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Goodbye Level 20! Hello world! A catchup on my life!

Finally i'm off that darn level 20.... To be honest for the past month i didnt really bother caring about it and only just noticed that i've hit Level 21 just by chance a moment ago... But i'm pleased that i beat the glitch instead of getting fed up and not bothering here... But i couldnt stay away from you people.. you rock!

Plus I haven't blogged here for quite some time so i'll just give you a few little snippets of what's been going down in Beavie-World for the past few months:

1. On 22nd August I passed my Driving Theory test getting 35/35 (needing 30/35 but got 100% anyway :P)in the multiple choice part and 60/74 (needing 44 i think it is) on the Hazard Perception part. So i was ecstatic with that.

2. I also received my AS Level exam results about 2 weeks ago too. I passed them all :D

3. I went away for a week to a place called Builth Wells, went with some mates to something called Flames of Fire. A cool Christian festival thing with some great music and speakers and stuff.

4. I've been playing lots of my friend's Guitar Hero II getting 100% on 4 songs now :D

5. I've been playing some golf even though i was never a big fan of it i'm kinda getting into it... My old man plays loads so i was happy to take 4 holes out of a possible 12 against him :D

6. I did some Karting down at Newport Supakart. It's not cheap but its dead fun. Hitting 45mph and lapping my old man in that was just great. I think that they said the average time of completing a lap was 35seconds and my best lap was 34 seconds so i was pleased with that...

7. I signed up to Facebook (An internet profile site alike MySpace and Bebo) and i've got to say it's my favourite of all of them. So many great applications you can add to play games like from the Atari aswell as join groups with people who enjoy the same things as you and talk to them about it which is fun. I'm really addicted to the site now though and spen

8. I've been doing lots of jamming with my friends/band (friends comes first) so thats good... Plus got a one - on - one personal drumming session with the drummer (Mike Uphill) of an English Christian Rock band called Superhero. The band were really friendly guys and he was really helpful.. he plays drums (duh) and percussion which is also what i enjoy. (I like Drums, Tambourine, Djembe and Synth).

9. I pre-ordered FIFA 08 for my PS3 aswell as buying a Bluetooth Headset for my PS3 too. I also have got a bunch of games im tracking nearly every day for updates cos they look freakin awesome: ROCK BAND, WWE SvR08, MGS4, GTA IV, and i'm intrigued by Singstar too...

10. I recently sold my PSP to GAME stores in return for store credit so now i have a few bob (Money to you americans :P) to spend when a game comes out that i want i can waltz into the store without worrying myself over money.

11. I just spent about £70 on DVD's (cos thats my main passion in my life is movies and therefore collecting DVD's.) So i bought me all these at a bargain:

Scrubs: Series 2
Aeon Flux
Bad Boys (Collectors Edition)
Inside Man
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Nightmare on Elm Street Box Set (7 discs)
X Men Trilogy Box Set (Collectors Edition)
School of Rock (Collectors Edition)
Saving Private Ryan

When you think about it, i bagged myself a bargain here... all that for £70. Thats including Scrubs which RRP's about £20 and the Nightmare and Xmen boxes are probably about £30 each.... Instead i got them for £10 each! You just cant go wrong with 10 DVD discs for £20 right? I'm really pleased with these anyway.

Well that's about it really, a roundup of the past few weeks or even months now of my life.... I thank you all for reading and appreciate any comments you may have too....

Thanks for your time,


Edit: I did try to put some pictures here to show you but it said my HTML is not well-formed so i guess you'll be missing out :( Sorry.