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BREAKING NEWS: Games are literally killing me, and Merry Christmas!

Well i think i'll start this blog post with a 'Merry Christmas!'. And that's the way i intend to finish the blog too, but we'll see how this goes :P

Right, what's the breaking news you ask? Well, it's nothing released by developers or Gamespot so if you are looking for techno mumbo jumbo i suggest you leave right now. The news is regarding me, and my FIFA and my entire gaming life. So, i appreciate any who will continue reading this, if nobody does, fair enough, at least I can use this post as a reminder to me in the future. So let's get to it...

For the past few months I've been playing FIFA 08 on the PS3, and as you may well have noticed from my previous Blog post or if you see me of the FIFA 08 Board then I have some big issues with the game. Some of these include the nigh on impossible difficulty levels, online play and a few other things. Anywho, I have edged away at the game, over the past month or two just trying to complete the sticker book and reach 100%. All that has come to a screeching halt. One of the stickers requires 'a challenge zone has to be completed with no failures'. Now bear with me here. One zone can consist of any amount of challenges from 10 about minimum. For example Zone 3 is Spanish teams and Portugese teams and ahs 10 challenges. And each of the challenges increase in difficulty. So you go from Amateur (too easy), Semi Pro (which is doable), Professional (One notch too far, especially with the challenges), and World Class (i dread to think how hard it is).

So, a large amount of FIFA 08 progress comes from the Challenges. I'm sure with time i'll get them done but it's very, very hard. No matter which team i choose, whether it be a 5 star team vs a 1 star team, on professional difficulty, i cannot get the job done. If you have seen the video on youtube of the crazy German kid playing Unreal Tournament. Imagine that but worse. If you havent seen it, here's the Championship Manager version: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8MkRDjNy3Bg

Yep, i'm worse than that kid, and because I have a heart problem, this game causes me to get angry, scream, shout, shrow remotes, pillows, heck, even even ripped my shoe off and thrown it at the wall. I realise it wasn't good for me to keep doing it, but get this, apparently if the game is raising my blood pressure every time i play it, it may result in a case of ermm, whats it called? Oh yeah... DEATH! :shock:

So i've compromised, saying that i'm sticking to the game on Semi-Pro, NOT playing the challenges, and taking it alot less seriously, and I intend to complete the game as far as I can without the challenges. I liked to think I was a nice, normal, compassionate human being. But the game brings something out of me, something that quite frankly is scary. And I don't like that so I'm taking this Christmas period to chill, watch some DVDs, listen to some music, go out more, socialise you know, do more things with friends and try to become the person I really am and not that Grinch I become whilst playing FIFA. If I do carry on the way i was, like i said, the high blood pressure could kill me. That's just something I'm not going to allow. In the words of Bon Jovi... It's MY Life, I don't intend to let FIFA take it from me!

Finally, we end on a Happy Note. It's Christmas Eve today which can only mean one thing.... One more day to get through.... Christmas TOMMORROW! Merry Christmas to EVERYONE at Gamespot, from all of my friends, to casual people commenting on my blog, even to the Mods. Thank you for reading this. I hope you all have a great time this Christmas, spend it with the ones you love and care for, think before you act and ensure everyone comes out of every situation happy. No tears please ;)

Please return for a special Monthly/Yearly Blog at the beginning of January where I recap my December, Christmas and perhaps have a Resolution or two. Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated, stay safe this holiday and have an awesome time.

Love ya all!