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The end of an era.. Or what I believe is my new beginning...

Friday (tommorrow) is my last ever schoolday... At 16 i decided to stay on to Sixth-Form (college) to study for two more years and get some A Level Qualifications. Wow, that was two years ago now huh. Well time has flown by, and it's my last day tommorrow, but while people are calling it the end of an era and getting all upset and emotional, im looking to be the only person who is optimistic (for possibly the first time ever). I hated every last minute of school and education. The endless hours of homework, essays, coursework, relentless teachers, and people who call you their 'friends' yet stab you in the back at the drop of a hat. It all ends tommorrow. Sure, you are probably reading this thinking i sounds like i am going in with a machine gun and wasting everyone, I probably am like that as I have just hit the last mission on GTA, but lets stick to the point.

I've never been so terrified in all my life.. Nothing i am pressured to go to.. After pretty much being forced to attend for 13 or 14 years... I am free I guess. But it's scary... I've mentioned before people are afraid of spiders and snakes and heights.. My only fear is not knowing what the future holds... And in this situation i've never been so excited yet terrified at the same time. Sure, it all ends tommorrow, but i will have to actually sit my exams in the next few weeks, and what then? Full time job? Car? House? Family? The whole life shaboodle? Hopefully. Well i'm probably not making too much sense right now and i'm sure this is the worst presented blog i've ever made.

Anyway, i just thought it was worth blogging about. Thoughts and feelings and advice appreciated...