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    Brad Bird's A Genius!!!!

    Ok yesterday i receive my 5-years-old cousin Lana (in reality i had to babysit her along with Jules do to the fact their parent wanna had a theatre night only for them and MY parents - i understand an...

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    Bay is funny honestly i like the guy and his movies ni mean Bay is like "Dont Ask, Dont Tell..." but Shyamalan is the worst director ive ever seen i think, if im not wrong, that the only good movie h...

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    Garvity + Carrie + Captain Phillips!!!! (Im Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Ok ive been gone for a while but now im back!!!!I had a lot of things to do like Hospital board reviews, NEW med school candidates, new staff, blah blah blah vacations included!!!!Now im back and i we...

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    Im Back!!! WTF?!?!? New Gamespot Structure?!?!?! Hi Im back sorry i was out for a while i wrote an e-mail for yah explaining every reason of mi absent but im back now!!! New stories coming soon!!!!