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OMG - I WON A GS COMP!!! (caps)

Hey guys! I download the GS UK podcast and havent had a chance to listen to the most recent one until today... I was listening to it in my Welsh Lesson and i heard the competition winners, and I am a runner up! I get a copy of Okami and a T-Shirt! I am so happy :D Btw - to those who listened to the podcast my name was Steve Matthews from Cardiff.

New Officers Needed... Almost Guarenteed Acceptance!

Hey guys, The Smackdown Vs RAW 2007 Union has been dry for a while and I feel like greasing us up and pitting us back in the ring again. Most of the Old Officers are gone and I need new ones who can keep this Union Alive and Interesting. If you think you can just join the Union on the Link provided, and PM me or post here or a topic in the union saying you want to be an officer. You are pretty much guarenteed to be accepted so why not? Oh and Invite your friends too! Here's the Link to the Union:

I've Got the Sickness! I have the New Mystery Emblem! Woot Woot!

Down With the Sickness!
This user spreads the GameSpot virus among the masses, infecting the Internet with gaming goodness wherever he travels.
Look What I got! My net has been down for a few days and i came online had about 8 PM's and looked at them, looked at the new Emblem Creation Competition and then decided to see if i had any new blog posts.. I saw the emblem and was ecstatic - i went round the house screaming 'Woot Woot' (I also wanted to turn over the TV channel and i fell over in the process :( ). Anyway, I have the sickness now! Woot Woot, I am happy to answe any questions on this emblem, please post here if you have any...

2 Rows Of Emblems! And a bad future?

My new 'Here batter,batter,batter Emblem' brings me to two full rows of emblems, I think it looks alot neater this way...
As for the bad future, I am 80% through level 19, meaning im close to the dreaded Level 20 Glitch.. I am not looking forward to that - someone said it took them 6 months to get off that level, so i'm asssuming a slow future for Le-Beave...

Life TooTough? Read This...

There's a song by 50 Cent (Feat The Game) and I belive the lyrics say:

"Hate it or love it the underdogs on top, and i'm gonn shine homie 'til my heart stops"

Now, how is this related to what I'm about to say? Well, I just thought it was appropriate, so here goes:

I'm life's underdog, I have many ups and many downs in life, but recently I have no job, I have no money, I have dire family issues, and sometimes just think what's the point? I'm pretty low right now is what i'm trying to say... and I hate it.

 I wish sometimes that there was just a shortcut, but the other day I watched something on MTV with the Revrend and he said 'People who take shortcuts in life get cut short'. I suppose I just gotsta persevere through it and hope for the best, take the opportunites in front of me, keep my eyes open for jobs, but don't be stingy with my money, keep focusing on school studies, and try to forgive and forget with the family stuff.

I don't wanna get too Biblical on everyone reading this as I realise that not everyone cares for that stuff, but I suppose the message is to never give up, and keep your chin up. So that's my message for you all today, chin up, and keep going strong. My favourite Bible Verse Is Philippians 4:13, and I hope you guys will find it useful, it's short and to the point, here it is-

"I can do anything through the power Christ gives me"

I hope looking at life like this will bring me better things, and for you guys too. I hope I have reached someone today.

 Thank You & God Bless.

Have You Ever Been In Love?

Why am i posting this? Here are my reasons...

1. There's a possibility i am.

2. I love the version of the song by Westlife

3. It would be nice to know....

Possible Career Paths for myself? What you think?

Note before you read, most of these are accessable to me, the toughest to perfect would probably be the first, this is not put in any order of preference neither, what do you guys think? :

Film Director




Estate Agent

Game Reviewer




I'm broke.....

Hey guys, i spent about £900 on a PS3, PSP and New iPod. Now i have no money left, and i have to keep applying for jobs :( This sucks not having money. Anyone got any advice on how i could get quick cash or maybe even how to reserve my money better?

Pre-Ordered my PS3 Bundle!!! Oh and I got a PSP!

Hey guys, today was the first day of people in Europe - or maybe its just UK, being able to Pre-Order a PS3.

I had a few free study periods in school today, so i went into my city centre and was looking for a PSP and a new iPod today, no luck on the iPod, but i came out of it was a PSP and a copy of FIFA 07. I then went home and went to college (sixth-form), and as i had my teacher for my last two lessons, myself and two mates came back to my place my play FIFA 07 on my PS2, my mum was home and said that she got the e-mail that we can pre-order and i shot down the stairs and went stright to the online trolleys.

I pre-ordered myself a 60BG PS3 console, and ordered with it a copy of Resistance: Fall Of Man, and an extra Controller for friends. So, a very eventful day! I'm quite chuffed :D