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Puppy loves just cause 2

We got a new puppy on Saturday, and as if that was not cute enough, he sits and stares at the screen whenever people start to talk. It is making me watch every cut scene I come to, just to watch him checking them out :D

July-November Success

Been a few months - Got sucked into gaming again, got all the achievements in Last Remnant, and Fallout 3, then Dead Rising. Took its time though.

Also managed to get a job in EB Games, freakin sweet. Now I just need to find the perfect balance of Work, Study and Games.

Mass Effect 2 is my current project, Insanity mode, is taxing in some parts, and easy as in others. Should be finished soon though, then I'll shoot for 1000 in Enchanted Arms :D

Hooked again!

The Last Remnant has me hooked.

There is a great sense of accomplishment I get from this game when doing everything at a low BR.
For example, last night I beat Ymir in the ancient ruins at BR 30, the battle took me nearly an hour, it was epic. I got weapon recipe 63, an ore, and then a Ymir to split for more goodies.

This morning I tackled a Rockgrater and it SUCKED. By it I mean 'I'. It took me half an hour and one of my soldiers died just before I won. *angry face*

If I can get this game 1000'd before Civ 5 comes out, I may go outside, to work, or see family and friends. If not, they will just have to wait. The day I get a job that has anything to do with gaming, I will be a happy man. :D


I lied, the shame. I jumped straight intoFallout 3 on the PC, and The Last Remnant on Xbox - playing whichever is available.
My goal is to finishtheir achievementsby the time I get Civ 5, because onceI have that, no other game will get a look in for months.

My final fantasy

I have to say, that overall, FF13 was my least favourite FF of all time. However, I do now have 1000/1000, and immediately uninstalled it from my HDD. I think I am over the Xbox for the time being, I feel achievements may have ruined the game for me a bit. I have pulled out Last Remnant for future use, maybe in a few weeks. On to the PC though, I just reinstalled AoE3 TWC and TAD. But then got distracted by Plants vs Zombies. Obviously after getting 1000/1000 on Final Fantasy and Lost Odyssey one after the other, every other game is now more appealing... Just no more RPGs... For a little while at least. :D

Nearly finished

I am now coming to the end of my FFXIII experience - and an overall bland one at that.
I am only a few thousand CP away from my max crystarium, and then it is just grinding the final few trapz for upgrades and killing that 'heavyweight of the lower wilds' or whatever it was.

Planning to 1000/1000 my Last Remnant after that, I like to mix a new release with an old one. And FF WAS new whenI started it. I only play a half hour or so before, and then another half after work each day, so progress is SLOOOW.

I must say though, I have played a little of Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands on the DS, very fun and addicting game. HA!

Ahhh, back to work....