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Story-Chapter one *edited version*

Right, I have edited my story to make it more readable and to stop people complaining.  Changes are minimal but are overall significant (I hope).  Enjoy!



---[Files located]---

---[Authorised Access Only-Password Protected-10 Digit]--- **********_

-Access Granted--Welcome Ms. Aran-

Report No. 01659. Subject-Black Hole?…

Approx. 2 months ago Galactic Federation squad Pioneer located a Black hole in the Alpha Galaxy 3 Light years from the nearest Federation Command centre. The subject Black hole is in fact not a black hole and in retrospect is in fact a portal to an unknown universe, an alternate system never before seen. All attempted probes have shorted out due to unknown reasons. Plausible suggestions include used up fuel while travelling through the vortex-like environment within the portal. However many attempts made all of them fail and the only remaining solution was to send a live subject into the portal. Before any rights could be made to send someone inside Space Pirates discovered this portal and overpowered the squadron. Now no remaining signals are being sent and we ask you to travel to this portal and terminate any Space Pirates in the area. Be careful….

---[Transmission Over]--- -Accept Mission?-

Chapter I-The Unknown Portal

Samus’s Gunship

This has to be the first time I have ever been sent to take up such a mission. I thought "What would the pirates want with this Portal”….More power I assume. I prepared myself as I reached my location. Why do they still refer to it as light years? It takes me three hours!

The area was abandoned. “So much for finding Space Pirates” I actually said out loud…Though I was talking to my computer, Adam.

“No traces of Pirate activity” Adam replied “I believe they went inside the Portal”.

“Do you think?” I said. “Yes I do, I think the only way of finding them is to enter the portal, any objections lady?”

I laughed at his comment. He always did that, back in the days when he was my CO he would always end objective with his trademark line. Then came the Space Pirate raid. Adam was killed trying to save my life…After that incident I left the Federation Corp and became a bounty hunter. The Federation eventually caught up with me and assigned me to a mission on Zebes…my past home. I was given mission after mission until they sent me to the BSL research station during the X incident, and Adam was my computer. His mind and memory transplanted to a computer chip, he was obviously to valuable to lose. However I was infected beforehand with the X and was given an antidote to cure me, this antidote consisted of Metroid DNA from the last remaining Metroid. Since then I have been able to absorb the X to recover my abilities. However my image was changed. My physical appearance didn’t change at all but my Power Suit changed completely. Now it is a fleshier, more streamlined version. After that I swore to destroy the X once and for all and inevitably ended up destroying the BSL lab and the X’s home world, SR 388. For destroying the BSL I was put up to many court cases, luckily I was seen as not guilty as my reasons where valid. Now here I am, with my new suit, completely new DNA structure and Adam.

“I guess I have no choice” I responded to Adams remark “Away we go”….

Hyrule Field

A young man on a horse was hurtling towards the desert where recent news told of a meteor, or some other object, crashing in its centre. This man was garbed in a green tunic with an equally green cap, he had dirty blond hair, blue eyes and long, pointy ears. He had a sword and shield strapped onto his back. The horses pace increased as it charged though the field until it came to a stop at a gate guarded by two well tanned, armoured women with inanely deep orange hair.

“Who goes there?” The first guard asked. She spoke unflinchingly with a strong willed valour. “And what business do you seek?” asked the second guard with equal valour.

“I seek the impact site by orders of the Princess”…

A Mysterious Forest

“Damn, that didn’t go according to plan” I burst out. I had misguided my ship as I entered the new atmosphere of this parallel world. My ship was now running on auxiliary power as the ship entered its self-automated reconstruct mode. “You always seem to crash your ship one way or another Samus” Adam motioned. “What was that?!” I angrily shouted out. “Err…nothing Samus…nothing at all” He nervously replied.

I decided that I should investigate the area and return to Adam with any discoveries. I looked at the four choices that where available to choose from, each a dark path of which its location could not be seen. I made my decision. As I travelled through I saw, to my surprise, my ship. But wasn’t that behind me? I turned back to find nothing but three new paths. I checked how far I was from ship on my map. 1.7 kilometres?! What? I’ve only made around 20 steps, how in hells name can I be 1.7 kilometres from my ship!…I stopped. There was a light, cheery music in the air. It was calming, yet it was happy. I decided to follow the music to find out where it was coming from. To my surprise it didn’t tae me long to find the source. It was in a meadow with a small, easily navigated maze. At the end of the maze I saw a young girl in bright green clothing and equally green hair on a tree stump playing a clay instrument. The music lifted my senses out of anger and into a sense of bliss…the music stopped. I looked towards the girl. She was staring at me.