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It's time for farewell my friends... My Final Blog.

Well it's been about 3 or 4 weeks since my last blog and I figured that my life here is kind of dying slowly. So, I thought I would just give you an update or two into things in my life, in what will be one of my last blogs here.

I guess I started my blogs here not realising what it would turn into. I started off with my first blog back in September 2005 with a kind of rant about San Andreas. About how angry the game made me plus a mega-rant about the final mission. I then started blogging every time I levelled up here on Gamespot and my blogs kind of developed more and more into my personal life. And looking back on them, I've noticed a vast improvement in my grammar, typing speed, and that I've made some great friends here on Gamespot.

I suppose the deeper I went with my blogs into my personal life the harder it is to take steps backwards away from it and so I think with this blog I will give you my last few weeks and what I hope to come in my life.

Well my last blog was about The Dark Knight which has quickly become one of my favourite movies and has me almost infatuated with Heath Ledger... Who now ranks highly with my favourite actors... Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, Mark Wahlberg, Clive Owen, Gary Oldman, Jean Reno, and the list could go on and on. So, I have now seen The Dark Knight 5 times; once more and I match my personal best of Small Soldiers in the cinema when I was younger.

The job at the local Cinema is going well, its long hours and pay isn't pretty but getting a payday every fortnight is nice and you can't really argue with free films!

Oh and I almost forgot, yesterday our A Level results were out. Considered I could have tried harder if I were aiming for going to University or something, I am quite pleased with my 3 passes :) But as I said, right now, I'm not interested in going to Uni, when you start earning money Full Time, it's tough to go back to learning and earning less. With my first paycheck I thought I'd treat myself so I bought a limited edition hand-painted 10" Joker figurine... With only 6000 being made and officially licensed this is surely an investment at £80 too. So that was a sort of congratulations to myself, not many people nowadays apply for their first ever job, and get a first ever interview and get the job! I have since bought a new cell phone/mobile phone with my paychecks and about 40 new DVDs in the space of a month :)

In future, I intend to rent a place with my best friend and just have a lot of studentesque fun. Obviously right now I am happy with the money I am earning considered the type of work I do, but will certainly try to further myself into something more suited for my abilities. I don't know what I will be doing with my life as nobody can predict the future, which is scary, but I gotta hope for the best I suppose.

So, I suppose this is goodbye.

It has been a rollercoaster ride over the past 3 years or so but overall it's been a nice outlet for me to spend some free time, chat about some of my favourite things in life.. Games all over the site, films at The DVD Collectors Union, and all things British in the UK Discussion :)

I would like to thank everyone who ever took an interest in my blogs and life, and in some cases for your kind and inspiring words. Thanks to you all and I wish you all the best in whatever you do in your lives.

Much Love...


P.S: Keep on gamin' dudes & dudettes! ;)

The Dark Knight: Sensational. (no spoilers)

Working in a Cinema has it's benefits! I got to see this at a Press Screening TWO DAYS before the Premiere Release!!! So without further ado... My Spolier-Free Review:

Absolutely magnificent. To start with, Heath Ledger has totally eclipsed Jack Nicholson as The Joker - in what has to be his best performance of his short life. He is possibly the best actor around at 'becoming the character' and I think thats clearly shown in his rebel-austrian kid in 10 Things I Hate About You, Cowboy-yank in Brokeback Mountain and now terrifying mastermind criminal The Joker in The Dark Knight. If there isn't an Oscar in the cards for him then the planet simply cannot recognise real talent. But back to the movie itself... Action sequences - While it's intense with powerful soundtrack to pump the blood to your heart faster and faster the actual hand to hand combat is a little slow and can be seen how 'rehearsed' it must have been. But the Special Effects are faultless you really couldn't tell CGI from Real Life. The characters - all brilliant including Aaron Eckhart whom I am not such a fan of bringing an arsenal of acting abilities to the film. Maggie Gyllenhall who replaces Katie Holmes is her usual dull and boring talentless self but all that is really just splitting hairs. The Joker is possibly the best villain in all of the Batman movies and certainly the best of the century so far. Christian Bale, as per usual, puts in a riveting performance and is accompanied by Michael Caine as Alfred with some quirky comments and heart-felt speeches to Mr Wayne. Now this is two and a half hours long so it's not short of action, but what really makes it is the dialogue too. Most notably in the speeches and comments of The Joker who brings some very funny moments to the screen too, after all.... Why So Serious?!?!?!

A Twist of Fate: MAJOR news in my life :)

Well, as you know by now, I sat my A Level exams and left school in search of bettering myself, goals were based around Job, Car, House, Family etc. I have been applying online for a few things just sending CV's to places like BLOCKBUSTER Cineowlrs etc. Well Thursday I took steps a bit further, I went down the Job Centre. I had arranged a meeting to see if I was entitled to Job Seekers Allowance - of course how else am i supposed to live if i have no income and no job etc. and then a woman tried setting up steps to focus me on career goals etc. Her main questions were obviously based on what I want to do with my life. After some deliberation I reeled off a few I would like to do: Photographer, Media based work eg BBC/Cinema, Estate Agents etc. Ultimately she shot me down saying how the UK have like more people with Photography degrees etc than the rest of Europe so I can't do it, and the same with the Media, she said theres too many people doing Media Studies courses which essentially are now meaningless. So she focused on the Estate Agency thing. Anyway, it went well I think.

Then later in the evening of Thursday, I had a few mates round and hosted a 'Games Night'. I hooked up a friends 360 in my living room and left my PS3 in my bedroom so we could alternate and not all crowd in one room. I have to say it was a success, we had a few gatecrashers, but really they livened up the gig :) And cleaning up the next day i was suprised at how much alcohol or more importantly, Pizza we had consumed. And I was amazed to see a Semi drunk self teamed up with a friend who has no consoles at all beat one guy (who is genuinely better than me at FIFA.. i can beat him 1 in 3 times really, and his partner, they both fell to the greatness of myself and my partner pulling off an amazing 3-1 win and i didnt realise i was being recorded so people now have me screaming obscenities and somewhat offensive material on their mobile/cell phones.

Anyway, it was a success, and then Friday morning at about 11am, after most of us gained consciousness (I was already awake as I just pulled an all-nighter), the telephone rang. "Hello, may I please speak to Mr Steve Matthews" to which I replied "Yes, this is he". "Sorry to call at such short notice, but we received your CV online, and we were wondering if you would be available for a job interview with us at 7pm tonight at Cineworld." I was gobsmacked, I really did not expect this at all. So, the day went on and my nerves got the better of me - This was my first ever job interview. I struggled with one or two questions and had to have a glass of water, but the questions I was ok with I would answer genuinely, honestly and the best I could. My blogs don't really reflect that, but I am actually quite a well-spoken person. So, I thought it went quite well.

When I returned home I hung out with friends for a bit more with even more pizza and drinks and sat to watch a film called Farce of the Penguins with voice-overs from lots of B Listers and narrated by the legendary Samuel L Jackson. Well, half way through this film, at approximately 10.10pm, I received another phone call. "Hello, is this Steve Matthews?" It is indeed :) "This is cineworld calling and if you are interested we would like to offer you a position with our company" I was just so shocked, at how fast this was all happening, I'd never had an interview before, and 2 hours later I had the job! I will be starting Sunday (tommorrow) for my training days so I'll see how that goes.

So, thank you for reading, I just thought I would keep you all up to date with my life's events, and this is a major step forward for me and I think it will be nice with coleagues and earning myself some money too :)

Thank you for reading :)

Blog Ideas, a Tribute, and a Crush.

Well, if wanted to make a few fresh blogs lately but im finding it tough to think of anything to say, after all, I am really not doing anything lately, just job hunting and playing games. So, the main reason for this blog, and I know this is kinda weird, but I was wondering if there was anything you guys wanted me to blog about? Just any ideas? I think it might be an idea just for something out of the old routine and going by what you wanted to see.

Like I said, I was struggling for things to say, so i'll just give you an update - I've got a few parties coming up... A few friends turning 18 so i'll be out drinking again... Then there's the Prom on thursday for leaving College.

In other news - I've taken quite an obsession to two people lately. One, a Welsh-born actor (yay) Christian Bale. I love his movies and his ability to become each character... Im looking forward to watching American Psycho and Equilibrium sometime, i really enjoyed other movies like Batman Begins, 3:10 to Yuma, The Prestige, The Machinist and others. Christian Bale, the legend... I salute you!

The other person who I have grown especially fond of, is Billie Piper. She hit the music scene at the age of 15 with 3 no.1 hit singles and released two albums. She later went on to acting where she is probably most notable for playing Rose Tyler in the new series of Doctor Who. And perhaps more recently, the star of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (I saw the first episode and really need to see the rest). So, I've been listening to her old music which is really fun, it's very pop-esque but it's cheery and always got for those on a down day. Then, I started watching Doctor Who and I think it's safe to say I have a schoolboy crush. Still... She's only 26, I'm 18.... what are my chances? :P

What's Occuring?

Well, a few more days have passed since I promised you, my friends, a greater activity on my part in blogging and just being around the site. So, I was thinking what to say today and thought since my previous blog was announcing my return and giving my hopes for the future, I figured it might be worthwhile in taking a look at the past. The recent past, that is.

So, what has been occuring recently in the life of Steve Le Beave? Let's take a look...

Obviously leaving school and the A Level exams.
My PC's graphics card overloaded and died preventing my PC from working for a good week or two.
The house is being decorated :).
Myself and a best bud decided to get good jobs and rent a place together.
Since exams ended, played alot more games e.g:
FIFA up to 89%.
Guitar Hero - now playing on Medium difficulty, averaging 4 or 5 stars, will never play Hard though.
CoD - Got to rank 51 Online, but have been getting urges to play Campaign again.
Applied for a few jobs, however no repsonses as of yet.
Been going Music Mad, listening to my iPod & iTunes almost every hour of the day.
Got a suit for my Prom.

Yeah, all in all, things are going quite well lately. Sure every now and then there's a speedbump in the road whether thats lack of cash preventing me going out, or any other reason, ultimately, I'm thinking of a quote from a movie called Harold & Kumar Go Get The Munchies (or Go To Whitecastle - for my transatlantic cousins in the USA ;)):

"The Universe tends to unfold as it should".

Looking at things with a sort of happy-go-lucky attitude in recent times seems to be working well for me so i suggest you try it! :)

Thanks for reading guys and gals!

I'm BACK! and I WILL be better than ever folks!


It's been a good month or so now but I am back. I spent some time away trying to find what to do with my life etc as I leave College. Well, as you know I had my A Level exams, which i finished my last one about an hour ago and it went brilliantly so I have ended them on a high note :) Overall they went quite well and I took your advice to gear my butt in gear to revise too. Thanks! Out of all of them, there was only one exam which was a abit 'meh', but i suppose that is bound to happen.

Anyway, now I am free of Education, and out into the wild. So, I now plan on getting a job, a flat with a friend and enjoy my remaining years of youth. My fitness plan went kaput as the exams approached but now I plan on getting back on track with that... Get that six-pack we all love so much ;) Anyway, I was never happy in School and College, so now I am 'turning over a new leaf', and going to break free of the depression and boredom and malarky which came with that, and just enjoy myself.

I hope to get back into my blogging and to pay greater interest into yours too.

Thanks guys, it's good to be back :)

The end of an era.. Or what I believe is my new beginning...

Friday (tommorrow) is my last ever schoolday... At 16 i decided to stay on to Sixth-Form (college) to study for two more years and get some A Level Qualifications. Wow, that was two years ago now huh. Well time has flown by, and it's my last day tommorrow, but while people are calling it the end of an era and getting all upset and emotional, im looking to be the only person who is optimistic (for possibly the first time ever). I hated every last minute of school and education. The endless hours of homework, essays, coursework, relentless teachers, and people who call you their 'friends' yet stab you in the back at the drop of a hat. It all ends tommorrow. Sure, you are probably reading this thinking i sounds like i am going in with a machine gun and wasting everyone, I probably am like that as I have just hit the last mission on GTA, but lets stick to the point.

I've never been so terrified in all my life.. Nothing i am pressured to go to.. After pretty much being forced to attend for 13 or 14 years... I am free I guess. But it's scary... I've mentioned before people are afraid of spiders and snakes and heights.. My only fear is not knowing what the future holds... And in this situation i've never been so excited yet terrified at the same time. Sure, it all ends tommorrow, but i will have to actually sit my exams in the next few weeks, and what then? Full time job? Car? House? Family? The whole life shaboodle? Hopefully. Well i'm probably not making too much sense right now and i'm sure this is the worst presented blog i've ever made.

Anyway, i just thought it was worth blogging about. Thoughts and feelings and advice appreciated...

Not Revising For My A-Level Exams

I know almost everyone has already started their revision, but I just can't or maybe more accurately.. wont. I don't know why, but i've never been good at getting my brain in the right mind-set to do it, and i know people say these are the most important exams of my life but that just makes me want to put it off more (dont ask why - I don't know). So, any advice you can give me to help get my butt in gear?

In other news - I am really getting into GTA IV now and am probably nearing the end.... I've taken my time with it as I don't need to worry about 360 acheivements as I'm playing PS3. A great game :)

If you want to say or ask anything then feel free to comment...

Wow, it's been an eventful week! (A Monthly Blog Substitute)

Since my Monthly Blog went a tad pear-shaped, i think my eventful week shall have to substitute for that. So, let me briefly sum-up what went down this week. Then if you have the time, i wil go into them in more detail further on.

  • I had a Welsh A Level Speaking Exam. It went well :)
  • GTA - Played some missions and now im stuck on two very similar ones.
  • Got back on the old FIFA... Feeding my Challenges addiction again :(
  • Did a Camera Challenge (explained further on), and it was a great bonding and fun day (probably one of the best days of my life).
  • Went to see Cardiff City FC play Barnsley in the final match of the season (final league match at least).
  • Discovered the most amazing song ever, sure, it's cheesy but if you're like me then its such a good Theme Song for my life.
  • Dilemna: Two parties, one night.
  • Last night - Sixth Form Party Finale: The end of an era. Got drunk and realised some things.
  • Today.. ill :(
  • Realisations and My Future


Well, as you know i am extremely passionate about my country and any of you who actually know the Welsh language will know how beautiful it can sound and that's why we have some of history's most beautiful literature. So, I decided to take Welsh as an A Level (and im first language English so it doesnt really come naturally). Anyway, we (myself and buddy Mike) had to speak with an examiner for 45 mins on Theatre, Film, TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazines, the play Siawn by Saunders Lewis and answer a Synoptic question (could be anything so we couldnt prepare for it). Anyway, i must say the examiner lady was a lovely lady and made us very comfortable. It went well and the Synoptic turned out to be on Love & Marriage - which i was quite comfortable talking about, I even managed to crack off a little joke too :P


Well i've played through a little bit and I don't like rushing nor playing it too much because i find failing the missions drives me mad. So, now i'm stuck on The Snow Storm and Final Interview. Both are very similar and frustrating. So, maybe i'll give them a go later... It makes the missions fifty times harder when it's nighttime too because i can't see anything!


Had a friend around who got me playing this again. I am at about 83% complete... Even though the real aim for these games is fun... I just figured 'why not?'. So i've gone back to do the Challenges which almost gave me a heart attack last time... ish me luck!

Camera Challenge

Right, the objective is to be in a group of 5 people and you are given a set of pictures that have to be taken around the City. There's about 25 pictures to take each with a different challenge, for example: 'Pretend to be an aeroplane outside Top Gun Fish Shop', 'Have a team member jump a river', have a team member get a bucket of water poured all over them', 'have a group photo on a see-saw', 'get a piggyback from a stranger' etc. So we did this on Monday from about 10am to 5pm and it was amazing. My group consisted of myself, best mates Mike and Daz, and awesome girls Rach n Elle. It truly was one of the best days of my life. So much fun, just joking around and spending time with some of my fave peeps. When we got the pics developed and rushed to Megabowl to see if we had won (there were about 5 other teams competing), it went down to a tie breaker worth 20 points. The tie-breaker was this - 3 team members eat an entire pack of the worlds spiciest chillis, first team to do so, wins. However, as only myself and Mike were willing to take on for the team, it was 3-on-2. Inevitably we lost my one chilli. It took me about an hour for the pain to go away and 8 bottles of Fruit Shoot and a heck lotta water. I would put pics up of the actual Camera Challenge, but my friends might not appreciate it.

Cardiff Match vs Barnsley

It was a good match which we comfortably won 3-0 i think. A good way to end the season.. Now we set our sights on Wembley.


I was bored and whilst eating a pizza 3 days ago I asked my sister if she happened to have any DVD's i hadn't watched. So, i ended up watching John Tucker Must Die. It was cheesy and i won't go into detail but overall i gave it 3./5 But there was one moment in the movie where John kisses the main girl in the film and the sprinklers in her garden come on and they get wet and basically she runs indoors and he stands there smiling as the moment was interupted. A song came on. It was Just the Girl by The Click Five.


Like i said, two parties in one night. I'm torn and don't know what to do... Any thoughts?

The end of an era

Last night was the Final Sixth-Form (College) party we will have as Students at the school i go to. I don't usually go too often but figured 'why not, i'm 18 and can legally drink, and after all, its the end of an era'. So I went and realised I had not eaten i well over 24 hours so I rushed to Sainsbury's to buy a sandwhich and minutes later I started drinking. After the first 45 mins of the party i had only had about 4 drinks and was already feeling the effects of having not properly digested my food. I kept on drinking as the night went on and even bought a drink for someone i kinda like :) Although she dismissed it really, well, said thanks but really thought nothing of it if you know what i mean. I got pretty bad by the end of the night and have been finding pictures on Facebook and thinking 'when the heck ws that!?'. I remember getting the DJ to play Mr. Brightside by The Killers which was awesome. And also went crazy with my friend screaming 'que sera sera'. Oh and even made a Lil Jon shoutfest catch on as we were being kicked out at about 1.30am, we all went screaming 'WHAT!? YEAH! OKAY!'. Was quality. I saw my best friend kiss the girl he has been after for a while. and I enjoyed a good 40 crawl back to my house ;)

Sick Day

But today it all caught up with me. Sleepless nights, lots of alcohol, no food in my system. All caught up with me and i have been 'ill' all morning. I managed to make it to College for one lesson, but ran home because i could feel it coming if you know what i mean.

Realisations & The Future

Yes, once again my mind is running rampant. So many thoughts flying through and I really don't know where to begin. But I had a few ideas before starting this Blog and this was to be the main bulk of it, but as I left it for last I have now forgotten what i was going to say. But i've just been having thoughts about my future... We leave College in less than a month. I'm not going to Uni so i suppose a Job will have to be looked for. Thinking about getting a Car and looking into all that. Thinking about friends, family and relationships. Thinking about my money or the lack thereof. Thinking about happiness and my future. I made a Video on my Playstation Eye a few weeks back when i was feeling a bit depressed and named it 'My Depression Confession' and said that the only thing I am afraid of in this life, is not knowing what the future holds. Or how i can shape my own destiny. If there is such a thing.

So, I just want to thank you for reading this and i greatly appreciate any comments and/or advice you may have for me. Thanks!

Monthly Blog: April

Unfortunately, I typed out my Monthly Blog, and even though it contained to expletives etc. I repeatedly received the message 'One or more words within your message were automatically censored'. I have read the blog about 15 times and in honesty... I'm pretty sick of it. There is nothing wrong with it, yet GS continually refrain me from posting it. I've contacted the Technical Support Board but nothing has been done yet... I'll Edit & Add my Blog in here sometime if I get a chance....

If it isn't possible then i'm sorry for this guys. But regulars to my blog will already know this was to be my last Monthly Blog for about 2 or 3 months as I have A Level Exams and other things to sort out. I did plan on giving something special but, unfortunately, that's not possible. Maybe next time.

My apologies and Thank You.