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Guess what? I'M BACK!!!

Yes now that summer is here so am I. My life's not as busy right now so I'll try to spend my freetime here at GS. So I just want to say hi to all my friends and unions, again sorry for leaving but now I'll make up for it :). I'll do a life update later on when I have more time. I hope someone will be nice enough to update me on all the changes as well:P.


So This Is Goodbye....

Sorry but this is a temporary goodbye to all my friends and unions here on GS. I think everyone already thought I was gone since I don't even go on gamespot anymore. Today was like a 'did anyone notice' kind of thing and ya they didn't. To be honest, with my social and school life, I just don't have the leisure time for stuff like this. Also I have university/collage prep to attend to, my sports and whatnot. Another thing, since I'm leaving, I'm resigning as leader from my union the JPEU so if anyone is interested in the position PM me or go HERE. So I guess this is goodbye. However, I won't be leaving just yet until I find a replacement:P. Once in a while I'll return to GS like I did today. Again sorry everyone...


I'm back!!!!

Well the title says it all, I'm back if anyone missed me though I doubt it :P. I would've been back sooner but I've been on vacation seeings how it's summer and all. And yes so far it's been a great summer. Well that's all I guess.


Leave of Absence

Recently my uncle died of lung cancer and I feel I'm really not in the state to be on GS and such. We were really close and I just never realised how sick he actually was until now. I haven't been on GS for a while because of other factors but I'd just like to say sorry to all my friends, unions and the JPEU. Also I believe the Final Battle has begun again, sorry to everyone participating, yet again I'm useless. I'm just going through one of those bad bumps in the road and now my uncle dies right before exams. I haven't got much sleep lately but luckily my exams have been rescheduled for me. Again sorry everyone. I hope to be on after this is all over and I buy a steamroller to flatten all the bumps on the road:P.


Sweet 16!!!!!!!!!

I've been really busy for the past few weeks but I just dropped in to say that today, April the 23rd, is my SWEET 16!!! I got a 30G Zen and lots of money, I didn't want anything else. Sorry to all my unions and the participants in the FB, I've been going through some really stupid sh!t lately. I may write about in another post when I'm not busy. Yep that's about it, Peace!



  My comm tech teacher has entered me in my school's skills competition. I'm in the graphic design competition meaning using photoshop. The only thing is, I'm only a novice with photoshop but my teacher thinks I'm great:P. I was wondering if anyone could help me with photoshop techniques and such. Last year's task was to create a poster but I'm not sure about this year. If I win the school competition, I go on to provincial, then national and finally the world competition. I doubt I'll get far but I hope to at least move on to provincials. So please if anyone can help me then it would be much appreciated :). I want to go into a career in graphic design, so this competition could really help me out. 


Update on My Life

Since I'm a procrastinator, here's my current update on life. I should really be studying for my exams (math tomorrow, French and English on Friday) but all well. So I broke up with my boyfriend Adam about 2 weeks ago. We're still really great friends so it all worked out and I'm happy for it because he's too great of a guy for me to hate. Anyways today at lunch I was hanging out with my friend Jason. We've been hanging for a while now so we've gotten pretty close. Well at lunch, a friend of mine came up to us and asked Jason to ask me out and get it over with. In the most casual way he turned to me and said will you go out with me? And my simple reply was yes. See? Very casual. I'm still laughing about it but we were already kinda going out, especially since everyone already thought that we were :P. The only thing that's bothering me it the fact that Adam, whenever he sees me and Jason together, he gets like a sad face and I feel guilty cause they're like really good friends. I don't want things to be awkward around him :(. I don't know, maybe he'll get over it, maybe not. I just hope we stay friends.

Hmm I think that's it really, nothing else comes to mind.

The End


WTF is going on?

So um ya MSN isn't working right now, it's not letting messages be sent or be recieved by myself or any of my friends. It's really starting to piss me off. Anyone else who has MSN, is this happening to you too?

EDIT: K it's working now but man  that was annoying.

Since Everyone Is Asking....

This is what I got for Christmas~


all-in-one printer =
money--total of $420
silk pijamas
Sony flat panel t.v.
pack of CD-R's
gift certificates for:
The Bay :?
 New Xbox 360*
Final Fantasy 3 (DS)
Harvest Moon DS
Valkyrie Profile 2 (PS2)
Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2)
Okami (PS2)
COD 3 (PS2)
♥♥Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children special edition (DVD)♥♥
Sabriel Trilogy

God I'm such a spoiled ass child...:lol:

* Technically didn't get it for Christmas
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