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A disgrace to Boxing, A disgrace to Sport.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls....

Last Night marked the event named 'UNDEFEATED' tagline... 'Someone's 0 has got to go!'. A boxing event, Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton with a record of 43 wins and 0 losses vs Floyd 'Money' Mayweather holding a record of 38 wins and 0 losses. Truly, someone's 0 had to go.

I had some mates around, we played some ps3 and watched the build-up fights and were eagerly anticipating the Main Event.... Hatton vs Mayweather. This match was shameful, to put it nicely.

The fight started its first few rounds in which it could have been either way to be fair, but during one of the earlier rounds Hatton jabbed Mayweather - Hard! He stumbled backwards and nearly hit the canvas but stayed strong and came back into the fight. It probably sounds like a good fight so far right? Wrong. From the get-go this match was horrible, within the first five seconds Referee Joe Cortez was constantly involved. He was sticking his nose where it wasn't needed every five to ten seconds of the fight, just to make a name for himself.

Every time Hatton started to impose himself on Mayweather, Cortez was involved by breaking him away. Gradually this match was turning into a 2-on-1 match. Not only this, but we saw the Mayweather tactics that he used against Oscar De La Hoya a few months back. 'The b1tch tactics'. He would hit Hatton and as he throws the punch immediately lower his head therefore allowing Hatton to not get a clean shot on aswell as allowing Mayweather a clinch. The first 9 rounds we saw these tactics over and over, me and my friends were so angry, we nearly started beating each other.

Now there was also the matter of a point reduction of Ricky Hatton. Somewhere around the 5th round (i'll have to watch it again to get the exact round sorry), Hatton had Mayweather on the ropes and was lashing into him with ferocious shots and Mayweather turned and stuck his head and upper body OUTSIDE of the ring. Hatton carried on the assault and looked to hit Mayweather in the back of the head, of course an illegal blow. My main beef with this is that not only did Hattons punch not connect with Mayweather, but why was Mayweather leaning out of the ring in the first place? And then milking it to make it look like it was worse than it actually was. Why? The b1tch tactics.

Pure and simple Mayweather is a arrogant little b1tch, but i'll give credit where it's due. The 10th round KO was deserving of a win after a a savage assault had Hatton beat from the first punch. A corker that sent Hatton crashing forward into the turnbuckle and down the the canvas. He returned to his feet but Mayweather, ever opportunistic, relentlessly returned to the assault and Hatton went down again. Joe Cortez stopped the fight declaring Floyd Mayweather the winner.

I will take nothing away from Mayweather in that last round (Round 10) but the tactics i quite frankly am sick of and I refuse to watch another Mayweather fight again. I can't even begin to understand how Hatton was so calm towards the referee though... I'd have turned and thrown a haymaker to the disgrace of a referee. He should have his referee license stripped of him.

It's over now but whatever way you saw the fight, it was undoubtedly a 2-on-1 mugging and was shameful.

I want my £15 back, 'nuff said.