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What's Occuring?

Well, a few more days have passed since I promised you, my friends, a greater activity on my part in blogging and just being around the site. So, I was thinking what to say today and thought since my previous blog was announcing my return and giving my hopes for the future, I figured it might be worthwhile in taking a look at the past. The recent past, that is.

So, what has been occuring recently in the life of Steve Le Beave? Let's take a look...

Obviously leaving school and the A Level exams.
My PC's graphics card overloaded and died preventing my PC from working for a good week or two.
The house is being decorated :).
Myself and a best bud decided to get good jobs and rent a place together.
Since exams ended, played alot more games e.g:
FIFA up to 89%.
Guitar Hero - now playing on Medium difficulty, averaging 4 or 5 stars, will never play Hard though.
CoD - Got to rank 51 Online, but have been getting urges to play Campaign again.
Applied for a few jobs, however no repsonses as of yet.
Been going Music Mad, listening to my iPod & iTunes almost every hour of the day.
Got a suit for my Prom.

Yeah, all in all, things are going quite well lately. Sure every now and then there's a speedbump in the road whether thats lack of cash preventing me going out, or any other reason, ultimately, I'm thinking of a quote from a movie called Harold & Kumar Go Get The Munchies (or Go To Whitecastle - for my transatlantic cousins in the USA ;)):

"The Universe tends to unfold as it should".

Looking at things with a sort of happy-go-lucky attitude in recent times seems to be working well for me so i suggest you try it! :)

Thanks for reading guys and gals!