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Kingdom_Hearts2 Blog

3rd Date

Today was our third date. I went out with my girl the day before yesterday and she introduced me to some of her friends. We are now OFFICIALLY Boyfriend and Girlfriend, hehehe.

I'm really happy now, even though my gaming life is stagnant, my love life is pretty healthy now. The only downside is that I'm finding it kinda hard to focus on college and studying, I just can't help but keep thinking about my beautiful, gorgeous girlfriend all the time.

News about my life

Ok, it's been quite a loooong time since I last wrote something about me here. Unfortunately I don't want to stick around so much since people already have KH2 and everybody's playing it if not already beaten the game.

Hehe, of course that makes me furious as hell, but I'm doing just fine for now.

For those of you who might be interested about my personal life, I'm starting my rough 6-day-a-week College classes and I think I'll be having my very first exams by May/June.

On another subject, I'm extremely happy because today (April 10) I got a new girlfriend! Yeah me! She's really beautiful and also very smart as well, so that's a really weird, yet sexy combination and she's all a guy could ask for in a girl. And to top it off, she's a year older than me (she's 19, I'm 18 y/o) and I dunno if it's a good or bad thing, but I hope this relationship really goes somewhere.

I'm so happy!!!!

Upcoming Review

Well, now that I'm on a short vacation, I've been playing RE4 for the PS2 for a long time now.

I just started on Pro mode but I'm planning to beat it within next month (I don't have my PS2 now since I'm on the US traveling).

So anyway, I think RE4 is a great game despite all the mega hype that's around nowadays. Therefore, I'm planning to write a review of it soon. Please look forward to it, I'm expecting lots of people to read it.

BTW, remember to read my other reviews of Kingdom Hearts; Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories; Final Fantasy X and many others.

I should probably write a review for Metal Gear Solid 3 as well. But I'm too lazy now...

My gaming life

Well, it pretty much isn't that exciting now that I'm so busy, it's pretty stagnant so far. I decided to restart playing FFX again. What an amazingly awesome game!

I first bought it in October, 2003 and now that I re-played it again I understand the plot better, it's really great. Of course, after having played the first game for 150 hours and spending dozens of hours on Blitzball, it was time to start from scratch again.

I made it!

Yeah, I'm finally back after dealing with my virused computer...

As for some good news, I took the TOEFL exam required for entering the College I want (a campus of SUNY). The minimum score needed to get in is 213 and I got 257 so I feel on top of the world right now, wooooooooooooohooooooo!

The KHR Union

Still I haven't been able to get time to get acquainted with all the new stuff, but I created my own Union called the "Kingdom Hearts Realm" and if, naturally, based on KH stuff, but also any PS2 game comment is acceptable.

Since I'm playing DMC3 right now, I feel like commenting on it.

Attention all KH hardcore fans!! (Mega-Must Read!)

We are recruiting VIP, hand selected users who are really into Kingdom Hearts and KH2 to join our special board on KH.

Of course, we post on and off-topic threads, but it's restricted to users who know a lot about the KH series and are acquainted with all the latest info on it.

This UCB is becoming better and growing a lot day by day. We're currently on the 60th rank on the UCB list with very few members.

If you are a true Kingdom Hearts fan and want to join a really cool board n00b-free, then just send me a PM telling me why I should add you. You can make it either briefly or as detailed as you want, just don't PM me if you're not interested.

The ones who check my profile the most are...

I was just checking it and I notice I'm lucky enough to get a couple of posts everytime I post a new comment on my journal, and I'm grateful for that.

But I just wanted to point out that Dias99 and mslink are IMO the ones who post the most here and they deserve this tiny entry in their honor. Of course, I also got many who comment constantly like Blaber66.

Well, thanks guys and congrats! w00t!

EDIT: Oh, btw, I just got my 2900th post.

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