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I hate technology

Just when I thought I could resume my online social life BOOM battery on the laptop kicked the bucket and I had to wait for a replacement.  When I called and ordered said replacement they said I'd have it within a couple days.....which eventually turned into a freakin week and a half but yea I'm back now so woo hoo and what not :)

Lost in Oblivion

I wannna apologize to my friends for pulling y6et another disappearing act.  It was not entirely intentional.  Part of it was dealing with drama here another part was making the mistake of biuying Edler Scrolls Oblivion for the PC lol

who says a gaming site can't help you with something other than gaming

I've been a member of GS for several years but only in the last few months have I actually become an active part of the "community".  In that short time I've had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with quite few really cool people who I may never have met otherwise and I'm glad for that.  What I never saw coming was the possibilty that GS would reunite me an old friend that I had  lost touch with. 

Well that's exactly what happened!  I logged in  friday and saw I had a new message in my box.  So I open up my inbox and my jaw hits the floor when I see the name of the person who just started tracking me lol

GS makeover phase 2 complete

I spent most of last night slapping together my shiny new profile banner.  It's  nothing fantastic really but after I finally found my old copy of Photoshop 6 I figured I'd throw something together for the sake of practice since I was in need of a banner anyway.

I'll be changing it eventually since Ialready have a few new idea's swimming around  in my head but it will do for now :)

Happy Birthday to me!

Or at least it will be tomorrow anyway.  I'm not terribly excited about it tho I'm turning 25 and really after I turned 21 birthdays  kinda got...boring nothing really left to look forward to unless you count mid life crisis and then much later qualifying for a senior discount and social security benefits

Well its official

Last night I finally decided to bust out the check card and upgrade to Gamespot complete. Now I get all those bells and whistles they kept throwing in my face for the last 3 years. Also figured it was a good time to start using the blog. Also to celebrate I made myself a new user icon its a bit hard to make out cuz it was originally a 600x900 picture but oh well I wanted something that was more me so there.

Still messng around trying to make a banner but I'm not used to using GIMP and Photoshop doesn't run on my POS laptop plus there a couple years of lack of practice