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Monthly Blog: April

Unfortunately, I typed out my Monthly Blog, and even though it contained to expletives etc. I repeatedly received the message 'One or more words within your message were automatically censored'. I have read the blog about 15 times and in honesty... I'm pretty sick of it. There is nothing wrong with it, yet GS continually refrain me from posting it. I've contacted the Technical Support Board but nothing has been done yet... I'll Edit & Add my Blog in here sometime if I get a chance....

If it isn't possible then i'm sorry for this guys. But regulars to my blog will already know this was to be my last Monthly Blog for about 2 or 3 months as I have A Level Exams and other things to sort out. I did plan on giving something special but, unfortunately, that's not possible. Maybe next time.

My apologies and Thank You.