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My Newest Obsession...

Aha, I'm now obsessed with Flyff ♥ If it wasn't for my friend Jason then I would have never discovered the joys of Flyff :lol:. Seriously, its pretty cool for a free game and is very addicting. If you check it out then remember this: My name is XxKyokoxX, in server Aibatt 2-2 :P.

Update on my Gaming Life

        Well first of all, I'm now a level 10: Phoenix Down! It seems kind of suiting since I love Final Fantasy games. I ended up not purchasing the PS3, I honestly don't remember why but I'm fine with it. I still like my PS2 a lot though. But in some strange occurrence I now have the Wii console (my mom randomly bought it for me). I have to say, it's actually a lot of fun! Even older generation gamers can play it. I remember my father getting annoyed when we played Halo 2 because he wasn't used to pushing so many buttons since he only used to play NES. He enjoys Wii sports a lot, especially because it really makes you sweat. It's fitness disguised as a game:lol:. Also I've been playing Twilight Princess and Final Fantasy XII and I'm enjoying them very much so far. My Xbox 360 on the other hand is still broken kinda. Everything works except for the disc reader. I can go to the dashboard, play demos, listen to music and play videos but I can't play games :(. Aha! Maybe that's why my mom bought me the Wii!! I just thought of that now. Well I guess that's it about my gaming life, at least I think so, for now anyway.

Till my next post, See Ya!

Okay so not every guy

In addition to my previous post:

Yes not all guys are that bad, there are some sweet ones but they're way harder to find. The guy who confessed he liked me is now totally obsessed with me even though I told him I had no feelings for him. It's sad and somewhat annoying:(. I also found out the guy I like likes me too but I honestly don't feel like dating anyone at this time because of school so I feel really bad about it. I'm proud to say that my midterm marks were quite surprising, especially since I'm getting:
Math-79...I'll have to bring that one up
Civics/Careers-75 (boring class that I skip a lot)

Not too brag or anything but I'm pretty proud of my marks considering I was failing English and Math last year.

Guys are just too frustrating!!

Though this is different from my usual blog entries, I don't care. I needed some way to vent my feelings so I'm using gamespot. Why are guys so difficult? They make your life so confusing when you don't need the extra stress.

This is my situation:
1. broke up with my boyfriend like 3 weeks ago and he got pissed. Out of jealousy, he's been getting into physical fights with my friend Matt.

2. The entire football team found out who I like because of one idiot who eavesdropped.

3. A boy I barely know confessed that he's liked me since the middle of last year ( keep in mind that I didn't even know his name until about a month ago).

4. There's a really annoying grade 12 who's trying to get a date with me by basically trying to talk me to death :(.

5. This one really takes the cake but I now have my own personal stalker, yipee! This boy whom I've met once or twice waits for me outside of classes and sometimes follows me to my locker :?.

I'm honestly not making any of this up. It's not popularity, it's annoying! Boys are just plain weird and there's no helping them.

Btw I just wanted to add that I'm now level 9, Ikari Warrior!

360 Broke

My brother broke my Xbox 360 :evil: and I'm really hating him right now for it. It's completely fried and I may have to buy a new one using my money saved for my PS3 :cry:. I'll just continue playing my PS2 I guess:).

New Banner, Comment please!

Decided to create a new Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children banner. It's probably not as good as most people's banners but I'm still learning to use Photoshop :oops: but go ahead and comment, tips are also appreciated :)

Tenchu for 360

Yesterday I played the Tenchu demo for Xbox 360. It's awesome, I hope it comes out in North America! I'm going to be the first to buy  it.

Just Made Mod ^_^

I was chosen as a mod for The Gundam And Mecha Union. Hope I don't let them down... Anyone who reads this, come check it out, it's an awesome Union. We always welcome new members!
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