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Why have sequels become so important?

Over the past few months i've got to thinking on how heavily the gaming industry relies on sequels and expansions. Now i'm not ridiculing any form of sequel as a sign that gaming companies are weak or that they are scared to leap into another original game. My main point is my fury over the demand from fans, the constant news of sequel after sequel on gaming websites who i am not blaming either.

Allow me to elaborate upon this point. Ubisoft have recently released the news that they are, yet again, releasing what seems to be another installment to the Assassin's Creed series, now i don't know about you but i for one sighed heavily at sight of this because i honestly disliked Brotherhood and 2. It doesn't really end there only months after the release of Bioshock 2 which was hyped up mass ively we heard news that the next installment was due to be released as Bioshock Infinite, yes by a different publisher but nevertheless still far too premature. So where is this all going you may be asking?

I will get to my overall point in time but i want to produce more evidence that the amount of sequels being vomited up by the gaming industry is ludicrous beyond explanation. Call Of Duty, we are currently on 7 now, the last 3 being very popular, but now there is rumours of one being released per year?! I'm no expert but that to me is gaming developer suicide, how any gaming company can subscribe themselves to such a workload in such a horribly short amount of time i am not certain on. Where have the hours upon hours of careful production to ensure the quality of games gone? My most anticipated game, being GuildWars 2 has been in the making for around 4 years now and is shortly coming up for its 5th year in development, you only have to glance at their website and the Gamescom demo to see that Arenanet are a company with a quality assured publisher, in this case being NCSOFT.

The real pressure on gaming developers is their publishers, for example my most detested being EA games who ooze capitalism and expansion, yes i am reffering to the countless Sims 3 expansions which are horribly ovepriced. The sheer gigantic industry that looms over the heads of unsuspecting developers is what is causing this terrible tidal wave of sequels and spin offs like Final Fantasy XXXXXIIIIIIIXIXIXIXIXIXII special supreme ultra crystal heroes of florescent light edition.

It just seems to me that the originality of games is dwindling and that the majority of releases year upon year are hyped up purely because of the masterpiece that preceded them, yes there are exceptions where a sequel has taken years of careful planning to perfect, Starcraft 2 being a fine example and the Half Life series being another. And in the darkness of repetitiveness there are glimmering undiscovered jewels that give us a shard of hope like LIMBO and Heavy Rain. So i am begging you as a dedicated gamer to another, do your duty and pull the pressure off of the developers, give that game a chance that has come from a small company that isn't some hyped up sequel and don't suck up every little detail of the 7th game in a series just because you liked the first one.

I am not expecting this to be read by many but if you do so happen to read it or you are interested in the subject please comment below with your thoughts and opinions on the subject, thanks.

My 'less than great' Fallout New Vegas experience.

As you may or may not know Gamespot and similar gaming sites recently released their reviews and video reviews on FNV ( Fallout New Vegas ) And you may also be aware that they gave it a surprisingly lowish score for a Fallout game or one with Bethesda blueprint. Whether or not the reasons are justified souly on the amount of bugs i don't know but what i do know is that i have to date spent around 60 hours on the game and i have no save files. Why do i have no save files, yet i have managed to spend 60 hours on the game? No i am not going for a world record of longest streak without saving, unfortunately. I however was forced to delete BOTH of my save files due to the first being my sort of draft in which i encountered a horrible amount of broken quests where i accidently did them backwards or in an unintended way, and the second save file of which i was autosaved into an impossible situation where the quest effectively broke on me and my last manual save for this file was hours and hours back.

After a few sessions of screaming anger and some irrational swear words, i decided to delete both my files as both of them had big broken chunks missing from them due to FNV's quest system. Allow me to ellaborate, firstly the quests try to funnel you down a specific route in which if you decide to take matters in to your own hands and do the quest a different way for example 'picking the lock on a door you were supposed to go to the trouble of getting a key for' the quest will quite litterally break and so you have to reload or if your like me soldier on in defiance of being forced to do things certain ways. The quest that broke on me TWICE was 'Beyond The Beef' a very interesting and fun quest in theory but one that is very, very easy to break.

So as i write this my current save is my 3rd and my only one, i have played this save for about an hour and i am not the least bit happy of having to wade through the quests i've already done. I would not rule out FNV for buying, but i would advice you analyse and read into your quests each time if you decide to buy it. I hope you enjoy it if you have bought it because i still find it very enjoyable just not very relaxing to say the least.

A pic of me...

Well i felt that i should really just so you can all get to know me better, yes i know i look like an 'emo' but that's not the case it's just the hair :)

Picture of me?

Hey people just a short blog with a simple question. As i am not hugely popular on Gamespot but hate social networking i thought i may as well put a picture of myself on Gamespot. Any objections? I know this is incorporating some social side to Gamespot but i mainly wanted for those people who are interested in my blogs to gain a larger view on me. So really this blog is just a question ;

Do you think i should a picture of myself on my gamespot profile, not as my user image just an image within my profile?

Please comment as honestly as you wish as i will take into account your advice etc. Thanks!

A life without video games?

It's hard to believe in this current period of time that games were once none existent, not even thought of. You may think that statement sounds stupid but there was also a time without the television and electricity and even language. You may understandably believe i am literally stating the obvious but actually think about it, imagine 2010 an age still lacking of video games, would the economy be even worse than it currently is? Would there be an army of bored, aimless teenagers who can think of nothing better to do than watch SpongeBob? Would we as a society be a better place, more active or healthy? How can we tell because we are now (asuming you are an above casual gamer) so used to the blessing or curse that is video games.

Millions of people of all ages and cultures and of both genders involve video games in their daily lives as entertainment or a challenge. But where did this phenomenon that is the virtual world come from? We can now freely effectively kill someone else with a weapon and watch them die or suffer, we associate this as fun and in most cases it is fun because we aren't hurting anyone really. Perfectly sane and sensitive people can shoot another human being and not feel evil or be punished because we are not taking a life or a soul, is that really the beauty of gaming or is it something more sinister, more complicated? Although it isn't illegal to buy games and shoot the A.I depicted as a human or living creature but games are not invincible by any means, most recently Call Of Duty: Black Ops has recieved abuse for aledgedly depicted the killing and injuring of British soldiers in a modern war taken out by the players, so in theory you can kill a British soldier (virtually). Obviously you are probably aware of the on-going war in Afghanistan in which the British and American forces are involved and is highly controversial in today's world. I am not fully aware of the ordeal with Black Ops but i am aware that this is not true and that the player cannot kill British troops as they are not represented in the game at all, seems like Treyarch doesn't like to depict the British troops in their games at all as they were left out of World At War too.

This brings me on to 'inaccuracy' historicaly and both politicaly. Games are often disscussed as trying to re-write history and shape religion but isn't that exactly what films do? The Da Vinci Code and countless other films and books attempt to re-write history and critisise religion and they stay high and dry, whereas gaming takes the brunt of politics in many aspects. Maybe it is because it is the player taking out the actions to change history or insult religion this remains in discussion however.

My main point is that the wholeaim of gaming is very unclear when you delve into it, don't let me put you off by any means games are incredibly fun. But why do we play them? I myself achieve a sense of accomplishment and happiness, to show my friends my 'epic skillz'. But now with the release of constant new technology and gimicks could gaming one day take over life? Actually ask yourself that, could experiencing something better than life actually bebetter than life? I know it sounds ludicrous but i merely wanted to raise some eye brows in an attempt to recieve some interesting opinons. In all honestyi threw this blog together on a tired evening but i've had this thought for an age. Please comment freely on this highly controversial subject.

Stop, what am i doing?

This 'dog eat dog' capitalist western world most of us call home is mainly run on the basis of the grueling experience we all endure, education. Even the mere mention of it to most people of a young age reminds them of confusion and pain, or if your one of the lucky few it could remind you of a warm, welcoming place... but really when you get down to it you need it but that doesn't always mean it will go right for you. Some individuals no matter how hard they push just don't quite get the results they deserve from education. And as i keep reminding my parents just because i'm intelligent it doesn't necesserily mean i'm clever like that word i just spelt i know i spelt it wrong but to be honest i don't care. So what are you going on about i hear you ask? Well yesterday in the ever diminishing country known as the U.K or Britain if you prefer, was exam results day a day i forgot about. Yeah i forgot about it which isn't a great start. This 'unfortunate' mishap reminded me of how much revision i'd actually done for the exams, suffice to say it wasn't a lot.

My other less 'laid back' friends remembered that the 24th of August was the day to go and collect them and oh the joys they passed with, a lovely phrase people say, 'flying colours'. Oh an A* you say? That's brilliant, while i secretly curse them for remembering. Basically i know i have not done well at all, i know this very well because people like me are not meant for fame or yummy wages with yummy bonuses i am meant for something else so i am frequently told. Luckily i have about 9 months left of school starting in September to ' try my hardest, through thick and thin'. The thing is no matter how much i try to swallow the pill of education i never quite manage and have to reach for the water instead, so to speak, the water being the easy way out. Maybe i will surprise myself when i get the packet of disappointment posted to me, maybe just maybe i will get enough to get me where i want to be, but i can only lie to myself that it will be alright. I hope you all do your best in the trial that is education or if your out of education and into the real world, i wish you the best in whatever you decide to set your ambitions on. Maybe i will forever be a gamer writing unpaid reviews on this website for eternity, i can only hope so... ;)

Gamescom is great!

A couple of blogs back you may or may not have noticed i was ranting about not having enough money to buy all the games i wanted this year, and thus having to make big decisions on which ones to buy. Considering i was still stuck on this i started to watch Gamescom to get an insight on the games i wanted. As you may know i hate ruining surprises about future purchases, mainly because i love playing a new game and being surprised at new elements especially if it is a sequal. I decided to only briefly look into these games reading and watching exlcusives with minimal spoilers. Luckily i didn't come across anything ruining and the best part is it has dramaticly helped me make my mind up about the games i want this year between now and Christmas.

The games i am sure about are mainly Autumn (Fall) releases like Fallout New Vegas as a definite and LBP2. Shockingly i am not too estatic for Halo Reach at all, in fact i might just leave it for a Christmas present from relatives. So it goes to show even the biggest fan boys sometimes lose interest :P .

I hope you all enjoy the rest of Gamescom as much as i will because unfortunately for me i wasn't active for E3 but Gamescom has provided all the upcoming gaming news i desperately needed.

Image 53

My all time greatest game villain winner!

After carefully casting my initial vote i then went on to create a game villain bracket a few days after. This was tricky but through careful choicing and random picking for villains i didn't know i came down to Glados the evil artificial intelligence villain from Portal, one of my favourite games. Glados has a brilliantly sarcastic personality, perfect for such an innocent but sinister AI she is also hiding many locked secrets within Aperture science facillity which you gradually unearth throughout the brilliant puzzle game.

Considering i predicted Gordon Freeman to win all time greatest game hero and i was right i am quietly confident that Glados a villain from the same game series (sort of) will be the victor, let's just hope she beats that phoney Darth Vader, he is not a game villain!!!

Now, i leave you with a message of encouragment... VOTE GLADOS!

Here is a picture for further encouragment...

Games everywhere, but no money!

Every single summer i have the same difficult predicament of what games to buy and what games to ignore. This year is no different and perhaps even more demanding. For starters there are certain games i simply have to have these are usually sequels to my favourite games like Halo: Reach, a game which i'm quite sceptical about. Another sequel being Fallout: New Vegas an absolute must have in my eyes, and then we get to the optionals. There are loads of these games some of which more attractive than others but all are possible contenders and whichever way i go i'm going to still want the ones i didn't choose. Maybe you can help me decide, good luck!

Dragon Age II BoxshotI know full well it is released last year but i'm currently continuing the first one and quite enjoying it but ti has flaws, if this one erases those flaws then it could be awsome.

Image 22

Starcraft 2 Wings Of Liberty was recently reviewed by Kevin Vanord and got a formidable 9.5/10 and drew in the RTS side of me. Earning the title from many people of the best RTS game of all time it sounds and looks incredible.

Image 4

To be honest i'm not overly excited for this game but it is a game i would like to own. I don't like looking into possible buys too much because i don't like ruining possible suprises but from little i have seen on this game it does look superb.

Image 4You can probably guess from the screen shot here that this next game is DJ Hero 2 the follow up to my favourite music game ever. Considering i have the decks from the first one i will only have to buy the disc so it won't eat up my notes.

Image 1My handheld choice of game is Patapon 3 a legendary game for which i have recently played the multiplayer demo. Considering i'm playing Patapon 2 and currently loving it i might just buy this one, the demo was brilliant fun.

Image 19

This my mistakeLBP2is one of my must haves more so than Halo Reach would you believe so i don't need advising on this game it looks perfect and i absolutely love the original. If creating levels is easier in this game i would easily rate it a 10/10.So that is my list i might have missed a few off there that will crop up later in the year but that list up there is a lot of moneys worth i need to make some decisions. I hope you can give your opinions openly in the comments, thanks for reading.

Why don't i like Super Mario Galaxy 2?

Yes prepare to be shocked it's true i'm not feeling Super Mario Galaxy 2. It's uninspired and repetitive to the point where i feel like i'm wasting my time. I haven't completed it as of yet but i'm nearing the end very quickly.

The story is of course once again Princess Peach hasbeen imprisoned by bowser but this time he's planet sized (in theory). The thing is it so far hashad no mention of Rosalina the main unplayable character in SMG1 and one that was very popular amoungst fans on top of this the story does not unfold as you play it what so ever, you just complete a galaxy get the star, once you have enough you unlock more until you faceBowser. The boss fights betweenMario and Bowser areabsolutely dire to say the least. So far i have done 6 of them and all of them are carbon copies of each other and are nearly exactly the same as the one contained in the orginal, you gain a grand star once you've beaten him and thenunlock the next system.

I'm not going to do a mini review but i will be writing a full review amoungst all the 10s and 9s other players have awarded it. I amutterly dissapointed i don't like SMG2 but no matter how hard i try it just bores the hell out of me. Maybe hopefully i will enjoy it in the next two systems i have yet to complete but so far nothing has shown me anything to rate. Because of all its faults i would at the moment award it a 7/10.