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The Dark Knight: Sensational. (no spoilers)

Working in a Cinema has it's benefits! I got to see this at a Press Screening TWO DAYS before the Premiere Release!!! So without further ado... My Spolier-Free Review:

Absolutely magnificent. To start with, Heath Ledger has totally eclipsed Jack Nicholson as The Joker - in what has to be his best performance of his short life. He is possibly the best actor around at 'becoming the character' and I think thats clearly shown in his rebel-austrian kid in 10 Things I Hate About You, Cowboy-yank in Brokeback Mountain and now terrifying mastermind criminal The Joker in The Dark Knight. If there isn't an Oscar in the cards for him then the planet simply cannot recognise real talent. But back to the movie itself... Action sequences - While it's intense with powerful soundtrack to pump the blood to your heart faster and faster the actual hand to hand combat is a little slow and can be seen how 'rehearsed' it must have been. But the Special Effects are faultless you really couldn't tell CGI from Real Life. The characters - all brilliant including Aaron Eckhart whom I am not such a fan of bringing an arsenal of acting abilities to the film. Maggie Gyllenhall who replaces Katie Holmes is her usual dull and boring talentless self but all that is really just splitting hairs. The Joker is possibly the best villain in all of the Batman movies and certainly the best of the century so far. Christian Bale, as per usual, puts in a riveting performance and is accompanied by Michael Caine as Alfred with some quirky comments and heart-felt speeches to Mr Wayne. Now this is two and a half hours long so it's not short of action, but what really makes it is the dialogue too. Most notably in the speeches and comments of The Joker who brings some very funny moments to the screen too, after all.... Why So Serious?!?!?!