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Thoughts about E3 2006.

Now that e3 has come and gone and I've waisted countless hours of my life by watching many different videos and fighting trolls and fanboys alike, I am now ready to discuss my reactions and thoughts about this huge gaming convention we call the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Ironically, the more important events of e3 actually occurred before the doors even opened. I'm talking about the Big Three and their Pre-E3 Press conferences.

First came Sony. Now I'm no Sony fanboy but to me this was the #1 most important event of E3. They were finally going to take the curtain off their holy PS3. I was hoping for them to release some actual in game footage, a price, a date and a whole truck load of sweet lookin games.

Oh man.

If I was to be forced to live in isolation under a rock for all of last week and I could only be told one thing about E3 it would be the PS3's price. This was immensely important to me because it was going to go a long way in helping me decide which next-generation console I'm going to get.

To be honest honest, I wasn't surprised. After a year of professionals predicting prices of 600-800, Sony didn't really shock me. But they did dissappoint.

I think they have outdone themselves. They've made a monster of a machine thats sure to make hard-core gamers excited but what about the average consumer? What about the casual gamer? Can they afford a 600$ console? I'm sure they could. Are they willing to spend so much money on something which they take casually? NO!!!!

After viewing many games on the show floor I've come to a decision. While I respect Nintendo for taking a huge risk and trying to get non-gamers into the market, I think that by doing so they're losing out on people like me. Red Steel was a huge dissapointment on the show floor. It looked clunky and unimpressive. The only other playable game that got me remotely interested was the new Mario game. And what's the deal with having two versions of Twilight Princess? A cheap trick to try and entice people into getting the Wii version along with the Wii? I've been waiting for that game for over a year! Give me my GC TP!

So I have to say the winner is Microsoft. I might actually be buying a Xbox 360 this generation. Gears of Wars in my opinion was the best game at the show. If they lower the price this holiday then I'm sold. I'll just wait until I finish playing TP before I make my final decision (which might not be until 2007 thanks to Nintendo).

And there you have it. If you've read all of this I thank you a lot and I hope you comment. Peace out.