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PS4 Controller R2 button sticky, under 3 months ?

Dang i just send back my controller to Sony, which is under warranty. I don't game often enough to wear it out, or break it, but it broke. R2 button sticks, and when i'm in a game, and trying to be sneaky, it just shoots randomly and i get killed. I haven't even owned my PS4 for 3 months yet ? My old PS3 controller lasted years, these new PS4 ones not even 3 months ? wow ! NOw i am without a controller for a very long time. The last time i send in a controller to Sony, it took 3 month to get it back ? Why do they make a controller so weak these days ? I remember they used to test them first, drop them, throw them, play the heck out of them, i remember the commercial. Controllers were made to last for tough gamers. What happend to that, Sony ?

Resident Evil 1 Remastered ! Woo Hoo !

This is the year is all happens. Not only will great racing games come to the new consoles, which is the main reason i got one. But Resident Evil 1 is being remastered ! This was one of my first games on PS1, stayed up many late nights, addicted to this game i was. My first son was not even 1, he used to say " Resident feefull daddy " hiding behind the curtain. Now in college, i'm sure we will both have much fun playing this cool remastered version. This is history in the making, i my opinion. The game that made me into a huge gaming addict is back. Video below ..


PS4, i'll wait ..

I could have gotten it, but i have to give before i recieve. I will make sure everyone in my family is happy, including my friends. I want to get gifts for everyone of my 8 nieces & nephews, all my kids and the wifee, & moms, sisters, & close friends. When i accomplish my goal of making sure everyone is happy, and gifted, then i will take care of myself. Like they say, save the best for last. I would feel selfish if i got a PS4, and not accomplished all for everyone else first. Just how i am, not sure if its how i was raised or what, but thats just how i roll. It might mean possibly not getting one, if i run out of cash doing for others, thats a chance i have to take, it will get it when possible. How about you guys ? Did you get your PS4 already ?

JUst an update, as of August 8th, 014, i got my PS4 3 weeks ago, and luv it !!

Battlefield 4 vs COD Ghosts - tough choice

Battlefield 4 vs COD Ghosts, what would win my decission over which to buy ? Well, commercials played a huge part, then the real winning deal was with the videos placed on Gamespot. Gamespot put out lots of videos on various levels of Ghots, this made up my mind and decission. Wether it was the right one, i have yet to find out because my next purchase is going to be Battlefield 4.

I like the story mode on Ghosts, but the online is slower then Black Ops. I can't wait to try Battlefield 4 so i can compare then both. Hype is what plays a huge role, commercials. Ghosts showed more of their levels, this won my decission when it came to who to purchase first.

Missing the old Gamespot

I must be honest, and thought i'd share. I gotta say i'm excited about the new site, its freakin awesome as its own new thing. Unbelievable media, and i do support it. On the other hand i do miss the old GS site. Why ?

Because it felt like a home that i could come back to, and i was thrilled it never changed. As gamers we will never forget the old Arcades and PacMan machines, the old site was indeed that. I have left this site for over a year at times, and when i returned it was always here. I returned because it was a place i grew up with, and it was always there, the old GS, i luved it so. The old GS site is and was an instant classic arcade wall, where we felt it was part of us. I am speaking for others as well, as i'm sure they feel the same.

I have to say, i wish there was a button like the black and white one on the top right, where we could revert to the old GS, and then to the new, this would be the most awesome site if it had that option. I tell you, if someone out there creates a site like the old GS, there might be an overwhelming response in new users joining. It seemed more user friendly, as to the the new site seems more business like.

I must not tell a lie, so there it is, maybe i'm the pansie, lol ...

Please leave a comment if you guys are alive > ? Gamers rule ! C-ya !

Old games return

I am totally loving the return of the old school games. I know not all of them got the best scores, but never the less i do enjoy the old memories they bring. Duke Nukem, Doom, ect, lots of old schools came back with the new improved graphics and gameplay. I am hyped about the return of Strider, and await many more. Maybe they will bring back Rygar, or Syphon filter, or Turok at some point. As an old gamer i always appreciate the return of the flash backs playing the old games bring. Takes me back to when i was a kid, enjoying games for fun, not the competition and points, well maybe a little, lol .. To get your name at the top of 1st place on the arcade machine was cool. How do you guys feel about the return of old games ? Cheers !

I'm in the new GS site / beta version testing

So i luckily got chosen to be one of the beta version testers on this new Gamespot site. I wonder if you guys can see this blog ? I gotta say i am highly impressed. Its like someone took a granade at the old GS and blew it up and it expanded 10 times more media in your face ! Totally awesome, so far its tight. I will be exploring it more. I especially like how they detail the games info on the right side of the page, it shows detailed information about the game in all aspects. Hope to see you all there, trust me it will blow your GS minds ! C-ya !

BFG Doom 3 !

Been getting my game on, playing BFG Doom 3 for PS3. The 3D gameplay is awesome, but after and hour or so, you want to play normal. As for any 3D after an hour is a bit much, but it has great 3D effects. As for the gameplay i am seriously irritated with the weapon switching issue. You have to switch to a special gun to fight aliens, then another form humans and zombies, and its not easy when your being attacked because you have like 6 weapons, its terrible to try to find the right weapon of choice while fighting. The only thing that makes up for it, is that its not that hard, so even though your getting attacked while cycling through your weapons, you will get to it. The game so far is ok, i'm al level 4 at the moment. So far its pretty entertaining, has me on my toes. Hope as the game progresses, and gets better. I keep waiting for that quick gameplay and fast gun firing with a quick fire rate, hope it improves. Its not like the pc version, and that is what i was hoping for. Has anyone else tried this game yet ? Not bad for only $20 dollars.

The worst part is the loading, so dang slow ! I guess since i used to play the computer one, i was used to speedy gaming.


GTA V around the corner release ..

So hyped about getting GTA V, been waiting for so long. Its just around the corner, its gonna be on ! Most anticipated game yet on my top priority list. The newest video really pulls you in to, so up to date, so much to explore, so many new options including your own apartment.