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okay, so i herd it was at class world lvl 10's secret floor after clearing all geo's... but ive done this about 100's of times or more. and thats not even including the times i quit out and restart. i clear the place pretty fast, 5 mins per run. its been hours apon hours apon hours, and i cannot find him. so, i need to know... am i doing something wrong? i'm useing the class word of a character i'm lvling and rencarnating. getting duped items and aptitude along the way. every time, i go to floor 10, clear it, enter portal... club member guy. EVERY portal... is the club member guy. without fail. does it have to be on a storyline character? do i have to skip the lvl 9 secret portal? does class world need to be entered as "skill inheritance?" ive herd people that finish the skills before aptitude is even maxed what am i doing wrong? ive literaly lost hope, its been days.