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Why hasn't Capcom decided to make a Resident Evil Anthology for WiiU?

Capcom has already stated that They do not want to bring old games to the WiiU, but Why haven't they decided to go ahead and do an "Anthology" Like what they did for Sony when Resident Evil 6 came out?

Currently as it stands, Nintendo consoles have 7 of the core Resident Evil titles.

  1. REmake
  2. REZero
  3. RE2
  4. RE3
  5. Code Veronica
  6. RE4
  7. Revelations

If Capcom wanted to be serious with Nintendo I'd say they would release an Anthology for the WiiU. They got Wii controls for REmake, Zero and 4 they just have to make RE2, 3, and Code Veronica compatible with WiiU's Controllers. Code Veronica and 4 have already seen HD re-releases, so why not pump those games out on the system?

Resident Evil is somewhat a core franchise on Nintendo Systems, Sure they originated from Sony's Playstation, but since the Gamecube Exclusive deal there has been a Resident Evil on a Nintendo System in some shape way or form. Heck even before Gamecube there was Resident Evil 2 on the N64.

and they're not lagging that far behind Sony in Games for Resident Evil too. So Why not make an Anthology Capcom?

WiiU should have had a better year.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Wii U should have had a better 2013.

These games should have all been on the WiiU this year and developers decided that it wasn't good enough for them. Certainly wouldn't this games not have made the WiiU look a lot better in the eyes of gamers?

Skyrim on a WiiU with Miiverse Integration! Fallout 3 and/or New Vegas with the Pipboy on the WiiU pad! Grand Theft Auto on a Nintendo system! Metal Gear Rising! Saints Row 4! and the Audience is there, You think Nintendo players don't WANT these games on the system? A lot of them actually go and get Xboxs and Playstations purely because these games are not on Nintendo systems.

Now granted Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas did not come out in 2013.

BUT Skyrim Legendary Edition did and Bethesda decided to skip out on the WiiU. Why?

and Square decided it was a-ok to re-release Deus Ex with a "Director's Cut" and charged FULL PRICE on WiiU owners despite the game being nearly 2 years old from the date it released. So if they did that why couldn't Bethesda do something similar (or better) and re-release the Fallout games on WiiU?

Tomb Raider is going to see a re-release on PS4 and Xbox One and there's no sign of the game ever touching the WiiU. The game is getting relaunched at a full $60 price tag on the Newer Systems and it's going to skip WiiU. Cystal Dynamics sees the WiiU as a Loss and won't take the time to develop for the WiiU, but when it comes to Xbox One and PS4 they gladly take the time and effort to see that the game gets ported successfully.

This is awful. It's obvious the Game Industry sees Nintendo as a bane of existence. They wanted Nintendo to bow out. They don't want to develop for their systems and they don't want Nintendo in Gaming period. Game Websites and Gamers a like just have a huge distaste for Nintendo.

Most Anticipated games for Gamespot. Only one game they listed was coming to the WiiU and to them they couldn't give a crap about it. More People cared about The Witness than Mario Kart 8.

This is sad. And More People blame all of this on Nintendo. You know I don't know what it is I guess 3rd Party Developers HAVE to get paid up front from the Big 3 to get games on their systems, but it just seems like with Sony and Microsoft all they do is release a system and 3rd Party Devs just jump on the Wagon, but if it's Nintendo then they expect full payment before they do anything on the system.

And that's we get Game Droughts on Nintendo Consoles, because Big 3rd Party Developers go on the other Systems and leave Nintendo in the Dust and Nintendo can not live on their stuff alone, if you buy Nintendo Consoles just for the 1st party then no wonder you say Nintendo consoles suck, because just getting first party you're going to miss out on a lot of 3rd party offerings and your library is going to be very small.

To end this rant I just want say I'm disgusted at how the Wii U is handled by the Media, The Gamers, and Developers, because the Wii U is actually a really good system, the only problem I see is that it's not selling well and it's more than likely because it doesn't have those "Next Gen" Graphics.

"I only buy Nintendo for the 1st Party!"

As many of you know, I'm a pretty big Nintendo fan. Always have been always will.

I have all of the other consoles too, but for some reason I see more value in Nintendo consoles and games, I can't tell you why.

I love Uncharted 2, Bioshock, Gears of War, Infamous and all of those other games on the other systems, but Nitnendo just feels right, I don't know.

However if you ever see me post on System Wars Recently you would think that I'm acting a bit sour on the WiiU or I'm being too harsh. Maybe I am, but I'm more concerned on the WiiU's stance on 3rd Party games.

and here's the topic title that EVERYONE uses to refute my concern.

"I only buy Nintendo for the 1st Party."

This is the sold statement that everyone uses for Nintendo products in general.

However the Truth will shock you.



there's about 46 games in total there.

  • 17 Wii
  • 2 WiiU
  • 9 Gamecube
  • 6 3DS
  • 12 DS

an okay Library I guess, but if you compare that to the 3rd Party games for these systems.



My Computer Screen is barely in this picture from the wall of 3rd party games.

a whopping 75 Games in total there for 3rd Party.

  • 25 Wii
  • 4 WiiU
  • 18 Gamecube
  • 13 3DS
  • 15 DS

75 > 46

This is why I'm so concerned about the WiiU's 3rd Party situation. If 3rd Parties don't give up the same support like they've done in the past It won't look so good for WiiU (even though 3rd Parties outshine 1st Party right now on WiiU).

Also I just wanted to show off my collection of Gamecube, DS, 3DS, Wii, WiiU games and to Show you how Bull Crap it is to say you only buy Nintendo for 1st Party and Only.

side notes: combined 1st party and 3rd party

  • Wii: 42
  • WiiU: 6
  • Gamecube: 27
  • 3DS: 19
  • DS: 27
  • total: 121


The Nintendo Conspriacy?


Recently, I have just obtained this gem.

Fire Emblem Awakening, one of the most incredible and most amazing game I've ever played on a handheld.

If you ever read my previous blogs here you would know in this 2011 piece I said this.


So Thus far the games I've bought that have been released for the year 2011 are right here, so in deciding what game deserves this title I must first do this.


Get Rid of Handheld Games. I'm sorry, I like Handheld Games, but as I see it none of them can stand up to the console games so they're immediately out of the picture....

...I'm sure I downloaded some titles for 2011 like Fancy Pants and Street Fighter III, I don't want to list them all down nor both firing up my game systems or Download clients just to list them, If I liked it enough It would already be listed, but other than that just like handheld games they should be taken off unless otherwise. (this rule can be applied to Handhelds too, if the time comes where a Handheld game becomes better than most Console games it will be allowed, until then we go on.)

and it appears that time has come. 

Fire Emblem Awakening has truely surpassed my expectations and is a game truely deserving a Game of the Year title...but it's too early to really say that, I mean it's March.

But that's not what this Blog is about, oh no no no. This Blog is about something my friend laid down on me the other day.


My friend told me that the reason why the 3DS had an early price drop wasn't because of lagging sales.

No, it's was actually a business plan set by themselves to sell more units and of course it worked. What were his reasons?

The Ambassador Program.

We all thought it was a nice gesture from Nintendo, Good PR if you will. A nice compensation for buying a 3DS for full price rather than waiting, but here's the thing. My Friend says this was done so Nintendo could sell units, NES and GBA games on your 3DS? The eShop doesn't have those! and they even announced that stuff BEFORE the actual price drop and it's being rumored that the GBA games will be Ambassador ONLY. Holy crap System Seller right?

a Win Win. Nintendo gets our money and we get GBA games.

Now I'm going to add a little bit more flair here to my friend's myth.

Look at the Titles Nintendo selected...

It may seem obvious with games like Mario, Zelda and Metroid...but why Yoshi and Yoshi's Island? Why F-Zero? and More Importantly, Why Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones?

I know it's VG Charts, but it's the only source I have to make a point. This game sold a little under 89,000 units. Not particularly bad, but it's nowhere near as popular as some would say next to Mario or Zelda and I don't think anyone during that time cared for Fire Emblem outside of Smash Bros. Although it was because of interest in the characters in Melee that got them stateside, but my point is that, Fire Emblem isn't that popular of a game. So it came to me and my friend's surprise that it was part of the ambassador program.

Here's what I think.

If you've played Sacred Stones, you would know it's pretty different from the rest of the Fire Emblem games, I'm not entirely sure since I didn't play it much, but from my friend who played the heck out of it when it was new on the GBA, It has this Map System to where you can go out and train without progressing the story and you can recruit new members by talking to certain enemies.

Some of these gameplay elements in Sacred Stones are not present in the other Fire Emblem games, like Path of Radiance (according to my friend here anyway.) all except for ONE GAME.

I bet you can guess what it is. Ya, that's right.

It's Fire Emblem Awakening.

Now if you take the Myth that Nintendo "PLANNED" the 3DS Price Cut and the Ambassador games, you might say that Nintendo adding Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones to the list was to generate hype for the Next Fire Emblem game which at the time wasn't announced yet, but when it was the people in the ambassador program have had time to actually play Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones and gotten used to the game play so when they get Awakening they would feel right at home. Not to mention this would be their 2nd Fire Emblem game and they would probably go tell others about the game series and getting people into the series as well and they in turn may actually get the other games as well. While I'm not entirely sure how well Fire Emblem Awakening has sold, it seems to have trouble keeping stock somewhere. So there are people buying this game.

If Fire Emblem Awakening sells past 1 million then it would be the Most Popular Fire Emblem to date. Would this also mean that Nintendo's plan to establish the franchise was a success using Sacred Stones and Awakening to do it?

A New Yoshi game was announced not too long ago...there are 2 Yoshi games on the Ambassador Program...

F-Zero is on the Amabassador Program and the Famicom 30th Anniversary program...

Does this mean we're going to see a New F-Zero soon? Is Nintendo hoping to strike the same success of Fire Emblem with Yoshi?

Just some food for thought.

Yes, I am a brony....

It really shouldn't be a surprise by now that I enjoy the Show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

Why do I?

I tried to reason myself back in the day that it's because I was partial to games like Animal Crossing, but now I just don't freakin' know, I just love the show, it's clever, it's fun, the community is pretty good too.

Now that I mention the community, a large portion of it doesn't view the Ponies as...well....ponies.

You might see this


but a lot of the community would see this or variations of the same characters.


It's like the community doesn't see Ponies as sees them more like Human Girls.

It's a bit weird, but the concept is pretty good. I don't think the show would be as great if the cast was human, but by now the characters have grown so much that all you really need is just the colors and you know what they are.

So why talk about the Ponies again?

well I had to cancel my preorder for the Season 1 box set that comes out tomorrow. Makes me sad, although I'm still supposed to be getting the Season 3 opening DVD. I guess that's cool. Season 1 right now is by far the worst out of the 3. Season 2 branched out a bit and Season 3 is a bit more out there. Though Season 1 brings back memories of when the fandom started. It's still great.

Maybe I should ask for it as a Christmas gift? but....I would like that cool Tekken Fightstick with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the WiiU.

eh I'll look into it.

It's why I hardly let them outside.

A few Months Ago we got some kittens.

A lot of them.

Happens a bit often and sometimes, they don't survive.

This time, the whole litter survives. 4 Kittens. We're excited, they're cute and they liked to be petted.

Thought we would have them for a long time like the rest of our cats or they'll leave and never come back like what most of them do.

Today though is one of those days I hate having.

Through out my whole life we have had Cats and Dogs and sure enough there comes a time when one of them dies, whether it be some disease that's untreatable, or just from old age, or getting run over.

Sometimes I can shrug it off and be "well their time has come.", but really most of the time, I just can't stand to see one of these animals die.

When I went to Church there would be a sermon or some teaching that I would hear telling me why we Humans are so different from the rest of the Species in the world and that is we have a Soul and Animals do not. I sometimes wonder why it's like that though?

Why can't we see our Pets in a place like Heaven or if there is a place for Animals in the After Life? or If God really does just recycle them so we can see them again as some other pet we have. I don't know.

It's just hard to lose a pet sometimes, Especially one you were just petting an hour or two ago.

UGH MY WALLET. it hurts so much.

Magic the Gathering 13 booster packs, $1 iPod Games, and freakin' Steam. STOP TAKING MY MONEY!

On top of that I got Kingdom Hearts to worry about.

Forgot that game came out today.


why did Lost Winds have to go on Sale today?

Why did freakin' TRANSFORMERS have to go on sale too???

Beat Resident Evil Revelations (bit of spoilers)

So I beat Resident Evil Revelations.

First thing that popped in my mind was Whatever happened to that TGS Trailer? Then I realized OH WAIT Rachel was only to be an Enemy in the Game and not an actual SubPlot that I thought she was going to be, Instead all that TGS trailer was was a CGI trailer.

I had been had.

Still the Game was good, I enjoyed it. Final Boss was Hard though.

Anyway the Game had a Good Opening, Giving you kinda that Spooky Feeling, But In the End it was really just Suspense and nothing scary.

Overall the entire game just felt like Alan Wake more than Dead Space, (even though the Controls kinda said Dead Space).

And there were a couple of Disney Deaths in there too. Ones where you were like "Oh they died. Wait no they didn't."

So I don't know. Though I'm glad that Parker stayed alive, maybe we'll see him again. Liked how the End of the Game kinda tied Resident Evil 5 to it.

I also didn't play Resident Evil 5 all the way through, but this game had a huge implication that Chris and Jill have something for each other, I've actually never seen it through any of the other games. Granted this is the Only Resident Evil I've ever beat, but so far from what I've seen from what I've played in 5 and this game the Girl Partners Chris seems to get always want to know what Chris's Stance is with Jill and it's apparent that Both Chris and Jill will go to great Lengths to Save each other, but all they would say to each other is that they are REALLY GOOD partners. Not to mention they both seem very monotonish in this game, I mean if you thought Samus Aran was stale, Just play Revelations, Chris and Jill are more Robotic than what Samus can ever get.

Anyway. Resident Evil Revelations is probably the Best Game for the 3DS right now, It's a really well made game and Raid mode is pretty fun.

That's all I'm going to say about it.

I might review this later, but if you have a 3DS and want a good game for it, This one is for ya.

Thoughts on Resident Evil Revelations and a little update on my Computer

And by Little Update I mean, I'm no where near figuring out how to fix it, I think I might have a friend to look at it for me because he goes to a school that has equipment to check on powersupplies and stuff, but I also thought about looking into the warranties for my items to see if I can get them replaced. I haven't got to them, but I don't think I can return them to NewEgg seeing as I have to have everything it was boxed in to return it.

I have the Box and a "Manual" Paper thing, but none of that paper thingys in it that kept the power supply steady.

I don't know.

Anyway back to Resident Evil Revelations.

I was very interested in this, Immediately after playing the Demo(s) (the one from Mercenaries and the one from the eShop) I knew this game had a lot of thought and care put into it from Capcom. The Quality was a lot different too from Mercenaries to Revelations. The Enemies don't really look Choppy from a far, the Music sounds nice...Pretty much everything looks and feels better than Mercenaries.

The Controls were pretty much the same though, Unless you got the Circle Pad Pro like I did. With the Circle Pad the game doesn't feel like Resident Evil, at least none that I have ever played, Instead it kinda felt like Dead Space. I mean with the little time I actually got to play Dead Space and the Little time I got to use a Controller on the game, Resident Evil Revelations' Circle Pad Controls were a bit like Dead Spaces. They're not, but close.

Another game that comes to mind with this game is Alan Wake. The way the entire game is set up with the Episodes just screamed Alan Wake to me.

So We get something like Dead Space and something like Alan Wake and throw in Resident Evil Characters and you mix it up and you get...a Watered Down Survival Horror Game that Slowly turns into a Suspenseful Action Game.

Yeah the game starts out a bit good, but deep down it's not that scary.

Also did they REALLY have to put that one guy in the Game? You know, Tom Kenny I think is his name? He has such an annoying voice, I mean it's the Same voice he used for Wheelie in Transformers. I don't know if it's him, but dang it His Character in the game just annoys me. If that's was his goal then he did a dang good job.

Anyway that's all I wanted to say.

The Story thus far....

This is gotta be one heck of an adventure for me. Really it is.

Lots of Ups and Downs, and if you don't know already this is ANOTHER COMPUTER PROBLEM.

I'm not sure if any of you even care at this point, but just to let you know this is the most serious one of all.

I had gotten my computer back up and running again two days ago after some weird happening after playing Call of Duty with my friend on the Xbox.

Everything had been doing fine, I even downloaded and installed some new games and then while testing out Crysis, and while changing the settings, EVERYTHING SHUTS OFF. EVERYTHING. The Keyboard, the Fan, Everything. Don't know what happened, so I just turn the computer back on and start bussiness back up, then I found out Games for Windows Live Support has contacted me back about Street Fighter IV. Got a new Key and about to play Street Fighter again. Well Key didn't work again, so I thought that I entered it wrong so I get a closer look at the screen and accidentally bump my Ivy Bobble Head, Ivy falls and bumps the top of the computer where, The Computer SHUTS OFF AGAIN. I have no idea what is going on. Turned Computer back on again thinking something is going on. I decide to try Street Fighter again, this time my computer starts to freak out. The Screen Freezes and then my TV starts sending out Crackling Popping noises. I turned off the TV and back on again and now there's no screen but same noises.

I had suspected that this has something to do with over heating. so I let the Computer cool off a bit.

After awhile I turn the Computer back on and it starts doing a hard drive check and what not.

I had done some research on this problem with my trusty slow crap laptop and noticed that the type of problem I'm encountering can range from the Hard Drive going out to my Power Supply being crap to little cylinders on my mother board causing the comp to crash. So now I'm thinking "Oh look, I have to get a new Motherboard anyway, swell..."

I opened up the case and everything seems to be in order and everything, although there is a spot or two on the motherboard that is questionable so I'll take pictures later to show everything.

Now when I turn on my computer it will allow me to log on, but eventually It will freeze or the Screen will shut off.

Fans still work, but no screen no nothing (even tapping caps lock on the keyboard does nothing.)

Do you guys have any idea what it is? Apperciate the help.