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Chap. 2

I have finished chapter 2 after god knows how long!

It is not intended to give away much of the story but to keep the reader in suspence until chapter 3 when the first real event takes place, so it is a small chapter so I don't keep dragging on for ages and the whole thing gets boring.  Anyway, enough of me dragging on, here it is!

Chapter II-The Unknown

The Gerudo Fortress

As the guards led me through the fortress I couldn’t help but notice the effects on the society caused by this Meteor…or whatever it was. No one was around, the whole atmosphere was chilling. The Princess chose me for my skill and courage but the east she could do was send some Knights to aid me, who knows what could happen. Ah well, lets hope for the best.

“The impact site has been closed off to the public” the first Gerudo guard said “It is considered too large a threat for the public to be involved”. “You have permission from the princess so you have full access” the second Gerudo commented after.

As we neared the impact site a strange feeling came to me…one I hadn’t felt before. Very peculiar. I don’t like where this is going.

We arrived at a crater surrounded by a veil of dust. “Here we are” the first Gerudo said to me “we’ll leave to you now”. She took a quick glance into the dusty mass, then left with hast in her steps. I turned towards the crater. It was big…very big. I could not see into the dusty ruin that lay before me. Common sense told me to turn back, but adventure gripped onto me so hard that I was walking straight into the veil of dust…

Forest Meadow

I looked at the girl, she looked back. She had obviously never seen the orange armour that I wore. I decided to scan her as the long, pointy ears told me that she wasn’t human. Strange…unknown life form, all I could get where life signs and an age reading. Wait…that isn’t normal, she is almost as old as I am. She doesn’t even look twelve. I’ve had enough, I’m going to ask her about everything. What she is, why she was so old for her looks and where in Kraid’s sake am I. Just as I was about to speak her lips opened and she spoke.

“My name’s Saria”…

Crater in the Desert

The dust almost blinded me as I edged my way through the veil that still clung to the air. The sides of the crater nearly crumbled below me on several occasions. The feeling that gripped me still had its grasp firmly on me, the sense of adventure was what made me who I am. As I made my way through the dust that concealed my view I had a sudden feeling that I was being watched. Strange? I can’t even see a metre away from my face so nothing can be watching me.

After a few more steps my feet hit a hard surface. I looked down, I saw a metal stairway. Curiosity made me walk up them. One by one I took each step, a clang beneath each stride. As I reached the top I was really curious. An object, like a small box with a lens similar to that of a pictobox, was following my every move. As I walked up to it a small light started flashing. I had never seen such a thing. How was such light coming from an object with no flame?

Forest Meadow

“My name’s Saria” the girl spoke. “W-what’s yours?”. She was frightened, but not petrified. I decided to respond. “My name is Samus” I responded, the electronic synthesizers of my suit warping my voice. She seemed startled by my synthesised voice, I only use this projection of my voice to strangers. People I really can trust with my identity get to hear my real voice, that’s how I work I’m afraid. “W-what are you?” she asked me. It’s kinda obvious what I am….isn’t it? “I’m a human, at least part human” I responded. She seemed shaken by my answer. “well…I’m a Kokiri” she said with a little more confidence. The more she knew about me the more confidence she gained I assumed. I took note of this Kokiri race, why have I never heard of it before is beyond me. My scan visor is supposed to have eons of data collected by the Chozo. It is obvious to me now that I am in a completely different universe altogether. “Okay, before you ask anymore questions I have a few to ask myself” I inquired, still using my synthesised expression “Where am I?…and how do I get out?. Her ears twitched, the sight of such large ears twitched like that unnerved me.

“Well….we’re in the Forest Meadow…of the Kokiri forest”.