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Koi-Neon-X Blog

Farewell Gamespot - Last Blog

Hello Gamespot friends and visitors. It is time for me to go. I have had a wonderful time on this website and met so many wonderful people here! I just feel that lately I don't have much to offer in the way of conversation, discussion, and with the next-gen approaching I will not be going along for the ride with any of the new systems/games coming out in the future so I won't be able to comment or discuss on those. I believe I'll be returning home to the old-school: Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, and Playstation 3. I feel that is where I belong. My experience here has been a good one. To all of you I pray that God bless you and bestow upon you the very best in life. I thank you for sharing your ups and downs with me and letting me share my ups and downs with you. I was browsing through some of my old blogs and memories just started hitting me of times past. I browsed the forums and realized that there really isn't that much to talk about anymore (honestly how many more times can I answer the same questions?), but it has been fun! Anyway, I think that's all I have to say about the matter. I thank you for reading my blogs, comments, reviews, I love you all in our Lord, Jesus Christ, and I hope you enjoy the video game you're playing. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 Amen. God Bless. ~Koi-Neon-X~

My Top 10 Never Played/Wanna Play: PS3

Hello Gamespot friends and visitors. The PS3 is a juggernaut no doubt about it. I've had plenty of "WOW" moments in my video game "career" and the PS3 has a lot of those jaw-dropping, spine tingling, stop-and-admire type moments from the games I've played thus far, but there some other games that I'm sure would deliver the same, but sadly I have yet to experience them and here they are: 1. Deus Ex: Human Revolution I've never played a Deus Ex game and this will be my first one. It is on my MUST BUY list still. From what I've seen in the previews this looks like my type of game. 2. Fallout 3: New Vegas I had Fallout 3: Game of the Year edition and I loved it (had to trade it in unfortunately) and this particular game has been on my radar for a bit (and now it's only $9.99) so I'll eventually get it). 3. Final Fantasy XIII-2 I'm one of those people who DID enjoy Final Fantasy XIII even though it lacked some things from the original formula that are really missed in an Final Fantasy game, but I love it nonetheless and I really want to give this one a try. I could have bought it when I had a coupon that would have made it about $30.00 (but right around that time I lost my job). It looks worthwhile for sure. 4. God of War: Origins Collection LOVE the God of War series and since I've finished all three of them I want to play these from the PSP (since I've never owned a PSP) I thought it was a great idea that they got ported over to the PS3. 5. Ico-Shadow of the Colossus Collection: (Sigh) two great games in one package. I may have to wait for this to become a greatest hit, but I really really want this game. 6. inFamous 2 I remember playing the demo for "inFamous" and I couldn't stop playing it because it just felt so fresh and I also played the demo to the sequel and thought to myself "Why am I avoiding it?! it's great!" wouldn't an inFamous collection be awesome?! 7. Katamari Forever There is something about Katamari that is just so fun. I don't think rolling stuff up into a ball can ever get old (honestly). 8. LittleBigPlanet 2 LOVE LittleBigPlanet (though I didn't like the whole "you must have "X" amount of players to get this item stuff", but LBP2 looks amazing and I wanna play it! 9. Max Payne 3 From what I've seen thus far this game looks awesome and the great reviews make me want it even more (just what I expected from a Rockstar game) GIMME! 10. Twisted Metal I started off with TM 1 and 2 on the PS1, then TM: Black on the PS2, so it's safe to say that I consider a Twisted Metal game to be a must, a staple on the Playstation. I'll probably give this one a rent soon because it looks like a good time. So, there we are. My next blog is just going to be an update on all the goings on in life and thank you for reading! God Bless. ~Koi-Neon-X~

My Top 10 Never Played/Wanna Play: N64

Hello Gamespot friends and visitors. I remember playing the demo for "Super Mario 64" in a Toys 'R Us years ago and I was like "WOW!" and I didn't want to stop playing. Once the N64 came out I spent not one, not two, but three days in row playing Super Mario 64 collecting stars left and right. I then gazed upon the amazing "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" and the rest is history. I think I played some really great games for this system, but here are some I missed. 1. Castlevania Most of my time with the N64 was spent in Japan so the U.S. games we received in the store is what we got. This one sadly never came because I didn't think it would be better than the old-school ones, but I still wanted to give it a try. 2. Donkey Kong 64 LOVE "Donkey Kong Country" so it seemed only fitting to follow up with this one, but again it was a no-go. 3. Earthworm Jim 3D a no-brainer for me, but sadly not to be. 4. F-Zero X F-Zero on the SNES is still one of my favorite racing games ever and I had chance after chance to pick this one up once I returned to the U.S. with one slight problem-I didn't own a N64 anymore. 5. Harvest Moon 64 The Harvest Moon series is one my faves, but another miss. 6. Jet Force Gemini I remember thinking "this looks pretty cool", but I skipped on it. 7. Mega Man 64 This can't touch the Mega Man games on the NES and SNES, but it was worth a try-I didn't try it. 8. Paper Mario This is the one game that made me wish I still owned an N64 because I LOVE the Super Mario Bros. series 9. Star Fox 64 I liked "Star Fox" on the SNES, but didn't get a chance to play this. 10. StarCraft 64 I really, really wanted to try this. I still haven't played a single StarCraft game. Well, there they are. I think the N64 has a pretty decent library (nowhere near the caliber of the PS1 or PS2 library), but still pretty good considering what it DOES have (SM64 and TLoZ: OoT alone are worth the price of admission). Next up I'm going to cover the PS3 games that I still have a chance to play, but still need to play. Thank you for reading. God Bless. ~Koi-Neon-X~

My Top 10 Never Played/Wanna Play: PS2

Hello Gamespot friends and visitors. The PS2 is an awesome system with an excellent library of games. Of course I missed a couple and I'm just going to list those in no particular order: 1. Castlevania: Curse of Darkness I'm more of the old-school fan when it comes to Castlevania (I-IV) and Castlevania: SotN is my favorite, but Lament of Innocence was pretty good and I'm surprised I didn't follow it up with this one. 2. Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories LOVE Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, but the sequel just didn't capture my interest (maybe because the first one was enough), but still I want to give this one a try. 3. Fatal Frame All aboard for another series missed. 4. Ico If I knew then what I know now.... 5. Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Completely skipped this one. I'm not sure why since I love the Resident Evil series, but I figure it's best to play RE3 first then this one. 6. R-Type Final Always liked the R-Type series, but I wasn't heavy into shooters at this point like I was back in the day. 7. Persona 4 LOVE Persona 3, but just missed the connection with part 4. 8. We Love Katamari Katamari Damacy is unique and has one of the best soundtracks, but I didn't look forward to the sequel for some reason. 9. Ys: The Ark of Napishtim I saw a demo of this game and said "THIS is a must buy" and years later I still haven't played it. 10. Zone of the Enders Played the demo of the first one and said "I'll get this eventually" and now I hear that the sequel was VERY HOT. Good thing this will be released as a collection on the PS3. Next Up: N64 and thank you for reading. God Bless. ~Koi-Neon-X~

My Top 10 Never Played/Wanna Play: PS1

Hello Gamespot friends and visitors. The PS1 is an awesome system. I remember seeing the PS1 in action for the first time back in '96 being exposed to "Ridge Racer" and "Resident Evil" had to have it, got it (with "Twisted Metal"), and had many years of enjoyment with it. Of course over the years I've missed a few games and here they are in no particular order: 1. Arc the Lad Collection Another RPG series I wanted to get into from the start. 2. Brigandine: Legend of Forsena: I think I DID see this one for sale while I was in Japan (U.S. version) and yes I wish I could go back and get it now considering it's selling for a sky-high price now. 3. Dragon Warrior VII: Another game I had my hands on, but decided to pass on it. 4. Grandia Yep you guessed it: another miss 5. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete I have nothing left lol and I missed out on the sequel too. 6. Parasite Eve II Love "Parasite Eve", but never got the chance at the sequel sadly. 7. Resident Evil 3 A fan of the series since the beginning I normally start from PT 1 and work my way up. After "Resident Evil 2" I didn't play another RE game until RE4. 8. Suikoden II Where to begin! LOVE "Suikoden" and has anybody seen the retail price of this one new on! goodness! I still want it! 9. Tomba I didn't think much of this one back then, but I think highly of it now. 10. Vagrant Story Squaresoft, Square, Square-Enix whatever it's called it is LOVE! I was trying to stay on top of the RPG scene on the PS1, but here is another swing and a miss. I just couldn't keep up. Next Blog: PS2 and thank you for reading. God Bless. ~Koi-Neon-X~

My Top 10 Never Played/Wanna Play: SNES

Hello Gamespot friends and visitors. The SNES is my favorite video game system. To me it is STILL the king! yet, for all the wonderful games in this system's library I have missed quite a few notable titles so without further ado.... 1. ActRaiser (sigh) not only was the orginal decent (from what I've heard) the sequel is even better. 2. Breath of Fire Love the series on the PS1 just wish I would have gotten onboard with this brilliant RPG series from the start. 3. Castlevania: Dracula X I'm a fan of the Castlevania series and for some reason I never got to play this one (though I looked high and low in stores for it). 4. EarthBound: Ok, I DID find this one in a local Toys R Us (actually had it IN MY HANDS), but I decided to go with "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island" and "Chrono Trigger". I just wish I would have saved up for it and got it at a later time. 5. Illusion of Gaia Love my RPGs and I think I missed out here as well. 6. Lufia & the Fortress of Doom See above comment. Another miss. 7. Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen Would have been a great time to get on board with this series. 8. Secret of Mana Why oh why did I not pick this up after watching a demo of it?! I think someone is going to be mad at me for this too (wink) 9. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars I never and I mean never missed a preview of this one. A marriage between Nintendo and Square was a dream come true and I failed to pick it up! Noooooooooo! 10. Uncharted Waters After falling in love with the Aerobiz series I would think to go look for this one. I didn't. Well, I think the RPGs that I missed on the SNES were horrible misses (and this is supposed to be my favorite genre). I don't know what to tell you. When I first got the SNES I was in California and then we moved to Germany and while there was a pretty great selection there sometimes certain titles were not found (fortunately, we did finally receive J.C. Penney catalogs during the holidays-that's how I was able to get "Super Metroid" thankfully) so I didn't miss a lot of these games on purpose and eventually after finishing Navy bootcamp I had moved on to the PS1 and even with that system-you guessed it- I missed out some of their games too which I'll cover in my next blog. Thank you for reading. God Bless. ~Koi-Neon-X~

My Top 10 Never Played/Wanna Play: SG

Hello Gamespot friends and visitors. The Sega Genesis was my next system after the Nintendo Entertainment System and though I did play many a video game much like the NES I missed a few and here are my top 10 in no particular order: 1. Castlevania: Bloodlines I don't know what it prevented me from playing this one as I had ample opportunity to do so and being a huge fan of the Castlevania series I do hope I get that opportunity again sometime in this future. 2. Crusader of Centy Another missed opportunity. 3. Earthworm Jim 2 The first Earthworm Jim is definitely GROOVY and I never got a chance to play the sequel unfortunately. 4. Gunstar Heroes The game is still being talked about today! that's the markings of truly great game. A real treasure from Treasure from what I've heard. 5. Phelios Greek mythology and a shooter? sign me up! could never find it for purchase or rent sadly. 6. Pinocchio Aladdin, Lion King, and I think this one could be just as good-another one I couldn't find. 7. Ranger X I don't know how I missed this one. 8. Strider Returns: Journey from Darkness Huge fan of the arcade version, definitely a game of the year on the console, and never found the sequel. 9. Thunder Force IV I still think Thunder Force III is one of the best shooters ever (my first experience with the series) so I really wanted to try this one out. 10. Warsong Strategy games are definitely one of my favorites and this one looks too good-sadly another miss. Well, there it is. I'm beginning to think I lived under a rock during this time or I was way too busy with the SNES, but I feel I missed out on a lot with the Sega Genesis. Hopefully some of these classics will find their way onto "Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection Vol 2" if it's ever announced. My next blog (sometime today or tonight) will feature the SNES (my favorite system) and yes I missed A LOT here too somehow. Thank you for reading. God Bless. ~Koi-Neon-X~

My Top 10 Never Played/Wanna Play: NES

Hello Gamespot friends and visitors. I am thinking about all the video games I never played and want to play so I figure I'd start with the video game system that got me interested in video games in the first place: the NES I'm sure a lot of us remember the TV commercials for certain video games or reading about them in the variety of video game magazines back in the day (EGM, Gamepro, Nintendo Power, etc....) and the plotting and planning to either rent or buy a particular game and yet we may not have gotten around to it for one reason or another. Anyway, here is the top 10 that I never played and want to play in no particular order: 1. Blaster Master Read many previews on this one and it seemed like a game I really wanted to add to my collection and play, but never got around to it. 2. Crystalis I don't know much about this one, but from what I read it plays a lot like "The Legend of Zelda" which is never a bad thing. 3. Dragon Warrior II I LOVE the first "Dragon Warrior" game and I'm always ready for the sequel to games I like, but never got a chance for this one. 4. L'Empereur: I LOVE strategy games and this one came out before I really knew what "Koei" was capable of. 5. Metal Storm I rented this one, but I might have gotten distracted with another game I rented or was playing at the time (I think) still I don't have much recollection of playing this one for a great length of time, but I want to! 6. R.C. Pro-Am II I played the first one and thought it was really good, but really had no idea there was a sequel. I hear it really improved on the first one which makes me want to play it even more! 7. StarTropics I fell in love with RPG genre early and I feel I really missed the boat with this one. 8. Tecmo Super Bowl Being a fan of the original "Tecmo Bowl" (renting it countless times) I never knew why I didn't follow up with this one. 9. Wall Street Kid Not only did I love the RPG genre I was also into strategy games too. Along with "Casino Kid" the whole premise really got my attention because it was something different. 10. Werewolf: The Last Warrior What a cool looking game! and I didn't miss it completely as I did read a preview, but never made the connection with it unfortunately. Well, there you have it. I thought I'd do this before my memory fails me completely. The NES is such a great system and if there was one thing I wish I had it would be a time machine so I can go back and play the video games I missed or didn't consider at the time. My next blog will cover the Sega Genesis and I'll try to have that out sometime tomorrow. Is there any NES games you missed out on? thank you for reading. God Bless. ~Koi-Neon-X~

Musical Chairs

Hello Gamespot friends and visitors. Another weekend has come and gone. I hope you all had a good one. I spent most of the weekend playing "Suikoden" and my wife watched a marathon of "Ghost Whisperer". It's definitely been a pretty quiet. I've spent some time on YouTube going back to my hobby of "video collecting" (mostly of video game playthroughs/speedruns and VGM) from various systems from games I've already finished (and ones I haven't even played or finished-can't bring myself to watch them because someday I would like to play them) and I wonder if I'll ever get the chance to do so (the old saying: some many video games and so little time) ----sigh. I also get documentaries and music videos too. Speaking of music: I watched an interesting documentary about Satan in the music industry (it was in 18 parts) and it really opened my eyes as to what I've been exposing myself to in terms of music. Honestly, what I thought was harmless turns out to be the exact opposite. Music is a powerful thing and the more you listen to some of it the more influenced you might be whether you realize it or not. Some of it has such negative effects mentally, physically, and spiritually. I really think it was the Lord trying to get my attention. Another reason to evaluate myself and I've already taken a pretty good inventory on the many choices I've made as far as what I listen to and it's time to eliminate A LOT of them. I feel these past couple of weeks the Lord has really gotten my attention and is trying to help me gain a better understanding of what this life is really all about. It isn't about "Me" and what "I" want to do. I found that documentary by accident (ie: I wasn't even looking for it), but found it and watched all 18 parts of it and I just feel like I'm being taught to let certain things go. What was once so very important to me now seems so very trivial. The things that have had a hold on me for so very long, the investment of time and obsession over certain things is almost non-existent. I am actually grateful for the eye-opening to be honest because I seriously had no idea how damaging certain things can be. It's time I stop asking "What's wrong with it?" and start asking "What's right with it?" especially in regards to music. It's not just music either. It's TV, movies, books, and video games that also need scrutiny. I have to stop accepting, defending, and minimizing their negativity by saying "Oh, it's only a....." or "It's not that bad". It's just not acceptable to me anymore. Even the use of the word "God" and the curse (starts with a "D" which I will not say here) is getting to be not only annoying it's just downright unacceptable to me. God's name is Holy, should be respected, and shouldn't be used in such a horrible manner yet it flows off the tongue so easily for some people these days. It's sad. Cursing in itself (something I've done plenty of over the years) is evil. It doesn't reflect well on a person's character, certainly doesn't make them look cool or smarter. I think there are plenty of ways to get your point across without the use of foul language! I'm not perfect, I am a sinner, and I've made a lot of mistakes-some I regret dearly. I think it's what we do with the knowledge once we attain it. For me I'm sure this knowledge has come to me many times and I was just to foolish or preoccupied to embrace or listen to it. Perhaps I was too selfish to let go. Time is very short and I feel it's time for me to listen. Perhaps instead of banging my head to foulness I should start opening my ears to that which glorifies the Lord. Instead of getting caught in the morass of lyrics that condone sexual promiscuity and other indulgent behaviors I should listen to something containing beauty and wisdom. Instead of lending an ear to one that promotes the attainment of money and material things I should dive into something that speaks of happiness and love. I have choice to accept or decline what I listen to, watch, or engage in. For me, it's time to make better choices. God Bless. ~Koi-Neon-X~

Our Anniversary

Hello Gamespot friends and visitors.

It has been three years since my boo and I said the words "I Do" and that's exactly what we have done: we continue to do extraordinary things together as husband and wife, a wonderful team. Unfortunately, I have been sick since Friday and haven't been able to do all the things I'd would have liked to have done (like going to the new Italian restaurant she likes for dinner) and on top of that she had to work today. So, I've just been sitting at home thinking about all our seven years together. I can honestly say we have been through some good times and bad times, but our love continues to grow stronger as time goes on.

My wife is not a member here on Gamespot nor does she read my blogs so everything I write here she has already been made well aware of even though she is extremely busy at work. Text messages here and there, but not enough to annoy or distract:P I can't begin to tell you how much this woman means to me and I could seriously write a series of blogs regarding all the ups and downs (some of which have been covered here in these blogs here on Gamespot). Hopefully, when she gets home tonight we'll havea nice dinner at home and maybe watch our favorite TV show (at the moment)- Alcatraz. We'll do a real and true celebration in the future when we're both able to.

So, what have I been doing? well, I do feel a bit better. In fact I feel so much better that I'll be returning to work tomorrow. I have been off since Friday. I played a bit of Skyrim and I'm really *ahem* finding my voice. It's really nothing to SHOUT about ahahahahaha. Seriously though this is one of the most beautiful gamesI've played and I am just stunned.Finished that up and played some Rayman and let me tell you all something right now: if you love video games then do yourself a favor and please get this. I have a feeling you won't regret it (I also have a feeling you will be astonished at how beautiful this game really is). I couldn't put it down as each level is more enchanting than the last. The graphics, the music, controls,everything just flows perfectly. I died a few times and I can honestly laugh because it's truly my fault when it happensand the experience is just that enjoyable.


-I still can't believe Prey 2 is being canceled ?!:( why why why?! game is going to be so awesome (I think anyway) your thoughts?

-Devil May Cry Collection out next month (?) seriously ya'll I am BEHIND on these collections as I still don't even have the Sly Cooper one yet lol. Always next time right?:P

-Need to get busy on my PS2 collection (ie: acquire) a few titles I need to get: Freedom Fighters, The Hitman Trilogy (if not maybe a collection on the PS3?) Persona 3, Need for Speed Underground 2...just to name a few.....(might need a second job lol).

-Games: what's next for you? what looks good? what are you definitely getting? which game has you on the fence?

Anyway, I have to be going.

God Bless.