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WTF!? Gamespot & now AOL... Who else hates me?

I started the last blog i was about to post with 'This is ridiculous', but got disconnected as i was about to post it so this really takes the f****** cake. First of all.... I just posted a Topic in the Off-Topic section of the website basically asking if anyone knew where i can download Music Videos to watch and i stipulated AND I QUOTE "free and legal". Then I find that my topic has been locked & deleted and to find a message in my inbox saying i have Violated the TOS. This was said:

Reason for moderation: Illegal Activities -- e.g. Begging and/or Providing ROM/Warez/MP3/Cracks/etc
Action Taken: Purge Topic - No points were lost for this moderation.

First problem with that is that i chose my wording very carefully and as mentioned above i stipulated 'LEGAL' so why my reason for moderation is 'Illegal Activities' i've no idea. I mean, i wasnt 'begging' for a website lol. Nor was i providing anything due to the fact i was ASKING for something LEGAL. Okay so i lost no points for the moderation but to be honest i don't care about that. It's the fact that i've been penalised for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Then of course my AOL decides to play games with me and disconnect and mess me around over and over so i have to retype this darn blog again and again. So, I just needed a little rant to calm myself down.... *deep breath*

The moderation thing though... Can anyone justify what's happened here? Or please explain to me better than the Goofspot that decided to moderate me for nothing? If i was a lawyer i'd be suing right now :P Just kidding... I suppose at the end of the day, they make the rules and i just play the game....

Thanks for reading my Blog/Rant.

Comments (if any) appreciated and will be returned.

I feel better now :P......