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A couple of things that piss me off.

I own all three current gen consoles, although I have to admit the 360 was a gift. Don't get me wrong, it's a lot of fun but I wasn't going to buy one until they fix the RROD, which I'm not convinced is gone for good even with Jasper. So I only have a couple of games on the 360: Gears2 and Fable2. My multiplatforms are on ps3. Don't think I'm a sony fanboy either, that company annoys me to no end (I was a patron of LikSang until Sony killed them like they were pirates & I would like to see every one of their execs have their jaws wired shut) and I am surprised that sony (usually known for cheap & flimsy electronics) made the most durable console of this generation, but none of those annoyances involve the ps3 melting from the inside.

But what bothers me most about the rrod is the rumor that MS knew about it and shipped it anyway because they wanted the year's jump on the competition. I can appreciate good business sense, but to show that kind of contempt to your customers is pathetic and despicable. Not only that but it has now defeated the purpose as the return and repair policy has cost them more than they made in that first year.

Another company I don't trust anymore because they treat gamers like suckers is Gamestop. Besides the horrible prices/trade in values involving used games, the fruitcakes who work and manage the stores are the biggest morons in retail, and that's saying something. They really can't do anything right; probably one of the reasons why they're working at gamestop. I can understand paying more for a used game if it takes out a degree of hassle and annoyance but shopping at gamestop is a huge hassle (especially if they forget to put a game in the case you bought) and an annoyance (especially if after waiting on line for a half hour, you have to hear their sales pitches and wait another half hour while they look for the disc).

But between the rrod (any other group of consumers would've demanded a recall and a solution) and gamestop's practices (any other consumer group wouldn't have put up with that level of price gouging and idiocy), gamers look like the biggest suckers on the face of the planet. It's no wonder we're the whipping boy for every attention starved activist, self-important politicians, and shameless media ho's.

Nintendo (while not really having too many of my favorite games of this generation) is actually cool. They're pretty consistent, their stock performs well, their hardware (through their long history; my NES still works) performs well, and they don't take themselves too seriously.