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Smashing good company.
Convivial members of the community are friends to many others--no doubt, many others who are every bit as convivial as themselves! Indeed, such fine company these chaps and gentle-women truly are! Their company is often desirable and often available, and, being such convivial sorts, they are always looking to broaden their horizons by meeting more and more friends, colleagues, and associates. Why, you'd certainly invite them over for tea if you liked tea and knew where they lived.

Yay, I'm good company......:3

Internet Failure

After two days off the internet to to a DSL failure I am back.  Why it failed is a question I cannot answer, it just did.
But now all is well ad I can frolic on the internet once more...:3

Superman Returns

I've seen quite a few movies recently, one of which was Superman Returns.  The storline strayed off a bit from the normal story but other than that it is worth seeing.

Ah nuts

I did not know you had to be level ten to upload a video...oh well, I do now. I guess I'll have to wait to put up any videos.
Next Tartget (after level 8 )-Level 10

To sell or not to sell?

That is the question......sort of.
Should I sell my gamecube or not? If I do the money will go straight to my Wii funds, I don't normally sell stuff  though.  I never sold my GBA SP to get my DS.  What should I do?  I'm definatly selling some old games I don't play anymore, whats the point in owning them if you never play them?


I have recently been recruited to not one but TWO unions by nightclaw......sweet :)
Thanks nightclaw!
The unions are:
Soldiers of Wii
The Nintendo Paradise Union
Once again, Thanks nightclaw!


Sweet, -Nintendude- is now on my friends list.  I'm happy now :)
If you're reading this -Nintendude- cn you suggest any more members to add to the list?  My list is very short right now and I'll probaby feel lonely if it stays like that.
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