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Update on My Life

Since I'm a procrastinator, here's my current update on life. I should really be studying for my exams (math tomorrow, French and English on Friday) but all well. So I broke up with my boyfriend Adam about 2 weeks ago. We're still really great friends so it all worked out and I'm happy for it because he's too great of a guy for me to hate. Anyways today at lunch I was hanging out with my friend Jason. We've been hanging for a while now so we've gotten pretty close. Well at lunch, a friend of mine came up to us and asked Jason to ask me out and get it over with. In the most casual way he turned to me and said will you go out with me? And my simple reply was yes. See? Very casual. I'm still laughing about it but we were already kinda going out, especially since everyone already thought that we were :P. The only thing that's bothering me it the fact that Adam, whenever he sees me and Jason together, he gets like a sad face and I feel guilty cause they're like really good friends. I don't want things to be awkward around him :(. I don't know, maybe he'll get over it, maybe not. I just hope we stay friends.

Hmm I think that's it really, nothing else comes to mind.

The End