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A Twist of Fate: MAJOR news in my life :)

Well, as you know by now, I sat my A Level exams and left school in search of bettering myself, goals were based around Job, Car, House, Family etc. I have been applying online for a few things just sending CV's to places like BLOCKBUSTER Cineowlrs etc. Well Thursday I took steps a bit further, I went down the Job Centre. I had arranged a meeting to see if I was entitled to Job Seekers Allowance - of course how else am i supposed to live if i have no income and no job etc. and then a woman tried setting up steps to focus me on career goals etc. Her main questions were obviously based on what I want to do with my life. After some deliberation I reeled off a few I would like to do: Photographer, Media based work eg BBC/Cinema, Estate Agents etc. Ultimately she shot me down saying how the UK have like more people with Photography degrees etc than the rest of Europe so I can't do it, and the same with the Media, she said theres too many people doing Media Studies courses which essentially are now meaningless. So she focused on the Estate Agency thing. Anyway, it went well I think.

Then later in the evening of Thursday, I had a few mates round and hosted a 'Games Night'. I hooked up a friends 360 in my living room and left my PS3 in my bedroom so we could alternate and not all crowd in one room. I have to say it was a success, we had a few gatecrashers, but really they livened up the gig :) And cleaning up the next day i was suprised at how much alcohol or more importantly, Pizza we had consumed. And I was amazed to see a Semi drunk self teamed up with a friend who has no consoles at all beat one guy (who is genuinely better than me at FIFA.. i can beat him 1 in 3 times really, and his partner, they both fell to the greatness of myself and my partner pulling off an amazing 3-1 win and i didnt realise i was being recorded so people now have me screaming obscenities and somewhat offensive material on their mobile/cell phones.

Anyway, it was a success, and then Friday morning at about 11am, after most of us gained consciousness (I was already awake as I just pulled an all-nighter), the telephone rang. "Hello, may I please speak to Mr Steve Matthews" to which I replied "Yes, this is he". "Sorry to call at such short notice, but we received your CV online, and we were wondering if you would be available for a job interview with us at 7pm tonight at Cineworld." I was gobsmacked, I really did not expect this at all. So, the day went on and my nerves got the better of me - This was my first ever job interview. I struggled with one or two questions and had to have a glass of water, but the questions I was ok with I would answer genuinely, honestly and the best I could. My blogs don't really reflect that, but I am actually quite a well-spoken person. So, I thought it went quite well.

When I returned home I hung out with friends for a bit more with even more pizza and drinks and sat to watch a film called Farce of the Penguins with voice-overs from lots of B Listers and narrated by the legendary Samuel L Jackson. Well, half way through this film, at approximately 10.10pm, I received another phone call. "Hello, is this Steve Matthews?" It is indeed :) "This is cineworld calling and if you are interested we would like to offer you a position with our company" I was just so shocked, at how fast this was all happening, I'd never had an interview before, and 2 hours later I had the job! I will be starting Sunday (tommorrow) for my training days so I'll see how that goes.

So, thank you for reading, I just thought I would keep you all up to date with my life's events, and this is a major step forward for me and I think it will be nice with coleagues and earning myself some money too :)

Thank you for reading :)