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I'm back, maybe.

Granted, the union thing really turned me off to Gamespot, but part of me missed the old boards.  Guess I'll give it another go.

Gamespot is Dead

I don't know what this place has become.  I believe it all started when they put in the unions.  At any rate, I no longer enjoy this place.  In fact, accessing it has become a chore for me, and every three minutes an add pops up to mock me.  Therefore, this is to be my final journal entry.  Cheerio.

So busy...

I've been unbelievably busy for a while now. These last few weeks have been a blur, and there's no indication of it slowing down.  Man, this is crazy.

Not Dead, Just Busy.

Well, the school year's back in full swing, so I've been very, very busy lately. So far, all my classes are fine, and we've got a carpool going. Save the whales, shoot the seals, etc.

The Worst Week I've Had In Many Years.

Well first off, all the bills were due, which we barely made. Second, the van window just shattered for no reason and the tire blew on the Toyota. Third, we accidentaly overdrew the bank twice and they charged us a seventy dollar fee, and finally, a hawk got in the chicken coop and killed off the mother hen and two chicks, and wounded one other. Anybody got anything worse short of being shot?

My Rocking Chair is Dying! NOOOOOOOOOO!

My rocking chair only has a few weeks left before it breaks, and I'm going to have to buy a new one. This was the best possession I had, and now it's nearly gone. If had this chair for years, and I hate to lose, or more accurately, I hate to spend money on a new one. So long old friend.

TV.Com taking over. Sorry Gamespot.

Man, I've really got hooked on TV.Com. I'm spending more time there than at Gamespot. Maybe it's because I do more yelling there. Then again, it may be because there aren't as many people there. Who knows?

Another birthday goes by.

Well, I'm another year older today. 17, the age of reason. I'm not sure if it is, but, might as well be. I spent a nice quiet day at home, a rarity these days, and tomorrow comes all the party nonsense. I don't like a big fuss, but the family does, so it's out of my hands.