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RPG Completion List 170709

This is the complete list of RPGs I have beaten in my life (I keep a running list to help recall). I remembered posting something like this 3 years ago and the total number was 30. Today, it sits at 53. That works out to be 23 RPGs beaten in a period of 3 years, or about 8 per year. It isn't too bad, I think.

Sega Genesis (3)
Shining Force
Shining Force 2

Sega Saturn (3)
Albert Odyssey
Dragon Force
Shining Force 3 (1 out of 3)

Psone (11)
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy Tactics
Legend of Legaia
Legend of Dragoon
Lunar: Silver Star Story
Suikoden II
Wild Arms

PS2 (15)
Dark Cloud 2
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the cursed king
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XII
Grandia 3
Growlanser 2: The Sense of Justice
Persona 3: Fes (The Journey)
Shadow Hearts
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
Shining Force NEO
Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Suikoden 2
Wild Arms 4

GBA (3)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Golden Sun
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon

PC (1)
Diablo II

DS (2)
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy IV

PSP (6)
Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions
Jeanne D'Arc
Star Ocean: First Departure
Star Ocean: Second Evolution
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

X360 (9)
Blue Dragon
Enchanted Arms
Eternal Sonata
Fable II
Lost Odyssey
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of Warlords
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Tales of Vesperia
The Last Remnant

RPG Series Completed (2)

  • Shadow Hearts (3 games)
  • Star Ocean (4 games)

It's funny that I only managed to beat 2 on the DS platform, it being my preferred handheld device. Notable misses on my lists are Chrono Trigger, FF VIII, Vagrant Story and Xenogears. With the exception of CT, which I can get on my DS, it would be quite impossible to play those games since I no longer own a psone. Other games which I will definitely play are Persona 4 (now playing), Devil Summoner, Digital Devil Saga 2 (if i can get a working copy), and Golden Sun 2.

So in your opinion, what other games are missing from the list?

7 more days

Closer friends of mine would know what I have been up to recently since graduation- doing nothing. It's been the case for the past 3 months, and as appealing as it may seem, life about nothing but video gaming can be pretty dreadful. In 7 days time I will enter my next phase of life and begin my career. I've work pretty hard for the last 3 years to land myself in this position, but knowing how this may essentially be what I will be doing for the rest of my life, what I am feeling is more apprehension than excitement. But I will be geared for it.

I am sure I will still play games when I am working, but time left for it would take a serious beating. One thing that will definitely change is my time for reviewing games. It may not seem like it, but the last review I wrote took me at least 5 hours to write/edit/rewrite. So from now on my reviewing time will strictly be used for games that deserve it, or titles which are relatively more obscure. For other games I will probably write a paragraph or two on this blog instead. That way, I wouldn't compromise my reviewing styIe, you guys wouldn't be obliged to read/recommend it, and I don't need to spend that much time on them. It's a win-win-win situation!

Gaming Report Card (last 3 months).

1. Gaming Loot


(Regrets for absence in picture: Magic the Gathering XBLA)

A cookie for whoever can pick the odd game out. :P Besides the 2 Persona games (totally worth it btw!), all the other games are used and picked up very cheaply. In case you guys are wondering, Star Ocean 1 is British version, Star Ocean 4 Asian version, Prince of Persia Korean version and the rest US version games. Yeah, we are pretty international here in Singapore!

With income comes adult responsibility (loans/bills/etc). While I am definitely not the most extravagant in game purchase here on GS, I have decided to come up with a game purchase plan for the future:

  • A budget of 100SGD (~70USD) per month for games
  • Only games on my wish list may be purchased on full retail price
  • Games which are not on the wish list may be purchased only if on bargain price/used
  • Unspent money for the month will be contributed to my PS3 kitty

Booyah! A fool proof plan. Hopefully, I will be able to stick to it....

2. Game Completion List

  • Star Ocean: The Last Hope
  • Too Human
  • Final Fantasy IV (DS)
  • Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
  • Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
  • Wild Arms 4
  • Persona 3: Fes
  • Star Ocean: First Departure

I would put in Star Ocean: Second Evolution there too, since I will beat in the next few days. Oh yeah, all of them are RPGs (Too Human has rpg elements), hope it hasn't surprised you. :P This brings my total number of RPGs beaten to 50+. I will create a list in my next blog, maybe.

3. Game Reviews Written

It has been pretty fruitful, hasn't it?

Persona 3: Fes Review


The Review.

My thoughts: I felt a tinge of sadness when beating the game even after spending 100 hours in it, which is always the hallmark of great games. It has an outstanding cast, great battles, and an amazing setting, tied together by a very styIish presentation that screams Japanese. Fans of role playing game, you owe it to yourself to at least try it. Despite having just purchased Persona 4, I won't be playing it anytime soon. Too much of the same thing may just make it bad, and that's the last way I want to experience it.

On other news, I was mentioned in the Community Spotlight for my Wild Arms 4 review. I wonder how the select users. -_-

A new look

I would like to dedicate this blog to Bryan (siLVURcross), maker of my current profile look. I thought he couldn't have executed my rough idea any better, so many thanks there! My previous banner/header was awesome too, contribued by Max (AzelKosMos) and Ron (SavoyPrime), but it has been used for more than 2 years. So it's definitely time to change!

Valkyrie Profile is one of the best games I have played in recent times, and Lenneth is just an awesome character. The picture was probably inspired by one of the in-game cut scenes, where Lenneth removes her helm to Lucian who wanted to have a better look at her before leaving for Valhalla. The game has a wonderful love story behind it, so I will probably play it again to unlock the best ending.

On gaming news, have been playing Persona 3 Fes. I am in Mid November, which I think is close to the end of the game. Shall move on to The Answer straight after I am done with it. On Xbox 360, I purchased Magic The Gathering game and it is probably one of the best downloadable titles around, both in terms of overall quality and value. My only problem with the game is that there is a limitation as to how one can construct the deck, and the process of unlocking new cards are too troublesome (one card per win). To all Magic The Gathering fans, and people who want to have an idea what it is about, go spend the 800 points.

Before I end here, thanks again Bryan! :D

Some regular updates

I am as of today, Level 40. That deserves a line, at the very least.

This has taken me way too long to annouce, but I have graduated from my school with highest honours in Accounting and Marketing. I am actually the first male graduate in my extended family, and only the second overall. So I would like to think that I have done my parents proud. :D

The graduation ceremony will take place on the 27th July, which is a week after I start work. There will be plenty of picture taking, so if the photos turn out good, I will put some over here. :P These 3 months of break I have done everything I know I would not have much chance to do when work starts i.e. doing nothing. Basically, it's lots of games playing before sleeping times, therefore the huge number of reviews posted recently.

I am officially hooked on Persona 3 (will probably make a review/blog on it). So much so it makes me sad knowing I would not be getting P4 until some time later. Living with a lame bank account and zero income sucks, and even so I need to buy some new clothes/shoes/belts for work. These are times when having Social Links, erm I mean having friends help.


On TV, I will be watching Wimbledon closely since Tennis and Football are my favourite sports. Will also be watching Transformers this weekend with my buddies, though I didn't enjoy the first. Up (Pixar) and Harry Potter, however, are MUST WATCH. When they made their way here, that is.

And because this blog is so meaningless I would go ahead and wish everyone a very good day. :D

Wild Arms 4 Review


The Review.

My thoughts: I consider myself a fan of the Wild Arms series, so my thoughts of Wild Arms 4 is somewhat confused. I appreciate the changes that are being made, most noticeably the Hex system, and from the looks of WA5 set to be the thing that will carry the series through to next gen (if it ever does). However, I loved (terribly archaic to some, I know) the puzzle solving and the tools system that is found wanting in 4. Also, despite being the first with voice presentation, its story/music are the weakest among the series. The only 2 from the series which I have not played are XF (psp) and 5 (PS2), both of which I will go about playing one day. For the rest of you people, just know that WA4 is a good title, but there are just too many better games out there that you probably don't have time for.

I am currently playing Persona 3: Fes. Will probably spend the next blog discussing it.

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Review


The Review.

My thoughts: Hands down the best psp title I have played, although it's just a port. My only gripe with the game is the lousy ending/minimal story explanation that you will most likely get just playing through the game normally. The good ending, which can be unlocked only by doing very specific stuffs in specific sequence i.e. need strategy guide, unveils the game in an entirely different light, tying the many loose ends cohesively (and brilliantly). While it's frustrating why the game doesn't just spell out all this good stuffs to begin with, I find the presentation, which comes across as being rather reserved, extremely intriguing and interesting. This love-hate affair grants Valkyrie Profile a spot among my gaming favourites. I will probably need to replay this game again.

Since I have made a blog at this time of the year, I may as well say a few words about my thoughts about E3. Few words because basically, I care nothing for those AAA titles (Heavy Rain is the only title that marginally caught my attention, but oh well, it's on the PS3). As long as I get a glimpse of a few interesting RPGs, I am a satisfied man. :wink:

Reviews that still need to be wrote: Star Ocean The Last Hope (8.0), Tales of Vesperia (8.0).

The Last Remnant Review


Finally have the time to sit down and write a review on The Last Remnant proper. Finally decided on a score of 8.5, a score that may appear a tad too high for a game that is plagued with technical issues, but I am making no apologies. Now, I just need The Last Remnant 2.

The Review.


Well, I am back. Instead of writing about it twice, you can read it on my blog here. Be warned though, it contains a lot of my rumblings about school life, which is no fun to read. At all.