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Completion Problems...

Hey guys, I've bitten off a bit more than I can chew once again. I am buying games and moving on to a new one every now and then without completing the others. I got Spiderman 3 Collectors Edition today (PS3) so I want to keep playing that but its a diversion from my others... Here is a list I need to go back over to complete:

Resistance (get all intels & stuff)
Motorstorm (like loadsa races left :P)
Fight Night Round 3 (Finish Career as Featherweight to Welter & Start new as Heavyweight)
Def Jam Icon (re-do 'Build a Label mode' for all unlockables)
FIFA 07 ( PS2 -playing it on PS3 hard-drive)
FIFA 07 (PSP - Remaining Tournaments)
Scarface (PS2)

As you can see I have quite a bit to get through which could take me years given my hectic schedule at the mo. So this blog is kinda just to let you guys know what I am playing & trying to play, plus it's a reminder for myself :D Thanks for reading!