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Level 10 and so little time.

Right, my last post was on the 20th of May and i was celebrating that I had reached level 9. So even though ive had my GCSE exams going on for the past two weeks, i cant believe that i am saying that it's been 20 days and already im at level 9 or as the radar shows - 94.13

So probably overnight this will go through and I will have reached Level 10. Im just quite shocked at the little effort i have put it and got to level 10. I mean if i gained a level every 20 days this time next year i should have gone up another, ermmm here we go fast maths, umm 18.25 levels? So add that to my current one and i should be ABOUT level 28? Is this correct? I suck at maths anyways lol so im not that bothered. But anyways, back to the point.... Up a level in 20 days! Wow thats gotta be a record :P

The PS3 Waiting Game...

The worst possible game, and I am stuck in it. The waiting game. I am now waiting for the arrival of the PS3, which happens to be in November. Now i have been saving for a while and have what i hope is enough for the Next Gen Console. Another downside to the waiting game is that starting about the 23rd of May, my GCSE's start :evil: . So as you can see I am not going to be in the best of moods at the moment .... but after my exams I should be as happy as erm... Well.... I'll be as high as a kite!!!!! Yay.. I'll be happy again!!!!

Like a lickle baby

Im im struggling like a lil baby with this site. I haven't been on it for a while and now i have returned - i have forgotten pretty much everything. Like for example how to get levels up and how to get the emblem/badge things. I have forgotten how to add friends, the sig pics never seem to work!? I am really quite confused. :? Aww well, hopefully in time ill get to grips with it again. L8RZ

My First Thing

Well, this is my first Journal entry so i better make it interesting. I gonna talk about GTA San Andreas. I bought SA as soon as it came out. I loved it. Huge gamespan, above average graphics, intersting storylines,Endless gameplay. It was so addictive. But as soon as i got through the game to the last mission... phew.... thats when the green side of the hulk or the Vader dark side came out of me ( or whateva you wanna call it ). If you've seen the final scene in the scarface movie, that's what i was like. Hyped up, angry, andreanline rushing, on a shooting rampage. I murdered my way through the cockaroaches in my way and back out through the burning building. As soon as i was at the end, i was about to leave the building at SPLAT! I was laid out dead by sum cockaroack that i must not have killed, he shot my in the back like a coward and made me LIVID. I retried the mission and at that same part he came from nowhere again and shot me, this time tho... oh no... not this time...... I burned the cockaroach alive with my flamethrower..... Then casually walked out the building whistling like nothing happened. 8) Just joking but i then finished the game in style.