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My Issues with FIFA 08, Be a Pro Online

I just posted this kind of rant on the FIFA 08 PS3 Board after a few weeks of playing Be a Pro Online and i've wanted to get these off my chest for a while...

"Firstly, I wish to start by saying that I really enjoy this Online option but it is spoiled by the following things, none of them are technical issues, just stupid darn people.

1. Before a match starts it's undeniable that people rush for the strikers when choosing a position to play in. However, some people are left out and inevitably, choose a midfielder. But when you play the match, they keep on trying to make runs, they are nowhere near their set position,crowd theopponents box waiting for the ball (goal hanging) and usually are offside. And theybasically think 'to hell with whatever position i'm supposed to play in, i'll be an unrealistic little buttmunch to not only make the team struggle more in the midfield area of pitch but also for the whole 90 minutes'. I HATE people who play like this, it's unfair to others who can deal with their position and play properly!

2. Hogs. Similar to point 1 i made, this is to do with people who keep the ball and think they can beat the midfield, the defence and the goalkeeper, even though you have a beautiful opportunity to play it out wide where a good cross can come in, or a striker who has lost the defender and is probably clear for a through ball. Why do people do this? It's not that hard to pass the darn ball! Quit being selfish, it's a TEAM GAME!

3. Bringing me to my next point. Everyone seems to complain about people Choosing Barcelona as a team, but in my experience i've had good games with them. Christiano Ronaldo on the other hand is a BIG PROBLEM. Everytime i've played a match against Utd, he is played as a Striker or Center Forward position, and even when he is in his correct position, all of Utd's play is central to him. I just played a game and Giggs on the other side of the pitch, didnt get a touch on the ball for the whole 90 minutes! There's nothing much that can be done about this so this point is just a bit of a rant.

4. The 'Any' Player. When choosing a position before a match, most Captains press 'any'. Okay thats understandable, but what i don't like is when they do it just to get more chances on the ball. They can't defend whatsoever with the 4 people they now control and are usually left alone back there due to the idiots mentioned in Point 1 i mentioned. It's a guarenteed disaster in the making. I have lost with my team to big scorelines because of these kinds of people. The good thing with the option of everyone on the team choosing a position, is that the AI can control your defence, and you can tell them to tackle and pass as you wish to allowing for easier gameplay, better co-operation in the team and less chances of people ball hogging.

I am probably not the only one here who thinks this, although I wouldn't put it past some people here to be an example of the people mentioned in this post. But let me know what you think? Perhaps we can set up an Organisation of Fair Gameplay, maybe a team, union or league. Your thoughts on my topic and points mentioned are appreciated.

Thank you and happy holidays!"

Well, that's what i posted. I know this Blog is kind of a rant today, but since i haven't blogged in about two weeks it gave me something to say too. Comments are appreciated and will be returned to your blogs.

P.S. What you guys hoping for, for Christmas? :P