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I'm BACK! and I WILL be better than ever folks!


It's been a good month or so now but I am back. I spent some time away trying to find what to do with my life etc as I leave College. Well, as you know I had my A Level exams, which i finished my last one about an hour ago and it went brilliantly so I have ended them on a high note :) Overall they went quite well and I took your advice to gear my butt in gear to revise too. Thanks! Out of all of them, there was only one exam which was a abit 'meh', but i suppose that is bound to happen.

Anyway, now I am free of Education, and out into the wild. So, I now plan on getting a job, a flat with a friend and enjoy my remaining years of youth. My fitness plan went kaput as the exams approached but now I plan on getting back on track with that... Get that six-pack we all love so much ;) Anyway, I was never happy in School and College, so now I am 'turning over a new leaf', and going to break free of the depression and boredom and malarky which came with that, and just enjoy myself.

I hope to get back into my blogging and to pay greater interest into yours too.

Thanks guys, it's good to be back :)