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PAX was awesome

So yeah, totally enjoyed PAX. Lots of games to try out and now i'm into Magic: The Gathering. A bit late I suppose, but i'm enjoying it nonetheless. Making decks is fun, as is playing people.

I just don't like the hardcore people. They suck, and they usually smell bad. People need a personality for crying out loud. And no, being lame isn't a persoanality.

I handed out some chocolate from Canada also. Some people wouldn't take it. They sucked.

PAX East

So i'm heading to PAX East next weekend. I even bough a bunch of Canadian chocolate to bring down to trade for things. Or just give away. Maybe. I still need an Easter basket (i think i'll dress as a bunny girl).

I'm super stoked, not only to see Boston (a bit of it) but to go to a convention on gaming. Woot woot! Anyone else going? The biggest party ever (60k of your closest friends!).

People **** at driving and FFXIII rocks (also: dumb people)

Somehow when I think people can't get any dumber, they go out of their way to prove it. Introducing the kid who insists FFVII and FFVIII came out on the 360. Yes, it's true, in fact most of the FF games are on the 360. We couldn't convince him otherwise.

That being said, FFXIII rocks! Totally love it. ^^

Also: People STILL can't manage to use a round-about here. They still cut me off every chance they get and I have to honk my horn at them as they almost collide with my car. No, your car CAN'T go where it wants, there are lanes for a reason.

March break brings out a lot of stupid kids in droves. It's an awful week to work. Thank goodness for the nice weather we had yesterday, the store was empty so I stood outside and got some sun on my alabaster skin.

So Stoked for FFXIII

It's kinda funny.,.. I have never actually finished a FF game. I have FFVIII sitting on a shelf... I tinkered with FFX for a few moments but well, never owned a PS or a PS2 so I never had a chance to get into them. I tried Kingdom Hearts at a friends house and that didn't go well. The play style seemed really rough.

That being said, i'm stoked for FFXIII... the story line looks good, graphics are amazing and I'll get a chance to play a FF game for once.

Also: Heavy Rain rocks, and I can't stand how Gamespot doesn't play nice with Chrome...

/poke poke

Hmm, surprising I haven't posted a blog since 2007. Or not, I fail so epically at keeping things updated. I work at Gamestop now. Woo woo. Love the job. It's great. Love games so it works out well for now. Customers vary from totally awesome to totally awful but what can ya do right? I used to work at Starbucks and that was just hell customer wise. Co-workers were great. Great at Gamestop too. We have a rockin' team overall.

Maybe i'll try and stay around here more.

more new entries

I have tried posting this 3 times today, with various screw ups on the part of GS... in any case - i have two new entries on my blog space on myspace, so check it!

Where my stories will be

Truth is, it's really annoying to cut and paste stuff on this site.... it's way to annoying.  Since so much HTML is blocked i have to edit every line of my story... and so I'll be posting this on my myspace site for now if you care to read.

Now it's annoying in it's own right, but whatever.

So here's my blog URL, featuring my latest stories, and will soon be filled with a few others I have written over the holidays.

This is so much more useful then the useless blog here.

Death Comes Easy to Those Who Wait

I have been writting more short clips but my internet has been off and on and i just finished a hell semester that tore the air out of my lungs.  I'm just getting back into the swing of things.  With more stuff.

Since I don't read over my writting i'm just generating new things.

Plus a lot of my stories are not PG enough for GS, so I can't post everything I generate.  kehehehe