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I tried Again..

The last time i tried to set-up the ECW Wrestling Union it didnt work even though there were four members that were there including me is five :evil: i waited for it to be istablished and it had came on after a month so ive set it up again and hopefully this time it will work and you will all join :).

What do you think?

WWE's dx made a statement this week on Monday night RAW and also when the defeated Bigshow at ECW do you think it all stops here or will they defeat Mr.McMahon, Shane McMahon and the Bigshow at Unforgiven in Hell in a cell match?

Whats happened to gamespot!?

Im Back!

  Im having some troubles on gamespot i lost my old school gamer badge can you see it? Ive also lost my Banner for my profile are they there?


Fast fact!

Guess what my birthday is December the 9th and i looked in an old magazine called "KRASH" and get this Kurt Angles birthday is December the 9th aswell! That actually means something to me beacuase ive been watching wrestling all my life and Kurt Angle rocks! Does anyone you know have the same birth date as you?

Welcome to my Profile

Hi everyone,

  Ive been on gamespot for a while now and im a huge Sony lover but more than anything else WWE is my life! and theres not much i want to say but im accepting all union and friends requests!