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'Tis the Season.... My Poem.

Yes once again the time has come
for my whole world to come undone,
April is the month i fear
As all my cash has been spent on beer,
And a few more pounds for GTA
But i kinda guess it's worth the pay,
And in some days the exams arrive
lack of knowledge on which i thrive,
but surely when the time will come
I KNOW i'll feel... like a bum,
with no job, money or car
I feel im going not too far,
not even friends can help me now
bursts of sweat upon my brow,
but i guess... i can try at least
i wont get angry... i'll cage the beast,
And all this stress I know the best
so much so... it hurts my chest
So i hope you can wish me the best of luck,
Cos without it... I know i'm f*cked,
And im sorry for my petty rhyme,
But I thank you all... for all your time.

Note - In case that wasn't clear enough i have alot on my plate lately: Jobseeking, Carseeking, Driving Lessons, Ill family, friendship strains, no money, exams approaching extremely quick etc. So i'm letting you know in poem form that i won't be around as much as usual... I hope you enjoy my next Monthly Blog, as it shall be postponed for 2 or 3 months minimum after this months. Thank you for your time.

FYI = I have never written a poem or anything like that before, i just thought it would be something different to have for my Blog, variety is apparently the spice of life so i hope you had fun. Comments appreciated. Diolch. Thanks.

A Hero Is Born

A guitar hero that is. Yes after Harmonix signed a deal with the devil himself at Microsoft to ensure an exclusive Rock Band release on MAY 23rd (further delaying the PS3 release) I jumped ship and picked up a copy of Guitar Hero 3 for my PS3 yesterday. I've only played a few hours and have almost completed the Career mode on 'easy' difficulty. It's such good fun, although it's alot more fun i can imagine with some friends, pizza and drinks in. Nevertheless, it's always enjoyable and i'm looking forward to giving it some 'oomph' online too. I had one try at 'Ruby' on 'Expert' and failed after 6% it's incredibly difficult and i'll show you why by relocating you to some guy's blog, i have the same issue only mine seems slightly worse :( :

Click Me to see why i will fail at being a GH3 Expert.

So, my pinky problem forbids me from hitting the last fret therefore i doubt i will ever be able to acheive my maximum potential on this game, which is a shame.

In other news i HMV sent me my copy of 'I Am Legend' on Blu Ray today - even though i think release is on Monday. Still, im not going to complain! Good service from them on that.

So, with my new game i'm betting i'll find less & less time for CoD, even less time for FIFA and even less time for Revision for my upcoming A Level exams.

Oh well, just thought I'd keep you all up to date with things. Short & Sweet i hope.

Thanks for reading and bye!

EDIT/P.S.: If you would like to see what a real life hero i am then read PJ24s Interview with me, I'm sure we'd both appreciate it, it's a very good read, turned out better than i think we could've imagined! Hot Girls FTW! :p Click here to see it.

Let the Countdown begin....

Just a short blog today to keep me on my toes and something i'm sure almost all of you can relate too. Upcoming Games.

I've pre-ordered my copy of Special Edition GTA IV for ps3. And knowing this will be released in two or three weeks it's making me very excited. But i've also been playing alot of CoD4 which i recently bought and cannot get enough of. So, i'm weary of whether or not i'll be playing it much anymore after April 29th.

Also i'm growing in anticipation of Metal Gear Solid 4, which shall be my first MGS game that i will have pre-ordered and actually looked forward to. I bought MGS2 a few weeks back, but haven't really played it, my ps2 is back collecting dust for the next few weeks i guess.

Finally, Rock Band. I was furious to find out (after about half a year of delays in Europe) that the Euro release on May 23rd will be solely on Xbox 360. Yet again Bill Gates has scr*wed over PS3 users. I just think that there is no respect not only for European gamers who have waited so long, and now they delay the PS3 one... It's incredibly disrespectful and makes me sick. We should be entitled to play games as soon as they are released Worldwide. Thank goodness GTA IV will be a worldwide release. Rockstar may make some sick games... But at least they respect their market.

EDIT = Now with a Price Tag of £180 (pretty much a few bucks short of DOUBLE what the US payed)... This sh*t is beyond the joke...

My FA Cup Wembley Blog Part 2: See you in the Finals... (pics)

As you will have read in Part 1, I went to Wembley (England) to wacth the Semi Finals of the FA Cup (soccer). In the semi final match was Barnsley and Cardiff City. I of course, went supporting the Bluebirds, my hometown of Cardiff. A team that hadn't even reached the Semi Finals since we last won it in 1927... That's 81 years! Now being from Wales.... That's right folks... Not English! Being from Wales I along with most of it's enhabitants have great passion, a great pride in my country. We recently won the Grand Slam and the Triple Crown in the Six Nations (Rugby), our musical talents keep doing well in the music charts, actors or should I say legends being recognised for what they so rightly deserve. It's a proud time for me. So of course queuing for 6 hours in the freezing cold to get a ticket for this match was well worth it.

I left at 7.30am on April 6th in my Dad's car... I managed to fall asleep due to me playing CoD4 online ALL NIGHT (1am to 6am) so lack of sleep caught up with me. When i woke up 45 minutes into my sleep there was SNOW everywhere! I was loving it! We got there early and i'll spare you the details but we parked a while away and got a train into Wembley. We got there... Took a bit of a walk around then followed like a herd of sheep up to the stadium. What a sight!


(Me in front of the stadium).

We walked around looking for entrance A and managed to do a complete 360 :P We went from left to right assuming that going from P backwards would lead us to A, instead it was right next to where we started. But no worries, for I managed to get a quick snap of the famous Bobby Moore statue. Lots of people were shoving to get a picture in front of it, so i had to be quick when getting it done. But here you go...


Then we walked around some more and managed to find a small cafe where I had a cup of tea and a burger. I actually out of sheer luck walked past a car park and saw City player and former Liverpool Legend Robbie Fowler getting out of his car and going to the hotel. Seemed a nice chap but i couldn't speak, i assume the car park must have been restricted access. But i grabbed a picture while I could :)


(He's the one in shorts on a day it snowed lol).

And then I made my way to the stadium... Got in early, got a programme and started getting my voice in tune ready for the chanting. Managed to grab a snap too :P


What a great Stadium, but it can't compare to the Millennium Stadium ;)

The teams came out and we outsung the Barnsley fans and shook the ground with our thunderously loud and passionate chanting. We knew that we were the favourites and we knew that Portsmouth had already qualified for the finals, and after their shady performance the day before, we knew we could take it. The game started City's (Cardiff's) way, we managed to get in their Defence right away but seeing their Goalkeepers performance vs Liverpool I knew he would make things tough for us. Luckily about 9 mins into the first half, we had a throw in which was launched into the box headed on by Hasslebaink i believe and then struck with sheer quality, precision and ****by Welsh International Joe Ledley. We were 1-0 up. The chants came thick and fast "It's Cardiff City, Cardiff City FC, we're the greatest team in football, the world has ever seen" "Bluebirds!" "Sheep Sheep Sheep sh*ggers" "Davey Jones' Barmy Army". But Barnsley weren't out of it yet, they put up a brilliant attack and the goal didn't put them off their task... They took it to Cardiff with hundreds of crosses into the box, Odejayi managed to get through 1 on 1 with our Goalkeeper Enkelman and still managed to scuff the shot wide. Things looked more and more bleak for the reds.

The second half Cardiff began to pick up their form and get on the attack.. The introduction of 17 year old Aaron Ramsey sent half of us nuts, watching a local lad with the future of football at his boots. The attack went from end to end from both teams and on the 90 minute mark... 4 minutes of added time were announced... We were furious... More so when in total that was dragged out to 6 minutes! But we held on and were triumphant.

We are going to meet Portsmouth on May 17th at Wembley Stadium in the FA Cup FINALS! Can we do the unthinkable... A Championship team that hasn't won in 81 years overcome the odds to beat a team in 6th place in the Premier League? You better believe it!

News Of The World... Well, just of Le-Beave...

Let's keep this a nice, brief blog today, therefore in Small Paragraph form!

The Bourne Collection seen in my Monthly Blog has been cancelled :( I instead get the original little Boxset with no goodies :(

I bought Call of Duty 4 for PS3.

Went out Clubbing again last night for a friends Birthday. I spent a total of £30 for the night, including travel & entry & alcohol. Not bad.

Practised some golf (for the first time in over a year) with a friend, now i remember why i gave it up... I'm crap... But i guess i'll stick to what i do best... Table Tennis, Pool, Poker & other Card & Gambling, Badminton, Soccer, Karting, Bowls, Bowling, Extreme Dodgeball (not sport, just local fun... but i'm good :P). So i suppose Golf is just one thing on a small list of things i suck at. And if you include stuff like Air Hockey and Chess as sports... I'm good at those too, oh and Table Football (Foosball).

I'll be back to College in a few days :( And i've done ZERO work over the past 2 weeks off.

My Monthly Blog: March!


I'm hoping to integrate a few more pictures this month but don't want to overdo it, so maybe just pics of the important stuff. So, I hope you enjoy this Monthly Blog, and without further ado, my March...

New Acquisitions

Games Bought:

  • Pre-ordered Special Edition GTA IV for PS3.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2.
  • Dead or Alive 2 (Platinum)
  • Enter the Matrix
  • The Matrix: The Path of Neo

Movies & DVD's Bought:

  • 3:10 to Yuma (Blu-Ray).
  • The Ultimate Bourne Collection.
  • Pre-Ordered: I am Legend (Blu-Ray).
  • Chasing Amy
  • The Pursuit of Happyness
  • The Simpsons Movie

Music Bought:

Got some singles:

  • Rock is Dead - Marilyn Manson
  • Nine in the Afternoon - Panic at the Disco
  • Sleeping Satellite - Tasmin Archer
  • The Big Bang Theory Theme Song - Barenaked Ladies
  • Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine
  • Turn Me On - Kevin Little
  • Get Low - Lil Jon
  • Daddy Wasn't There - Austin Powers
  • Pontypool Front Row - Max Boyce
  • Opposites Attract - Paula Abdul
  • Calm Like a Bomb - Rage Against the Machine
  • I bet that you look good on the dancefloor - Arctic Monkeys
  • Sleeping Awake - POD
  • When you tell me that you love me - Westlife ft Diana Ross
  • Superstar - Lupe Fiasco
  • Naïve - The Kooks
  • Relax, Take it Easy - Mika
  • It's gonna be me - N*Sync
  • Low - Flo Rida ft T Pain.

Random Purchases:

Ø Magazines: EMPIRE & PSM

Ø PS2 to PS3 Memory Card Adapter

Ø 4 New T shirts - A cool Eagle one, a glitter one, a cool Batman one :P and a Scarface one.

Ø Total of £80 on alcohol.

Ø Football (soccer ball) = £3

Ø Trendy White Shirt from River Island (picked out wrong size though ).


Gamespot Progress

Ø 0 Levels (from 25.30 to 25.81) .

Ø No New Emblems.

Ø 6 new friends (up from 274).

Ø Blogs = 6 (including this).

Game Progress:

Started with endless hours of Online play of FIFA08... But let's see how it went as the month progressed....

Ø Played my 300th Offline FIFA match... My record with that is 290 wins.

Ø I decided, well actually had an urge to play Scarface: The World is Yours on my ps2... The quality was poor because it played on my HDTV, but I managed to complete two missions and put me up to 40 missions complete... Leaving me with about 5 or 6 remaining...

Ø DOA - Completed, Hated, Traded back in :P

Ø Metal Gear Solid 2 - Played a few minutes of it and realised immediately that this may be one of, if not the toughest games I shall ever play. We shall see.

Ø Enter the Matrix... Good fun.. I've done quite a lot of this game... Possibly about half way through by now..

Ø The Matrix: Path of Neo... Played about an hour or two on this and thoroughly enjoyed it... All the acrobatics as Neo etc.

Ø FINALLY... Got a chance to play Okami.. I won this in the GS:UK Podcast LAST MARCH!!!! Finally played it... It's very strange, but I'll certainly give it a chance... I just didn't like that I could only seem to Save it every 35 mins or so... So far...

Personal Life

Movies watched:

  • Hairspray
  • Blades of Glory
  • Outlaw
  • The Matrix
  • The Matrix Reloaded
  • The Matrix Revolutions
  • The Departed
  • The Pursuit of Happyness
  • 3:10 to Yuma
  • Chasing Amy (x3)
  • (Jason Statham one)
  • Meet The Spartans
  • First Sunday

TV watched:

  • Skins series 2
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Reaper
  • Jonathan Ross
  • Two & a Half Men
  • South Park

Favourite Song:

Stop & Stare by One Republic.

Favourite Picture:

Favourite Quote:

A short quote this time but a good one in my books nonetheless:

"Sometimes it feels like the world left us behind a long time ago." Clerks II

Favourite Word

This month's word is...


Why choose passion? Largely because of the fact I was filled to the brim with it this month. For my Country as we won the Six Nations, Grand Slam, Triple Crown in Rugby, for my City as we progressed to the Semi-Finals of the FA Cup at Wembley, for my Boxing heroes Enzo Maccarinelli and Joe Calzaghe who fought or prepared to fight. Then there was a song about Wales that made me smile. The passion for my country kept growing. I realised that at that moment of my desperately depressing life, my passion for my country kept me going. My wish is that I can serve her back one day to show my gratitude. Please people; be passionate in all you do.

Best Moment of the Month:

Would be stupid if I didn't say my Birthday Trip to London now wouldn't it? Like I said.. Visit this blog...

Thoughts & Events

1. My Birthday & trip to London... see this this blog.

2. Went out clubbing for the first time where I could get served alcohol. Spent £50 in one night. Was not amused :P L Another £30 the following Thursday.

3. Got ill for a few days. Took some time off college and watched lots of DVDs.

4. Went to Ninian Park to see Cardiff City beat Hull 1-0.

5. Bought Krispy Kreme donuts in London... Were worth killing for... Oh the deliciousness: P

6. Went to the City Centre a few times with friends and had a brilliant time.. One of the best times of my life last Wednesday!

7. Went down to Ninian Park to pick up my ticket to Wembley!!! It meant queuing from 3:30am until approximately 9:15am in the FREEZING cold... See my previous blog if you so wish...

Possible Purchases/Things I considered & Nearly Bought:

Ø Call of Duty 4 for PS3.

That's All Folks!

Thank you all for taking time to read my Monthly Blog, I hope you enjoyed reading about the uneventful events in my life :P

If you've noticed any major mistakes I make, I am now asking you do comment on them so I can improve it in future etc. Thanks!

Comments are, as usual, appreciated and shall be reciprocated (returned), so until next month... That's All Folk's!

My FA Cup Wembley Blog: Part 1 - 'Guess who's going to Wembley!?'

Hello. Today marks the first part of something I have not tried before... A two-part blog. So, here's how I intend this to work... Part 1 shall be about the background etc and the ordeal to attain a ticket to see Cardiff City v Barnsley in the FA Cup Semi Finals at Wembley Stadium. This shall be followed in a week or so by Part 2 which will focus on the journey to England, the Stadium, a match review and anything interesting I can throw in there too... I'm hoping to get some nice photos if possible also. So, without further ado... Part 1 - 'Guess who's going to Wembley!?'.

Hello. Last night I received zero hours of sleep as I waited until 3am to go down to Ninian Park to begin queuing for our tickets for the match. When we arrived there was already approximately 400 people in front of us some in tents, some on deck chairs, sleeping bags etc. I made sure that I was prepared for this as the tickets didn't go on sale until 9am. So, i took my iPod, a camping chair, and wrapped up warm with the essential gloves, scarf, beanie hat, thick jumper and coat etc. But most disappointing is that I knew it would be freezing cold (Welsh weather huh? :P) and wore Thermal socks, yet my feet were the only parts of my body that were cold... That was money well spent.

We stood around watching the night turn to day and watching the hours passed as we shared jokes with fellow 'City' supporters. At about 6am a female steward walked up the queue and we were informed that there was now about 3000 tickets left (rather than the 10,000 we originally thought). With our place in the queue, unless some person was buying an entire Block of Wembley, we were confident we would get our seats. As time passed it did so slower and slower, the final hour was murder.

I must compliment the Club as the organisation inside of the grounds was impeccable, and it wasnt long at all before we found ourselves chanting "Wembley, Wembley, Wembley!" to a BBC cameraman just inches away from the ticket salesmen(and women). We got our tickets at about 9:30 and then went to the Club Shop to find people scrambling over merchandise, thats not a bad thing, yours truly did so too. :P . I managed to nab me a foam FA Cup Wembley thingy and a commemorative FA Cup scarf of the Bluebirds which will be nice to treasure. Why? Possibly because we havent been this far in the FA Cup since 1927 when we last WON it :). So this is possibly a once-in-a-lifetime thing and i'm milking it for all i can, as tickets to the final (provided we make it there) will be impossible to get - no matter how long we queue for.


So, the Road to Wembley has begun and I shall return in a week or so with Part 2 on how the Match went aswell as the journey to & from, any pictures, or anything you might enjoy hearing. I hope you enjoyed reading this... My sleepless hours keeps on increasing... Been about 48 hours now...

Thanks, see you at Wembley :P ;)

I'm finally, genuinely happy... Long time coming too.

I don't usually make two blog posts in one day.... But this is a special occasion. I figure that i am genuinely happy, for the first time in months, possibly going on years. For once my day had NO negative points and i can actually sit around in my house wearing the biggest smile. If i'm honest, i'm so happy I could cry, that is genuine happiness in my eyes (and i was raised by a man who implied it's wrong for men to cry lol). It's almost unexplainable...

I think it's best i give you an overview of things in my life before today (bear in mind im revealing things here that i never have before and probably shouldnt):

  • I have depression (the clinical illness... i aint messing around).
  • Parents recently split & certain members sending death threats to others
  • Grandad contracted Brain cancer a few weeks back, can barely walk or remember people.
  • Friends have betrayed me
  • Got a bigtime crush on someone...
  • Approaching A Level exam = pressure from teachers etc.
  • LOADS of essays & coursework
  • I've been on the tubby side for years so recently tried kicking myself into gear (lost 3 stone and put on some muscle but the constant thinking about what im eating healthily etc is a downer).
  • I'm quite short for my age, in comparison to friends at least
  • mild acne - but its a pain in the ass looking in the mirror ;)
  • and here's the best part.. a FAILED freakin suicide...

BUT FEAR NOT! For today I was happy, I finally received the 'Good' day i deserved. It's been a long time coming too. Here's my day.... 26th March 2008.

  • Woke up and ate leftover Pizza Hut from yesterday & watched a cool film called Cellular i think it is.
  • Went to the bus stop and sat and talked with the only girls in the world who have ever given me a second look :P One of them happens to be the afforementioned crush.
  • Then i was in town my my best friends, had a gorgeous Hot Chocolate & Triple Chocolate Muffin from Costa Coffee.
  • Bought a very nice football for only £3
  • Went to a park with best friends had good fun playing football and frisbee.
  • Almost bought an Xbox 360 and loved having the cash to do so (i didnt though) and then almost CoD4 for ps3.
  • Then bought 4 ps2 games for ONLY £10!!!! See last Blog for more info.
  • Enjoyed a pleasant walk home and saw a stunning rainbow (i'm a big admirer of my environment and cool naturey stuff.
  • Watched England vs France in the football on TV.
  • Managed to un-tangle to billions of dusty cables behind my TV and unplug my broke VCR & unplug my PS2.
  • Set up my ps2 downstairs without any manuals & did it the old fashioned Man way ;)
  • Listening to 'Its Gonna Be Me' by N*Sync - It's upbeat and really helping my current happiness.
  • Soon I intend to cook a fresh pizza and watch my *NEW* Simpsons Movie DVD whilst relaxing with a well-deserved Kronenbourg 1664 (Lager).
  • Now i'm speaking to my best friends on an Instant Messenger and having fun joking around with them whilst listening to happy music.
  • And of course taking comfort in blogging all this and knowing there are people who will take the time to read this and actually care... Thanks! :P ;)

So thats my past and current day. Thanks for reading, gosh i'm soooooo... Happy really isn't the word... Ecstatic!

Thanks for reading... Hope you all find true happiness too!

I gave you my Dirty Little Bargain!

Hey guys, just a short blog for a change.

Today I went out with some friends into City Centre and I bought a Football (needed a good one for weeks) and a muffin & some Hot Chocolate. But my dirty little bargain was this. A section in Gamestation had 4 ps2 games for £10. Now as you know I play PS3, but with the upcoming release of MGS4 and my recent rampage/addiction of The Matrix I thought 'Why not'. I almost went completely crazy and shelled out £50 for Call of Duty 4 for PS3. But in the end decided not to. So the four games I bought and am eager to try out are the following:

  • Enter the Matrix
  • The Matrix: The Path of Neo
  • Metal Gear Solid 2
  • Dead or Alive 2

I almost bought GUN but it was in a 4 for £20 section and couldnt find much reason to buy it really. I havent played any of the afforementioned games neither the original MGS or DOA games but I have been informed that MGS2 is the best of the series & the forthcoming Metal Gear Solid 4 carries of from number 2 which is a good thing right? Well just letting you know theres some good deals around so keep those gaming eyes open guys!

Thanks to all the friendly staff at Gamestation too!

Just a blog....

Just a little blog today to keep you all entertained with recent events in the life of Mr. Beave.

First, I think i'll start with a social section. Since my coming of age my social life has been running rampant. Trips to the pubs, clubs, parties etc. But it took it's toll lately as the lack of sleep and overdose of alcohol put me in bed for a solid day. At first I thought it best to balance it out, but i've made the radical decision to cut alcohol out of my diet completely. Not forever obviously, and maybe not completely :P But i mean, I went out last Thursday, spent £50 on alcohol and weighed half a stone heavier in two days later. It's a silly thing to do considered i've been working hard from January to get fitter, build my stamina & endurance and hopefully get a job in the Navy. So, i've started to get back on track with that from today. Later i'll be off to Rileys to play Pool, but i won't be drinking I can assure you.

Secondly, a sporty section. Somebody once asked me "If you could be anyone in the world, who would it be?" and I replied Christiano Ronaldo. His tremendous finishing and accuracy, speed, agility, skill, not to mention... He's not a bad looking chap and rolling in cash... He was my answer. But lately, my eyes are fixed upon another footballing sensation. That of Liverpool's Fernando Torres. There is no one word to describe how magnificent a player he is. Again, he shows the skill, passion, flexibility, determination, accuracy, and consistancy & intelligence. He has scored 20 goals in his FIRST season for the club. It's unreal. I stand in awe of him and i've really enjoyed watching him play. He's a delight and really makes football the beautiful game that it once was.

Well, that's just some stuff i wanted to get off my chest or whatever. Any comments? You're more than welcome to share....

Diolch yn fawr iawn! (Thank you very much!)