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My Best Of 2007


Before I begin allow meto state that I DO intend to make a Monthly Blog for December, but thought if a clash with this was possibleI'd avoid it by posting my Monthly Blog a week into January. Please enjoy my BEST OF 2007 Blog below andfeel free to comment. So here goes:

Best Movie

Well, believe me, 2007 has been the very BEST year for movies and I've seen most of them. Below are the ones I thought would be fair to call nominees. There's so many of them I realise so I have decided to give a 1st,2nd AND 3rd place.

We Own The Night vs. The Kingdom vs. 3:10 to Yuma vs. The Bourne Ultimatum vs. Superbad vs. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 vs. Hot Fuzz vs. 300 vs. Hitman vs. The Simpsons vs. Die Hard 4 vs. Stardust vs. Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix vs. Spiderman 3 vs. Transformers.

WINNER = 300. In one word... Magnificent

RUNNER UP = The Bourne Ultimatum


Scene from 300

Best Actor

This is a bit easier than choosing the Best Movie, even though there's a hundred thousand more people to choose there's only a few that truly stand out.

Bruce Willis (Die Hard) vs. Christian Bale (3:10 to Yuma) vs. Timothy Olyphant (Hitman) vs. Matt Damon (The Bourne Ultimatum) vs. Gerard Butler (300) vs. Johnny Depp (POTC3).

WINNER = Matt Damon

RUNNER UP = Christian Bale

Matt Damon. Date of Birth

Best Game

This may actually be the easiest part of the entire 'Best Of Blog'. Why? Because I have not really bought as many games as I would have liked nor played as many games neither. So the nominees are:

Rock Band (PS3) vs. Guitar Hero III (Xbox360) vs. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) vs. Resistance (PS3) vs. Call of Duty 4 (Xbox360) vs. World in Conflict (PC).

WINNER = Call of Duty 4

RUNNER UP = None. You can comment below and decide for yourself.

Official Call of Duty 4 Box Art ...

Best Band/Artist

Well, as a person who is interested in the Band/Artist Manager line of work and currently in Business with a band in Pontypridd, Wales, I like to think I have a good taste in music lol ;) Of course you are free to disagree. Here are my nominees:

Kanye West vs. Nickelback vs. Sean Kingston vs. Matt Truelove vs. Foo Fighters vs. Newton Faulkner.

WINNER = Matt Truelove.

No runner up so I'll give you a little something about Truelove. Lead vocals of the aforementioned Band, guitarist (acoustic & electric) and master lyricist. Not only does he win this award for his musical talent, but for being a great human being, something that is unusual in modern musicians. It's all about the fame and money, but this guy is friendly, compassionate and his lyrics are true emotion unlike the bands that sing for glory I mean...certain 'boy' bands singing about women... I'm sure that's their true feelings! Here is a link to Matt Truelove's MySpace page where you can find some of his own songs as well as covers from other bands. Click UNDER the Pic ;)


Best Song

For this category I'm putting songs that I have on my iTunes Playlists 'Recently Played, Top 25 Most Played' and also the Star Rating too. I have also taken into account the winner by listening to them all one final time to decide which is the best throughout. By the way, this category would have been completely a no-contest if I entered Say the Words by Matt Truelove, but winning TWO awards just isn't fair :P You can listen to the winner's song by clicking the song/artist name at the 'WINNER' announcement.

Kiss Me (by New Found Glory) vs. Middle of the Night (by Sherwood) vs. When We Die (by Bowling for Soup) vs. If Everyone Cared (by Nickelback) vs. Love Takes Two (by Westlife. I believe this is Unreleased, performed this on Tour) vs. Stronger (by Kanye West) vs. Wait for You (by Elliott Yamin) vs. Crank Dat Superman (by Soulja Boy).

WINNER = Wait For You by Elliott Yamin

So that's it. Thanks for looking and as I said in the intro, feel free to comment whther you are agreeing, disagreeing or suggest something for the future. Either way, they are appreciated. Thank you for your time.

BREAKING NEWS: Games are literally killing me, and Merry Christmas!

Well i think i'll start this blog post with a 'Merry Christmas!'. And that's the way i intend to finish the blog too, but we'll see how this goes :P

Right, what's the breaking news you ask? Well, it's nothing released by developers or Gamespot so if you are looking for techno mumbo jumbo i suggest you leave right now. The news is regarding me, and my FIFA and my entire gaming life. So, i appreciate any who will continue reading this, if nobody does, fair enough, at least I can use this post as a reminder to me in the future. So let's get to it...

For the past few months I've been playing FIFA 08 on the PS3, and as you may well have noticed from my previous Blog post or if you see me of the FIFA 08 Board then I have some big issues with the game. Some of these include the nigh on impossible difficulty levels, online play and a few other things. Anywho, I have edged away at the game, over the past month or two just trying to complete the sticker book and reach 100%. All that has come to a screeching halt. One of the stickers requires 'a challenge zone has to be completed with no failures'. Now bear with me here. One zone can consist of any amount of challenges from 10 about minimum. For example Zone 3 is Spanish teams and Portugese teams and ahs 10 challenges. And each of the challenges increase in difficulty. So you go from Amateur (too easy), Semi Pro (which is doable), Professional (One notch too far, especially with the challenges), and World Class (i dread to think how hard it is).

So, a large amount of FIFA 08 progress comes from the Challenges. I'm sure with time i'll get them done but it's very, very hard. No matter which team i choose, whether it be a 5 star team vs a 1 star team, on professional difficulty, i cannot get the job done. If you have seen the video on youtube of the crazy German kid playing Unreal Tournament. Imagine that but worse. If you havent seen it, here's the Championship Manager version: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=8MkRDjNy3Bg

Yep, i'm worse than that kid, and because I have a heart problem, this game causes me to get angry, scream, shout, shrow remotes, pillows, heck, even even ripped my shoe off and thrown it at the wall. I realise it wasn't good for me to keep doing it, but get this, apparently if the game is raising my blood pressure every time i play it, it may result in a case of ermm, whats it called? Oh yeah... DEATH! :shock:

So i've compromised, saying that i'm sticking to the game on Semi-Pro, NOT playing the challenges, and taking it alot less seriously, and I intend to complete the game as far as I can without the challenges. I liked to think I was a nice, normal, compassionate human being. But the game brings something out of me, something that quite frankly is scary. And I don't like that so I'm taking this Christmas period to chill, watch some DVDs, listen to some music, go out more, socialise you know, do more things with friends and try to become the person I really am and not that Grinch I become whilst playing FIFA. If I do carry on the way i was, like i said, the high blood pressure could kill me. That's just something I'm not going to allow. In the words of Bon Jovi... It's MY Life, I don't intend to let FIFA take it from me!

Finally, we end on a Happy Note. It's Christmas Eve today which can only mean one thing.... One more day to get through.... Christmas TOMMORROW! Merry Christmas to EVERYONE at Gamespot, from all of my friends, to casual people commenting on my blog, even to the Mods. Thank you for reading this. I hope you all have a great time this Christmas, spend it with the ones you love and care for, think before you act and ensure everyone comes out of every situation happy. No tears please ;)

Please return for a special Monthly/Yearly Blog at the beginning of January where I recap my December, Christmas and perhaps have a Resolution or two. Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated, stay safe this holiday and have an awesome time.

Love ya all!


My Issues with FIFA 08, Be a Pro Online

I just posted this kind of rant on the FIFA 08 PS3 Board after a few weeks of playing Be a Pro Online and i've wanted to get these off my chest for a while...

"Firstly, I wish to start by saying that I really enjoy this Online option but it is spoiled by the following things, none of them are technical issues, just stupid darn people.

1. Before a match starts it's undeniable that people rush for the strikers when choosing a position to play in. However, some people are left out and inevitably, choose a midfielder. But when you play the match, they keep on trying to make runs, they are nowhere near their set position,crowd theopponents box waiting for the ball (goal hanging) and usually are offside. And theybasically think 'to hell with whatever position i'm supposed to play in, i'll be an unrealistic little buttmunch to not only make the team struggle more in the midfield area of pitch but also for the whole 90 minutes'. I HATE people who play like this, it's unfair to others who can deal with their position and play properly!

2. Hogs. Similar to point 1 i made, this is to do with people who keep the ball and think they can beat the midfield, the defence and the goalkeeper, even though you have a beautiful opportunity to play it out wide where a good cross can come in, or a striker who has lost the defender and is probably clear for a through ball. Why do people do this? It's not that hard to pass the darn ball! Quit being selfish, it's a TEAM GAME!

3. Bringing me to my next point. Everyone seems to complain about people Choosing Barcelona as a team, but in my experience i've had good games with them. Christiano Ronaldo on the other hand is a BIG PROBLEM. Everytime i've played a match against Utd, he is played as a Striker or Center Forward position, and even when he is in his correct position, all of Utd's play is central to him. I just played a game and Giggs on the other side of the pitch, didnt get a touch on the ball for the whole 90 minutes! There's nothing much that can be done about this so this point is just a bit of a rant.

4. The 'Any' Player. When choosing a position before a match, most Captains press 'any'. Okay thats understandable, but what i don't like is when they do it just to get more chances on the ball. They can't defend whatsoever with the 4 people they now control and are usually left alone back there due to the idiots mentioned in Point 1 i mentioned. It's a guarenteed disaster in the making. I have lost with my team to big scorelines because of these kinds of people. The good thing with the option of everyone on the team choosing a position, is that the AI can control your defence, and you can tell them to tackle and pass as you wish to allowing for easier gameplay, better co-operation in the team and less chances of people ball hogging.

I am probably not the only one here who thinks this, although I wouldn't put it past some people here to be an example of the people mentioned in this post. But let me know what you think? Perhaps we can set up an Organisation of Fair Gameplay, maybe a team, union or league. Your thoughts on my topic and points mentioned are appreciated.

Thank you and happy holidays!"

Well, that's what i posted. I know this Blog is kind of a rant today, but since i haven't blogged in about two weeks it gave me something to say too. Comments are appreciated and will be returned to your blogs.

P.S. What you guys hoping for, for Christmas? :P

A disgrace to Boxing, A disgrace to Sport.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls....

Last Night marked the event named 'UNDEFEATED' tagline... 'Someone's 0 has got to go!'. A boxing event, Ricky 'The Hitman' Hatton with a record of 43 wins and 0 losses vs Floyd 'Money' Mayweather holding a record of 38 wins and 0 losses. Truly, someone's 0 had to go.

I had some mates around, we played some ps3 and watched the build-up fights and were eagerly anticipating the Main Event.... Hatton vs Mayweather. This match was shameful, to put it nicely.

The fight started its first few rounds in which it could have been either way to be fair, but during one of the earlier rounds Hatton jabbed Mayweather - Hard! He stumbled backwards and nearly hit the canvas but stayed strong and came back into the fight. It probably sounds like a good fight so far right? Wrong. From the get-go this match was horrible, within the first five seconds Referee Joe Cortez was constantly involved. He was sticking his nose where it wasn't needed every five to ten seconds of the fight, just to make a name for himself.

Every time Hatton started to impose himself on Mayweather, Cortez was involved by breaking him away. Gradually this match was turning into a 2-on-1 match. Not only this, but we saw the Mayweather tactics that he used against Oscar De La Hoya a few months back. 'The b1tch tactics'. He would hit Hatton and as he throws the punch immediately lower his head therefore allowing Hatton to not get a clean shot on aswell as allowing Mayweather a clinch. The first 9 rounds we saw these tactics over and over, me and my friends were so angry, we nearly started beating each other.

Now there was also the matter of a point reduction of Ricky Hatton. Somewhere around the 5th round (i'll have to watch it again to get the exact round sorry), Hatton had Mayweather on the ropes and was lashing into him with ferocious shots and Mayweather turned and stuck his head and upper body OUTSIDE of the ring. Hatton carried on the assault and looked to hit Mayweather in the back of the head, of course an illegal blow. My main beef with this is that not only did Hattons punch not connect with Mayweather, but why was Mayweather leaning out of the ring in the first place? And then milking it to make it look like it was worse than it actually was. Why? The b1tch tactics.

Pure and simple Mayweather is a arrogant little b1tch, but i'll give credit where it's due. The 10th round KO was deserving of a win after a a savage assault had Hatton beat from the first punch. A corker that sent Hatton crashing forward into the turnbuckle and down the the canvas. He returned to his feet but Mayweather, ever opportunistic, relentlessly returned to the assault and Hatton went down again. Joe Cortez stopped the fight declaring Floyd Mayweather the winner.

I will take nothing away from Mayweather in that last round (Round 10) but the tactics i quite frankly am sick of and I refuse to watch another Mayweather fight again. I can't even begin to understand how Hatton was so calm towards the referee though... I'd have turned and thrown a haymaker to the disgrace of a referee. He should have his referee license stripped of him.

It's over now but whatever way you saw the fight, it was undoubtedly a 2-on-1 mugging and was shameful.

I want my £15 back, 'nuff said.

WTF!? Gamespot & now AOL... Who else hates me?

I started the last blog i was about to post with 'This is ridiculous', but got disconnected as i was about to post it so this really takes the f****** cake. First of all.... I just posted a Topic in the Off-Topic section of the website basically asking if anyone knew where i can download Music Videos to watch and i stipulated AND I QUOTE "free and legal". Then I find that my topic has been locked & deleted and to find a message in my inbox saying i have Violated the TOS. This was said:

Reason for moderation: Illegal Activities -- e.g. Begging and/or Providing ROM/Warez/MP3/Cracks/etc
Action Taken: Purge Topic - No points were lost for this moderation.

First problem with that is that i chose my wording very carefully and as mentioned above i stipulated 'LEGAL' so why my reason for moderation is 'Illegal Activities' i've no idea. I mean, i wasnt 'begging' for a website lol. Nor was i providing anything due to the fact i was ASKING for something LEGAL. Okay so i lost no points for the moderation but to be honest i don't care about that. It's the fact that i've been penalised for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Then of course my AOL decides to play games with me and disconnect and mess me around over and over so i have to retype this darn blog again and again. So, I just needed a little rant to calm myself down.... *deep breath*

The moderation thing though... Can anyone justify what's happened here? Or please explain to me better than the Goofspot that decided to moderate me for nothing? If i was a lawyer i'd be suing right now :P Just kidding... I suppose at the end of the day, they make the rules and i just play the game....

Thanks for reading my Blog/Rant.

Comments (if any) appreciated and will be returned.

I feel better now :P......

Q & A with Le-Beave.... Ask me Anything!

I'm sitting here bored of essays and just having a break for a few hours. Decided my last blog was quite long and thought it would make a nice change to have a nice short one where basically you can get involved as much as me. Hopefully this will also appeal to EVERY gamespot member too. So... fire away! I'm open to any questions whether they relate to Gaming, Music, Movies, Pets, Family, Education & Career, Shopping, heck I really don't mind... Just shoot something at me!

Summary of my past Month....

I did a few things recently but heres some of the 'highlights'...

By the way, you will have to excuse the large sizes of some of the pictures.... My bad :( lol... Enjoy the Blog...

1. Gwersyll Llangrannog

So I have been away this past week because I was in West(ish) Wales somewhere at a place called Llangrannog. I was with a few guys from my Welsh class and our duty wasto be 'Swyddogs' or 'Swogs' which really translates as 'Officer'. Myself and about 8 others were there to 'supervise' a bunch of 11 year olds, teach them Welsh, put on a disco, and help them in activities such as Skiing, Tabogganing, Rope & Obstacle courses, Quad Biking, Swimming, Horse Riding and loads more. Of course we were there too, to have fun ourselves. I'm not sure what to make of it. It was long days (Waking up at 8am every moring then doing a shift until about 11 at night was very tiring, but the activities were fun. However nighttimes were all over the place and we seemed to have chips or some form of potato with EVERY meal which gets kinda irritating after a while. But I think overall it was a decent trip.

2. Smackdown vs Raw 2008

Right, I got the new Smackdown game when it was released a week or two back and I got to say I'm really enjoying it. So much so, that i've nearly got 100% on it :D I haven't actually done any Online tag matches or anything done so if you are up for that then holla at me... I'm online for this game on my PS3 just so you know.

3. FIFA 08

I got this game a month or so before Smackdown and had me hooked from the get-go. Improved graphics and they look less cartoony than the demo did too. I'm quite chuffed with this game but have a big beef with the fact it's always making the console crash all the time.... If you want to see how far i am you can visit my profile and see some of the replays of my favourite goals i have scored here: http://www.easportsworld.com/index_enGB.html#profile-120850/LE-BEAVE(PS3)

You can see my progress by scrolling to Acheivements and changing the drop-down menu to 'FIFA on PS3' and they should appear and my best Goals are in a box on the right-hand side of the page under the video category.

4. Resistance

I did some more Resistance with a mate last night. I don't usually play it much anymore because I ended up playing FIFA and then got addicted, now i'm addicted to Smackdown but due to my friend not liking Sports... Resistance was perfect. We collected all the intels and got to the last mission on Co-Op on Hard difficulty :D Who knows if we will ever get around to doing Superhuman Difficulty or doing all the acheivement things though...


I saw a Music Group called STOMP last night at Cardiff's Millenium Centre. They were awesome. In case you don't know them you should check them out on the link below. But they are a group who use percussion etc with random objects and produce amazing shows! Like I saw them using brooms, fire extinguishers, road signs, bins, slapping their chests, carrier bags, cups and even a kitchen sink! Was well worth the money and I can happily reccommend them and would love to see them again was funny too which was good to have some comedy in with the music.....



I worry about my PS3....

I bought it over the internet and don't remember seeing any warranty or return policy for it etc.... I bought it on release too (March 23rd i think that was) and since then it's crashed 4 times..... And for such a sophisticated peice of technology it's worrying for me as i can't afford another..... Anyone else know if theirs or a friends has crashed so often or anything? And whats the best thing to do about that warranty that i havent seen? I bought it at Play.com in case thats any help....

Goodbye Level 20! Hello world! A catchup on my life!

Finally i'm off that darn level 20.... To be honest for the past month i didnt really bother caring about it and only just noticed that i've hit Level 21 just by chance a moment ago... But i'm pleased that i beat the glitch instead of getting fed up and not bothering here... But i couldnt stay away from you people.. you rock!

Plus I haven't blogged here for quite some time so i'll just give you a few little snippets of what's been going down in Beavie-World for the past few months:

1. On 22nd August I passed my Driving Theory test getting 35/35 (needing 30/35 but got 100% anyway :P)in the multiple choice part and 60/74 (needing 44 i think it is) on the Hazard Perception part. So i was ecstatic with that.

2. I also received my AS Level exam results about 2 weeks ago too. I passed them all :D

3. I went away for a week to a place called Builth Wells, went with some mates to something called Flames of Fire. A cool Christian festival thing with some great music and speakers and stuff.

4. I've been playing lots of my friend's Guitar Hero II getting 100% on 4 songs now :D

5. I've been playing some golf even though i was never a big fan of it i'm kinda getting into it... My old man plays loads so i was happy to take 4 holes out of a possible 12 against him :D

6. I did some Karting down at Newport Supakart. It's not cheap but its dead fun. Hitting 45mph and lapping my old man in that was just great. I think that they said the average time of completing a lap was 35seconds and my best lap was 34 seconds so i was pleased with that...

7. I signed up to Facebook (An internet profile site alike MySpace and Bebo) and i've got to say it's my favourite of all of them. So many great applications you can add to play games like from the Atari aswell as join groups with people who enjoy the same things as you and talk to them about it which is fun. I'm really addicted to the site now though and spen

8. I've been doing lots of jamming with my friends/band (friends comes first) so thats good... Plus got a one - on - one personal drumming session with the drummer (Mike Uphill) of an English Christian Rock band called Superhero. The band were really friendly guys and he was really helpful.. he plays drums (duh) and percussion which is also what i enjoy. (I like Drums, Tambourine, Djembe and Synth).

9. I pre-ordered FIFA 08 for my PS3 aswell as buying a Bluetooth Headset for my PS3 too. I also have got a bunch of games im tracking nearly every day for updates cos they look freakin awesome: ROCK BAND, WWE SvR08, MGS4, GTA IV, and i'm intrigued by Singstar too...

10. I recently sold my PSP to GAME stores in return for store credit so now i have a few bob (Money to you americans :P) to spend when a game comes out that i want i can waltz into the store without worrying myself over money.

11. I just spent about £70 on DVD's (cos thats my main passion in my life is movies and therefore collecting DVD's.) So i bought me all these at a bargain:

Scrubs: Series 2
Aeon Flux
Bad Boys (Collectors Edition)
Inside Man
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Nightmare on Elm Street Box Set (7 discs)
X Men Trilogy Box Set (Collectors Edition)
School of Rock (Collectors Edition)
Saving Private Ryan

When you think about it, i bagged myself a bargain here... all that for £70. Thats including Scrubs which RRP's about £20 and the Nightmare and Xmen boxes are probably about £30 each.... Instead i got them for £10 each! You just cant go wrong with 10 DVD discs for £20 right? I'm really pleased with these anyway.

Well that's about it really, a roundup of the past few weeks or even months now of my life.... I thank you all for reading and appreciate any comments you may have too....

Thanks for your time,


Edit: I did try to put some pictures here to show you but it said my HTML is not well-formed so i guess you'll be missing out :( Sorry.

Completion Problems...

Hey guys, I've bitten off a bit more than I can chew once again. I am buying games and moving on to a new one every now and then without completing the others. I got Spiderman 3 Collectors Edition today (PS3) so I want to keep playing that but its a diversion from my others... Here is a list I need to go back over to complete:

Resistance (get all intels & stuff)
Motorstorm (like loadsa races left :P)
Fight Night Round 3 (Finish Career as Featherweight to Welter & Start new as Heavyweight)
Def Jam Icon (re-do 'Build a Label mode' for all unlockables)
FIFA 07 ( PS2 -playing it on PS3 hard-drive)
FIFA 07 (PSP - Remaining Tournaments)
Scarface (PS2)

As you can see I have quite a bit to get through which could take me years given my hectic schedule at the mo. So this blog is kinda just to let you guys know what I am playing & trying to play, plus it's a reminder for myself :D Thanks for reading!