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Wow, it's been an eventful week! (A Monthly Blog Substitute)

Since my Monthly Blog went a tad pear-shaped, i think my eventful week shall have to substitute for that. So, let me briefly sum-up what went down this week. Then if you have the time, i wil go into them in more detail further on.

  • I had a Welsh A Level Speaking Exam. It went well :)
  • GTA - Played some missions and now im stuck on two very similar ones.
  • Got back on the old FIFA... Feeding my Challenges addiction again :(
  • Did a Camera Challenge (explained further on), and it was a great bonding and fun day (probably one of the best days of my life).
  • Went to see Cardiff City FC play Barnsley in the final match of the season (final league match at least).
  • Discovered the most amazing song ever, sure, it's cheesy but if you're like me then its such a good Theme Song for my life.
  • Dilemna: Two parties, one night.
  • Last night - Sixth Form Party Finale: The end of an era. Got drunk and realised some things.
  • Today.. ill :(
  • Realisations and My Future


Well, as you know i am extremely passionate about my country and any of you who actually know the Welsh language will know how beautiful it can sound and that's why we have some of history's most beautiful literature. So, I decided to take Welsh as an A Level (and im first language English so it doesnt really come naturally). Anyway, we (myself and buddy Mike) had to speak with an examiner for 45 mins on Theatre, Film, TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, the play Siawn by Saunders Lewis and answer a Synoptic question (could be anything so we couldnt prepare for it). Anyway, i must say the examiner lady was a lovely lady and made us very comfortable. It went well and the Synoptic turned out to be on Love & Marriage - which i was quite comfortable talking about, I even managed to crack off a little joke too :P


Well i've played through a little bit and I don't like rushing nor playing it too much because i find failing the missions drives me mad. So, now i'm stuck on The Snow Storm and Final Interview. Both are very similar and frustrating. So, maybe i'll give them a go later... It makes the missions fifty times harder when it's nighttime too because i can't see anything!


Had a friend around who got me playing this again. I am at about 83% complete... Even though the real aim for these games is fun... I just figured 'why not?'. So i've gone back to do the Challenges which almost gave me a heart attack last time... ish me luck!

Camera Challenge

Right, the objective is to be in a group of 5 people and you are given a set of pictures that have to be taken around the City. There's about 25 pictures to take each with a different challenge, for example: 'Pretend to be an aeroplane outside Top Gun Fish Shop', 'Have a team member jump a river', have a team member get a bucket of water poured all over them', 'have a group photo on a see-saw', 'get a piggyback from a stranger' etc. So we did this on Monday from about 10am to 5pm and it was amazing. My group consisted of myself, best mates Mike and Daz, and awesome girls Rach n Elle. It truly was one of the best days of my life. So much fun, just joking around and spending time with some of my fave peeps. When we got the pics developed and rushed to Megabowl to see if we had won (there were about 5 other teams competing), it went down to a tie breaker worth 20 points. The tie-breaker was this - 3 team members eat an entire pack of the worlds spiciest chillis, first team to do so, wins. However, as only myself and Mike were willing to take on for the team, it was 3-on-2. Inevitably we lost my one chilli. It took me about an hour for the pain to go away and 8 bottles of Fruit Shoot and a heck lotta water. I would put pics up of the actual Camera Challenge, but my friends might not appreciate it.

Cardiff Match vs Barnsley

It was a good match which we comfortably won 3-0 i think. A good way to end the season.. Now we set our sights on Wembley.


I was bored and whilst eating a pizza 3 days ago I asked my sister if she happened to have any DVD's i hadn't watched. So, i ended up watching John Tucker Must Die. It was cheesy and i won't go into detail but overall i gave it 3./5 But there was one moment in the movie where John kisses the main girl in the film and the sprinklers in her garden come on and they get wet and basically she runs indoors and he stands there smiling as the moment was interupted. A song came on. It was Just the Girl by The Click Five.


Like i said, two parties in one night. I'm torn and don't know what to do... Any thoughts?

The end of an era

Last night was the Final Sixth-Form (College) party we will have as Students at the school i go to. I don't usually go too often but figured 'why not, i'm 18 and can legally drink, and after all, its the end of an era'. So I went and realised I had not eaten i well over 24 hours so I rushed to Sainsbury's to buy a sandwhich and minutes later I started drinking. After the first 45 mins of the party i had only had about 4 drinks and was already feeling the effects of having not properly digested my food. I kept on drinking as the night went on and even bought a drink for someone i kinda like :) Although she dismissed it really, well, said thanks but really thought nothing of it if you know what i mean. I got pretty bad by the end of the night and have been finding pictures on Facebook and thinking 'when the heck ws that!?'. I remember getting the DJ to play Mr. Brightside by The Killers which was awesome. And also went crazy with my friend screaming 'que sera sera'. Oh and even made a Lil Jon shoutfest catch on as we were being kicked out at about 1.30am, we all went screaming 'WHAT!? YEAH! OKAY!'. Was quality. I saw my best friend kiss the girl he has been after for a while. and I enjoyed a good 40 crawl back to my house ;)

Sick Day

But today it all caught up with me. Sleepless nights, lots of alcohol, no food in my system. All caught up with me and i have been 'ill' all morning. I managed to make it to College for one lesson, but ran home because i could feel it coming if you know what i mean.

Realisations & The Future

Yes, once again my mind is running rampant. So many thoughts flying through and I really don't know where to begin. But I had a few ideas before starting this Blog and this was to be the main bulk of it, but as I left it for last I have now forgotten what i was going to say. But i've just been having thoughts about my future... We leave College in less than a month. I'm not going to Uni so i suppose a Job will have to be looked for. Thinking about getting a Car and looking into all that. Thinking about friends, family and relationships. Thinking about my money or the lack thereof. Thinking about happiness and my future. I made a Video on my Playstation Eye a few weeks back when i was feeling a bit depressed and named it 'My Depression Confession' and said that the only thing I am afraid of in this life, is not knowing what the future holds. Or how i can shape my own destiny. If there is such a thing.

So, I just want to thank you for reading this and i greatly appreciate any comments and/or advice you may have for me. Thanks!