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Top 10 overrated games on PS3 in MY Opinion

SO I'm gonna write about top 10 overrated games for ps3 in MY opinion. If somebody feels offended, sorry, that's only my point of view.

1. God of War 1,3

The main character is the main factor, why I dislike God of War. I can't show any sympathy to someone like that. He 's sadistic and mindless behaviour only shows, that he deserved what has happened to him. His description as Tragic Hero has no place in franchise, since his only pation is to cut everything's that moves.

I don't know, why first game was so great. It was pretty boring with overall 4 Bosses, one of them being only enemy variation. SO nothing great about it, in my opinion.

Third game...well... they spend 3 Years to make it, and in the end, there is nothing new in it. The only cool looking boss is Poseidon, all others were already seen in 1/2 part. So in the end there is almost no new designs of enemies/bosses. Compared to 2 part it was pretty unimpressive. Even last boss, who should be epic, was practically the same.

2. Assassin's Creed (both)

Those games may be interesting for some ancient history lovers, but for me they were just boring. First game had only 4 missions variations, unclear plot and strange ending. Second game made everything's worse. C' mon, aliens who created humans, hello?! How stupid can it be? It was already used in dozens of other games, and now they included it in the game, as some new and fresh idea. The characters hav interesting background, but no realisation in game. They just mindless drones there to kill. So I have no slightest idea, why this game has such fame.

3. Super Street Fighter IV

Main point of critic: it has absolutely nothing new in the gameplay. Yeah, it introduced new characters, but that's it. Gameplay in SF is far from perfect. Most of characters can be used the same way, aside from special moves. Story hasn't developed at all. Cutscenes are looking much, much worse as in SF IV. And there is no gallery, to rewatch them. In the end new characters could have been only DLC, and not separate game.

The game is not making it worth to purchase it twice. You could either have first or second. But owning both? Hmm...That's something I won't do. Only if you have to much free money. Otherwise I suggest buying Blazblue. It's much fresher in both gameplay and story

4. F.E.A.R. 2

The game is terrible. An I mean it! I hoped for FPS Horror Action, but in the end it just mindless shooter, where you're shooting at similar looking soldiers, from time to time encountering RING wannabe. You have to WAIT for the moments that COULD scare you. Sorry, but that's no horror. It's just shooter. Nothing more to say about it.

5. Singularity

The game is pretty much Bioshock wannabe. Aside from cool time changing effects, it just mindless shooter. Story itself is terrible. How long plot will be about bad russians, with their bad experiments and world domination. Can creators think about something new? Nah...They have to made something so primitive as this game, without giving much thought about plot.

6. Star Ocean

I played first part on PSP , and pretty much most of the other games from tri-Ace and enjoyed them. But THIS was disaster. Last Hope has weak story and weak characters. Most characters behaviour is just plain silly. Maybe they though it would be funny and appealing, but in the end it looks just dumb.

Characters are shifting, between pathos and dumb jokes. Most enemies are dumb-looking and mindless. You can foretell the whole plot, about half-way through the game. I think of the game as one of the last fossils of standart RPGs. It can't nearly live to the glory of originals as Xenogears, Chrono Cross and s.o.

7. Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands

I liked first trilogy. First Prince of Persia on ps3 was also cool. But that game ruined everything. Gameplay is just rip-off the first game. Enemy design remained in the 8-bit Era. The game has only ONE evil boss, that you have to defeat THREE times. So the whole game, you just jump and run, the same way you did in last three games. What the point to do something lke that? You could just play Warrior Within or Two Thrones, but receive much more pleasure.

8. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1

I must admit second game is really cool. But first game isn't nearly as good. It has very weak design of enemies, plus really broken plot. In the end I couldn't say, why our ninja done all that. Like all ninja games, it pretty hard, but because of the weak plot, I'm not sure it worth all the suffering.

Main villain appears out of blue, without any explanations. The same happens almost with all villains in the game. Levels has no tie-in. If you gather all of that, you're gonna receive average slasher, not nearly as good as DMC or other games of it genres. Plus blood splatters flying around the walls are looking hilarious.

9. Soul Calibur IV

It was huge disappointment for me. It's completely online focused game. At this it's really great. But storywise, it fails. Most characters only have some goofy endings without any sense. Story itself is terribly short and unremarking. The only mode worth playing is tower.

Another bad thing is guest characters, and I mean Star War's one. Darth Vader, was maybe scary guy, around 20 years ago, but now he can only make me laugh, especially with his "menacing" music. His apprentice has very unremarkable design and no personality whatsoever. New characters were pretty good (Algol and Hilda), but as boss Algol is not living up to his predecessors, such as Abyss and Night Terror.

Overall it could be a good game, but it wasn't developed enough.

10. Bioshock 2

Well, it's not exactly bad game. It just lacks something new. It looks almost as part of the first one. The only really impressive thing was huge tank mutant. All other characters are become much weaker as psychotic maniacs from the first one. The most remarkable moment was to play as Little Sister. It was really unique experience. Everything's else in terms of background remained the same. Still it has solid plot and psychological aspects. So can't say it was bad game. It just wasn't as good as first one.