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OnLive: The Future of Video Gaming?

OnLive promises to change the way we game by requiring no heavy-duty consoles or gaming rigs in the future, just a simple box and high-speed internet connection. The brainchild of Rearden Studios founder Steve Perlman, formerly of Atari, Apple, WebTV and more, and Mike McGarvey, formerly of Eidos, the technology looks to revolutionize the way computer games are brought home. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on the latest video game hardware that will make games like Crysis playable at nearly maxed settings, let OnLive's servers handle the processing. All that's required is a low cost "micro console" or a low end PC and a broadband internet connection. Using patented video compression in tandem with algorithms that compensate for lag, jitter and packet loss, OnLive delivers video at up to 720p resolution at frame rates up to 60 frames per second. Of course, the quality of the video feed relies on your connection. Well not bad. I'm really curious to see how this plays out. And by curious I mean bi-curious.

Whats with the horror games?! i miss them

some of you remember the good days when we were playing alone in our dark room, a really creepy game, those kind of games that made us feel uneasy during the hole time. those were good times for horror, but now, there's not a lot of horror games out and some of them aren't that good, and on top of that, franchises that once gave life to some of the best survival-horror games as Silent Hill, Resident Evil or even Alone in the Dark, i considered them out of the horror business, at least by now. you guys cant tell me that is the same as before cause it would be a lie, horror games are not strong enough and they should!! one game that i appreciate is Dead Space, is an awesome survival-horror, and as a Resident Evil fan i think the RE franchise should learn something from EA, is nice that RE has taken a more action like game-play (i enjoyed both RE4 and RE5), but i think is enough, lets get back to the scary jump and stuff, i think players would appreciate some new ideas for horror games, more original ideas or maybe not that original but imagination is what the makers need. i mean whats with the horror game?!