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Upcoming Exams...

So I have a bunch of AS Level exams next week and am off this week on 'Study Leave'. Unfortunately, I just can't be bothered to do any revision. I am not sure whether I wan't to go back to the Sixth-Form next year to do the A Levels because I hate all the essays and unneccessary crap they make you do, plus most of the people there aren't what I think i will call user-friendly :P So if i am not going back next year, is there any point in me bothering with this years exams? Im thinking I just leave the Sixth-Form in bout 2 months and go get a full-time job or something... Yeah so i am just blogging here cos I can't be bothered to revise or anything..... hmmm.....

I'm Sick... (Plus WoW & Champions League & Pepe Reina)

I had to take a day off from my Sixth-Form today due to illness. I went to bed usual time and was fine. I woke up feeling sick with a horrible migrane and stinging behind my eyeballs, to make things worse I couldn't get that McFly song 'Transylvania' out of my head. I just felt like shooting myself! So I have rested and slept for a few hours, had some soup and chilled out for a while just to give my body some time to relax.

In other news I recently accquired a 14 day Trial of World of Warcraft which I have played for the past 2 days. It can be pretty confusing at times and so damn annoying when you die, to walk for hours on end to locate your corpse. Still it's a decent game which may take some getting used to, will take up alot of my time (which is rather inappropriate because of my upcoming exams) and It's true what they say about how addictive it is, I am being sucked in already.

Now I would just like to quickly comment on Sport. Last night Liverpool beat Chelsea in the Semi-Finals of the Champions League. The match was to be the second leg played at Anfield (Home of Liverpool) and I think it was a 22nd minute strike from Gerrard's free kick which levelled the Aggregate score to 1-1. I enjoyed the irony that Joe Cole who conceeded the free kick by way of tackling Gerrard, was also the man who scored in the first leg of this Semi Finals, so he scored the first goal aswell as perhaps indirectly led to the second goal (by Dan Agger). I love Penalty Shootouts and after extra time this was an inevitability. Now although I am a Newcastle Supporter, I belive Pepe Reina to be the very best Keeper in the world. I can't put my finger on why I like him so much I just do. And hisperformance in the shoutout was glamourous, he flew around the box like Spiderman, it was just so damn enthralling. Unfortunately, I turned on the news this morning to find out that Reina returned to his home shortly after the match, to find that whilst he was putting on a performance of a lifetime, his house was burgled and high value items such as his Porche had been stolen :( The people who do these things are SICK!

So I just thought I'd touch on a few recent things that were in my head and now I am craving for some Donuts so I will be back!

Thanks for reading guys!

... read differently when you're ill

World of Warcraft


I thought that would be an appropriate title for this new Blog post. I am having less and less sleep each night. I then seem to be doing more and more during the days too. So it's all really taking it's toll on my body. Especially with all the extra Football, Essays and Schoolwork, plus extra curriculars too. I am finding myself low on cash all the time too which is abit of a bummer considered I need to pay off a few things before certain deadlines. So, I'm having less and less sleep and I'm putting it down to these: Late Nights, Hot Weather and Stress. I was going to include exhaustion but that would usually help you sleep. It's a struggle but i'll plod on.... Any advice on how I can pull through... or even sleep!?

Today I will have an eye exam.

Can you smell that? That's the smell of victory!

Overall, I must say today was a much better day for me. But what I really want to say here today, is about football (soccer to the yanks on here). In my Sixth-Form (College) when we have no lessons we usually just go off and play some footie. Myself and a fellow gamespot user (Buttmonkey9000) - also the only 2 Newcastle supporters in the school - were paired together. And we usually play in teams and then obviously a goal get's your pair through to next round, so its a process of elimination. Anyway, we played for ages until I literally dropped to the floor from exhaustion! But after a few rounds we picked up our game, and my good friend Buttmonkey scored a corker of a goal, with what i believe was his left foot straight in the top corner of the goal. The keeper had no chance. I think I was actually more happy with the goal than him! Later on when we went to play again we had a good innings, I ended up scoring two goals but unfortunatley had to leave to go to a lesson but I just thought today went rather well and thought I'd come Blog it here.... So if you're reading this Buttmonkey9000, same again tommorrow? hehe Congrats again dude... what a goal!

A Soccer ball

Will I ever amount to anything?

This time last year was perhaps the worst time of my life.... Gradually, I seem to be re-living that past. Things are becoming a great strain for me. Take my Sixth-Form (College) for example. I was given about 7 months to do 2000 words of a welsh project, I have now been told to re-do this in 11 days.. wtf!? I am also told that I need to create and practise an oral speech with 2 other classmates, which we can't seem to get a grasp of. I have usually done well for handing in essays and such before the deadline, but I feel I may be falling behind for other lessons one of which being R.E. (Religious Education).

So that's education done, now for employment.  I was researching into a part-time/weekend job just to bring in some extra cash for Driving Lessons etc. So I was speaking o my mum & her boyfriend and from the sounds of it, I will never get a job I want - My arguement is 'I refuse to work somewhere where I will be unhappy, just for the money, it's still not worth it'. PLus, it's getting tougher nowadays to find employment, which makes life that little bit harder for me.

Now for social life. I use up 5 days of the week doing things which really prevent me from doing the things which matter for example I can't do my essays etc. This is because I seem to be constantly tied up with things. Like my dad has custody over me on Mondays and that takes up the whole evening. This is the same for 4 other days being tied up by different things like that and Courses in different cities etc! Plus these problems prevent me from spending quality time with my Band, who are also my closest friends too. Aswell as so little time for myself to sit and think, or sleep, or just have some solitude for myself.

Now for just random problems. My Sky (Cable) box keeps malfunctioning, which means long phone calls costing God-Only-Knows how much on call charges. Plus there's their call-out charges, and new boxes costing me about £150 a go - Which I just don't have. Other electronics such as my Mobile (Cell Phone) which is new, is quite strange and I am having problems with that.

I seem to be in a damn big hole which I obviously need to get out of, I just don't see that happening though. I suppose it takes perseverence, tackling my problems head-on, and one at a time. But that's the one thing I lack in, time. I'm feeling pretty down at the moment. It's like my life is a game of how much i can keep getting Owned... So.. I'm down, depressed, and pretty much dead in myself. So I'll leave you will this...

Thanks for your time, hopefully things will be better for my next Blog post.

I saw Live Boxing in Milennium Stadium

I just saw the Live Boxing Events in Cardiff's Milennium Stadium... I got there at about 2pm and stayed there until about 11:15 pm.. a long darn time... Some great matches though.. Did you guys see it on TV or anything? What was your favourite match(es)? I gotta say the Celtic Welterweight Championship Match was amazing, plus I loved the Enzo Macca, Khan and Calzaghe - shame about the length of the latter two though... Did you guys enjoy it? Anyway, for those who don't know these Boxers or the stadium, I got some pics for ya...

My PS3 Pictures!!!!! See Them Now!

As promised, pcitures of my PS3 (Clcik the thumbnail to enlarge pictures):
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Comments are appreciated thanks! In the last picture it is sort of my entertainment area - HDTV, PS3 & PS2 Below it, Sky box to the Right of the PS3 and VCR/VHS Player Below the Sky Box. My DVD player is under the TV too. What do you guys think?

Got Me A PS3 and 5 Games & Blu Ray Film!

Hey dudes, after years of waiting.. my baby is here... She came with 5 games (Resistance, Def Jam Icon, Fight Night Round 3, MotorStorm, Genji) and a Blu Ray DVD (Click starring Adam Sandler). I set it all up and I gotta say it's so beautiful. As I had no other next-gen basis for comparison, the leap from PS2 to PS3 is HUGE, the graphical difference (I have a HDTV) is sublime! I have pictures too of the unopened boxes, then opeed, and with it all set up and playing, i'll put them in my Blog soon! Check back to see them!

I got that new Scavenator Emblem! yay!

Elementary, my dear Watson.
This aspiring detective went above and beyond the line of duty to provide feeback on Scavenator, GameSpot's scavenger hunt game.

-------------------What I did want to say really was that the Hunt was very fun and posting the feedback was no problem. I am happy to help! Still got a more than half blank row left on these emblems...

It's My Birthday!

We should get special emails or emblems for this :wink: lol, anyway, I am 17 today, and I will be going out for a partee Wiv sum dudes have some drinks and yunno have alotta fun! Anyway, Just lettin y'all know.. And now I will be off driving... legally this time! :P