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My Best Of 2007


Before I begin allow meto state that I DO intend to make a Monthly Blog for December, but thought if a clash with this was possibleI'd avoid it by posting my Monthly Blog a week into January. Please enjoy my BEST OF 2007 Blog below andfeel free to comment. So here goes:

Best Movie

Well, believe me, 2007 has been the very BEST year for movies and I've seen most of them. Below are the ones I thought would be fair to call nominees. There's so many of them I realise so I have decided to give a 1st,2nd AND 3rd place.

We Own The Night vs. The Kingdom vs. 3:10 to Yuma vs. The Bourne Ultimatum vs. Superbad vs. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 vs. Hot Fuzz vs. 300 vs. Hitman vs. The Simpsons vs. Die Hard 4 vs. Stardust vs. Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix vs. Spiderman 3 vs. Transformers.

WINNER = 300. In one word... Magnificent

RUNNER UP = The Bourne Ultimatum


Scene from 300

Best Actor

This is a bit easier than choosing the Best Movie, even though there's a hundred thousand more people to choose there's only a few that truly stand out.

Bruce Willis (Die Hard) vs. Christian Bale (3:10 to Yuma) vs. Timothy Olyphant (Hitman) vs. Matt Damon (The Bourne Ultimatum) vs. Gerard Butler (300) vs. Johnny Depp (POTC3).

WINNER = Matt Damon

RUNNER UP = Christian Bale

Matt Damon. Date of Birth

Best Game

This may actually be the easiest part of the entire 'Best Of Blog'. Why? Because I have not really bought as many games as I would have liked nor played as many games neither. So the nominees are:

Rock Band (PS3) vs. Guitar Hero III (Xbox360) vs. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) vs. Resistance (PS3) vs. Call of Duty 4 (Xbox360) vs. World in Conflict (PC).

WINNER = Call of Duty 4

RUNNER UP = None. You can comment below and decide for yourself.

Official Call of Duty 4 Box Art ...

Best Band/Artist

Well, as a person who is interested in the Band/Artist Manager line of work and currently in Business with a band in Pontypridd, Wales, I like to think I have a good taste in music lol ;) Of course you are free to disagree. Here are my nominees:

Kanye West vs. Nickelback vs. Sean Kingston vs. Matt Truelove vs. Foo Fighters vs. Newton Faulkner.

WINNER = Matt Truelove.

No runner up so I'll give you a little something about Truelove. Lead vocals of the aforementioned Band, guitarist (acoustic & electric) and master lyricist. Not only does he win this award for his musical talent, but for being a great human being, something that is unusual in modern musicians. It's all about the fame and money, but this guy is friendly, compassionate and his lyrics are true emotion unlike the bands that sing for glory I mean...certain 'boy' bands singing about women... I'm sure that's their true feelings! Here is a link to Matt Truelove's MySpace page where you can find some of his own songs as well as covers from other bands. Click UNDER the Pic ;)


Best Song

For this category I'm putting songs that I have on my iTunes Playlists 'Recently Played, Top 25 Most Played' and also the Star Rating too. I have also taken into account the winner by listening to them all one final time to decide which is the best throughout. By the way, this category would have been completely a no-contest if I entered Say the Words by Matt Truelove, but winning TWO awards just isn't fair :P You can listen to the winner's song by clicking the song/artist name at the 'WINNER' announcement.

Kiss Me (by New Found Glory) vs. Middle of the Night (by Sherwood) vs. When We Die (by Bowling for Soup) vs. If Everyone Cared (by Nickelback) vs. Love Takes Two (by Westlife. I believe this is Unreleased, performed this on Tour) vs. Stronger (by Kanye West) vs. Wait for You (by Elliott Yamin) vs. Crank Dat Superman (by Soulja Boy).

WINNER = Wait For You by Elliott Yamin

So that's it. Thanks for looking and as I said in the intro, feel free to comment whther you are agreeing, disagreeing or suggest something for the future. Either way, they are appreciated. Thank you for your time.