selection, you know, about how Uncharted scored better on GS and other stupidities.

It's incredible how the masses think they should determine the selection, the editors have an opinion the people just vote for the reader's choice, and that's it, or at least how it could be, because it's common for some sites to surrender to the masses obviously it's just marketing. Another one I heard is that Demon Souls is a low profile title "a game nobody played", the GOTY award is INTERNATIONAL, USA isn't the center of the world, the fact that people HERE prefer Dragon Origins or Uncharted doesn't mean the rest of the world does, nobody outside the US plays Dungeon & Dragons rpgs, of there are many who do but the % is insignificant, from my personal experience I don't know a single person who plays them. Demon Souls is selling in America however Dragon Age doesn't even have a release date in Japan and it will probably never come out.

It isn't a matter of who I think it should win, I think Uncharted 2 deserved the award as much as Demon Souls and If I had to I wouldn't be able 2 choose one or the other idk I don't care, but the selection is final stop complaining because your favorite didn't win, Uncharted already won the Readers' Choice Award, Best Action game and I think Best Shooter on GS, apart from being a fabulous game Demon Souls is incredibly innovative and that alone should deserve the award because it's a proof the industry is moving forward.

The Rise of the PS3 - The king of RPGs once again

You have to be blind or live in another dimension not to notice the PS3 is on it's climax, not only because it's selling a lot thanks to the Slim model but because there are a huge bunch of titles coming out, it doesn't matter if you are a fan of shooters, racing, fighting or role playing there is probably a lot you are looking forward.

Not so long ago -before buying my PS3- I compared countless times the offer of RPGs in both the 360 and the PS3, still it was a stupid thing to do in the first place as I knew I was going to get a PS3 from the start, even considering that back then the PS3 had almost no RPGs. I'm not a PS3 fan, what is it to be a PS3 fan anyway? but I wouldn't dare to get an XBOX because I couldn't deal with the idea of missing a Final Fantasy, the next Team Ico project or a future -hipotetical- Kingdom Hearts. (btw did you notice how cool it is lately to say you love Team Ico?).

Recently Dragon Age came out (for both systems) and along came Demon's Souls (I honestly didn't saw that one coming) and the forever TBA Final Fantasy XIII release date was finally announced AND IT'SALMOST HERE also two of the biggest 360 JRPGs have gone multiplat, I'm obviously talking about Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean. It's unbelievable how in a couple of months the PS3 has managed to become once again the king of RPGs. Yes, the 360 still has Mass Effect and it's getting ME2 but the PS3 is going to get Final Fantasy XIV and Versus, everyone knows the amount of polish Square games and even more if there are two Fs in the title also we all know it's a matter of time till Square announces Kingdom Hearts 3. Right now the battle of the exclusives (both released and in production) is Fable 2, Mass Effect 1 and 2 (360) versus Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicles, FF Versus and XIV.

Whether the PS3 is the king of RPGs or not can be discussed but right now there's something being announced or coming out for everyone today the PS3 is finally earning it's place (in my heart lol) right next to the almighty PS2.

I got a PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had it for a week, I couldn't be more happy, I didn't post earlier cause this baby is consuming all my freetime.

this is my baby:

these are the games I got


I love MGS4 though I have never liked any shooter, I just got to act 2.

Next Burnout is amazing, the best racing game I have ever played, I find myself racing around the city with no objective at all, just enjoying the view, the only thing I like more than racing is crashing the animation is incredibl.

I didn't play too much Valkyria Chronicles but it's really nice too, the gameplay and transitions make you forget it's turn based and I find it incredibly similar to rts-rpgs like Fire Emblem (though with guns).

I have mixed feelings about Ninja Gaiden I like it but I had great expectations about it, every one of the games I got for my PS3 was probably one of the best games I have ever played of each genre but I don't feel like Ninja Gaiden can really compete with DMC3 or GoW2. I found a game too difficult, but not in the good sense, I played DMC3 a lot, and though it's pretty tough the more you play the better you get at it and once you master it you can try the hardest difficulty settings but with Ninja Gaiden I don't feel like I'm getting better I just replay parts a lot till I miraclously I beat them, the camera sometimes gets buggy, also it lacks explanations or a tutorial for fighting but instead there is a pseudo tutorial for the platforming aspects that are extremly easy, I wanted to invert the camera and I couldn't find the option to do it in the end I found you can only access to options from the main menu, so though the core is alright all that sorrounds it seems broken or half baked.

Finally LBP is great, I have to say that I heard so many good things about this game that when I got it I wasn't so impressed it was as if I had owned it for ages, I have only 2 little complaints towards this game, first that it's a pity that the controls don't respond as well as other 2D games, if they shaped them up a bit this would be the final 2D platformer, it would kill the competence, second: building a level with a friend isn't as fun as it seems, in the end player 1 has to do all the work as it's impossible for others to build because of the camera.

All in all I'm loving my PS3, I can't imagine my life without it, I can but it's gray and it doesn't have a soundtrack.