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Sony has won E3 2013.

Well, I guess 'win' in a way, as in it did the best. Many already predicted Sony would, and they did, mostly because of Microsoft's crappy Xbox One reveal prior to E3. Still, while I do not think Microsoft did terribly, they did offer some incredible and unexpected showings, they still haven't actually offcially address their whole issue. I guess that means whatever they said is in fact, final. Used game DRM up to developers and 24 hour Online checks.

Sony's conference was amazing. Full of new games and unexpected titles and announcements. That part where Tretton pretty much mocks the 360 made it that much better. And references to Giant Enemy Crabs. You Go Sony. Shame No Kaz. I know he is technically CEO now but still love that guy, he's kinda like Reggie Fils-aime for Sony. Him missing is like Reggie going missing.

As for Nintendo.... Meh the Stream sucks. Just like everyone else said. Full of lag and crap hardly enjoyable. Still I read the tweets and live blogs and got some interesting news on the New Pokemon typng and Megaman on Smash Brosh or whatever but I honestly feel Nintendo did the worst. Yes they are. They showed nothing that new, or at least whatever that was new wasn't really exciting. Pokemon Smash Bros, Mario, we already knew they were coming, so they are hardly news worthy. They needed that Sony's Destiny, Final Fantasy XIII or Titanfall reveal, but alas they did not. Nintendo is playing safe. Too safe. I'll go watch the archive later so maybe I'll change my mind, But I don't think they did very well imo. I mean not bad, because I think E3 this year came out pretty strong from all sides, but I feel Nintendo isn't pushing hard enough. It needs that equivalent to the KH3 reveal, kinda like a HD Zelda reveal, that would have the same amount of impact.

Oh and By the way Nintendo, I've been saying this every E3 since 2007. Where is my F-Zero? I will keep saying this until it happens. Nintendo Mark my words. New Mario Kart? Stop it. F-Zero. NOW.

I might just buy a PS4 day one. I've never day one'd anything in my life. Except for the movie premier of the Avengers.

Slightly off topic but I kinda wish Nintendo was a little more "international minded", like Sony if you know what I mean. Nintendo seems to be stuck in their Japanese bubble. And actually now that I think of it, Microsoft is stuck in an American bubble. Only Sony is the company I feel like it appeals to both the East and West.

Top 5 DS games

Whats up everybody? I know its been a long time since I posted anything here, but regardless, if youve previously read my old blog on who is the King of Consoles, I crowned the DS as the winner. I firmly believe that the DS is by far the best console of the 7th generation. You might disagree, and I have no qualms with that. I recognize I might be slightly biased. Unfortunately due to college life and living away from home, playing home consoles in college, well, is not exactly easy. So the DS has been my primary system for the most part. Still, even then, I believe the DS did very well no matter how you look at it. It outsold all of the home consoles by a significant margin, has a library of over 1000 games. With a library of games that large how could you go wrong?

Now that the 3DS is out and DS support has pretty much died out especially after Pokemon Black and White 2 probably being the last ever major DS release, it is time to say farewell to our beloved 7th generation handheld gaming console and list out my personal top 5 DS games.

I want say it first that this is not an official list. This is a personal list, therefore, it may have personal bias. On top of the fact that the DS has over 1000 games, you cant expect me to play them all. This will be from my perspective and my tribute to the Nintendo DS.

Originally I wanted this to be top 20, but I got lazy to write out an entire descrption. So I'm only doing 5 now.

Here are some honorable mentions who did not make it to the list:

Contra 4, New Super Mario Bros., Kirby Canvas curse, Phoenix Wright Trilogy, Picross 3D, Warioware touched! Elite Beat Agents, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Red and) Blue

5. Okamiden


Okami on PS2/Wii was a beautiful masterpiece, with a distinct artstyle to distinguish it from the rest, and an interesting game mechanic in the form of the celestial brush, this is truly one of the greatest game ever made. The DS game is no different.

While the DS sequel does have minor changes in gameplay mechanics such as limited ink and the graphics arent quite as good on the DS, it is still a very gorgeous game to look at. The gameplay is still pretty much Okami, an action adventure game where you are going around trying to restore harmony to the world of Nippon while learning new brush techniques and beating dungeons on the fly. The only problem I have with this game is probably that its too easy, and I find the first Okami to be easy to begin with.

4. Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars.


What can you say about GTA CW? Its one of the best GTA games Ive ever played. Im not a huge GTA fan, but this is one game I can play and say I enjoyed every second of it. GTA CW seems to get a lot of unnecessary hate simply because it is a top down game rather than third person. How wrong you are if you judge a game simply because of the different camera angles. GTA CW is in essence, a GTA game at its core but optimized for the DS. The huge and beautiful liberty city is here for you to roam wreak havoc and everything. It is really like GTA for the PC and consoles. The game itself gives you all the freedom of a console GTA game while still introducing mechanics of its own like some of the touch screen mini games, or making it so you can lose the police by making them crash into walls, which is of course, awesome. This not a butchered port, or some crappy handheld game with less features, it is a full GTA experience with ADDITIONAL content on top of it. How can you not love it?

3. Pokemon Black and White.


It is. Difficult to pick between Pokemon BW1 and BW2. They are same yet different. Just like the 3rd games of the previous generations, BW2 changes enough to be different yet too similar to stand out. Ultimately, I had to choose BW1.

Pokemon Black and White was a phenomenal game. While the game itself is still old Pokemon, the generation 5 of Pokemon games manages to change things up enough to make the games just as lovable as before. BW1 tried to takes things up a notch by introducing a far more involved story and all new triple battles and rotation battles and more. Ultimately though, for me, I feel like the Pokemon competitive scene has matured much more in generation 5. I feel like the game has a far more engaging multiplayer than ever before. Unlike in previous games, I believe the newer generation has introduced many new Pokemon as well of moves that really affect how the game is played competitively such as Volt Switch, combination moves like the elemental pledges and fusion flare/bolt. Aside from that, the game also changed the EXP mechanics, making leveling significantly easier. Now Pokemon is truly where its at. My only criticism? Battle Haxway.

2. Castlevania: Order of Eccelesia


When forced to pick between either Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin or Order of Ecclesia, the answer was pretty clear. OoE was by far the superior game. Like the Metroidvanias before it, OoE follows the same style of exploring worlds, RPG elements and of course big and crazy boss battles. OoE introduced a completely new protagonist, Shanoa and a Glyph system which is similar to DoSs Soul system, but far bigger and having special Glyph combination attacks that gave it more variety. Although OoE was a pretty difficult game and by far the hardest of the DS trilogy, it always has that, I just want more feeling. Im not usually a fan of hard games. In fact, Im not a fan of hard games. I quit playing Megaman 9 because I couldnt be Splash woman (lol). Yet I somehow managed to persist all the way to the end and even beat the games secret boss Jiang Shi. I really have nothing bad to say about this game. In fact I cant think of anything bad to say about it!

1. The World Ends With You


Its absolutely crazy, its absolutely addicting, and its absolutely beautiful. There is really so much to love about The World Ends With You. This game is quite possibly the most innovative game I have ever played. The World Ends with You may seem like your typical JRPG, with a well written story, lovable characters, and a beautiful art style. But what makes TWEWY stands out for me is the overall design of this game and the emphasis on the two screens. Indeed, TWEWY is no typical JRPG at all, in fact the battle system is all the difference that makes it so excitingly fun and addictive. Its gameplay essentially spans two screens with you and a partner. The protagonist Neku is controlled using the stylus on the lower screen, while your partner is controlled using the D-Pad and the upper screen.

TWEWY actually has a bit of a Warioware vibe to it. In the same way that Warioware isnt that amazing with those micro games alone, TWEWYs stylus slashing and D-pad pressing battles arent that amazing on their own. But when put together is when the game truly shines. Switching your AI partner to manual and simultaneously controlling both screens is both addicting and rewarding. Very rarely does a game forces you to do this, and TWEWY does this, and amazingly well, on top of an already great story and wonderful soundtrack. TWEWY is a must buy game for any DS owner and my choice for number 1 DS game of all time.

Best and Worst Pokemon of Gen 5

It seems, every generation, there will always be people who complain about the new Pokemon designs, being ugly, crappy, or some other reason. Unfortunately, I have to admit, I am one of those people... But hey! At least I got used to them! (Eventually...) And I actually (eventually) liked some of these Pokemon.

Black and white 2 will be out very soon, what better way to celebrate than to list down the top 5 Pokemons of Generation 5? Here are my top 5 best and worst Pokemon of Gen 5. Since this is a personal list, not some official list, it will of course differ from yours, and the fact that there's over a hundred new Pokemon means a lot of them will be left out. I also want to make one thing clear, I'm only allowing one legendary Pokemon on the "best" list, otherwise it will end up becoming the top 5 best legendary Pokemon.

5. Mienshao


Theres one thing I can say about Mienshao. The moment this rat/possum/thing learned U-Turn with its regenerator ability, I was like This is definitely a permanent member of my gen 5 team. Mienshao is by far my favourite fighting type Pokemon this generation. Sporting an amazingly high attack and speed stats, and access to the powerful Hi-Jump Kick, Mienshao was the member of my team that swept Grimsleys entire team like it was nothing. I never even saw what Bisharp could do. Another awesome thing about Mienshao, its purple, and has sleeve-like thingies, which reminds me of Gen from Street Fighter, which is why I decided to name him Gen too.


Unfortunately like Gen, Mienshao is as frail as an old dying man. Even a neutral attack will leave him with little or no HP at all, while regenerator is nice, it wont really help against OHKOs. It is also semi-outclassed by Infernape, who has a secondary STAB and can run mixed sets. Still, Genshao is still my favourite fighting type this gen <3. (screw the musketeers)

4. Haxorus


Mold Breaker is one of those abilities that is awesome that is given to a not so awesome Pokemon (would you ever use Pinsir seriously?). Enter Haxorus.

This, like Mienshao, was also another wtf moment. The first time I saw Haxoruss 100+ stats, with the exception of that 200+ attack, I was astonished. This dude right here has attack so high it might as well be hax. After all, with that 147 Base attack Haxorus can literally rip through anything that doesnt resist its STAB Outrage. With Mold Breaker, no levitators can escape his Earthquake, and no Sturdy user is safe from being OHKOd.

While Haxorus gets two good points, he also gets two negatives. First, Haxorus movepool is a little bit lacking, and two, he has to compete with Garchomp, another powerful physical dragon that outspeeds him, has a wider movepool and gains STAB on his Earthquake. Well, at the very least, Haxorus can still quake levitators and doesnt get utterly destroyed by ice unlike Garchomp.

3. Hydreigon


For 4 generations, Ive waited for a special dragon who isnt a legendary. GameFreak has finally answered. Hydreigon is that very special pseudo-legendary Dragon.

With an amazingly high special attack, Hydreigon has a far greater Draco Meteor than even Salamence, and his Dark typing allows him to learn some neat dark type moves that some of the other pseudo legendary dragon cant. It also doesnt have a 4x weakness to ice! Awesome!

My only problem with Hydreigon is this. With that amazing special stat he should be able to learn moves like Thunderbolt and Ice beam right? Unfortunately no, and one of the reasons I wanted a special dragon Pokemon is to run this, and most people say running a special Dragonite is a horrible idea due to his far superior attack stat. (sigh..) Oh well, at least the Hydra gets Fire Blast...

2. Volcarona


For many generations, Bug types have pretty much been the most laughable of types. They have crappier stats than pretty much every other Pokemon out there. With only a few exceptions, pretty much no bug type can be considered good, unless they are already paired with a good typing like steel and fighting (aka, Scizor and Heracross). Finally, Generation 5, GF decided to give us a plethora of awesome bugs namely Escavalier, Accelgor and... Volcarona.

I dont actually use Volcarona a lot, because of a certain other Fire type. However, even I have to admit that Volcarona is quite possibly the best bug non legendary bug type. With a sky high SpAtk, a great boosting move and an awesome signature move in the form of Fiery Dance, this fire fly is worthy of being a legendary Pokemon already.

Only one problem, he cries whenever he sees anything remotely resembling a rock.

1. Reshiram


The reason why I bought Black over White. Lets put it this way. Out of all the Legendary Pokemon this generation, I chose Reshiram for several reasons. 1, I wanted a Special Dragon. Two, Zekrom is physical, and I already have Haxorus. 3, Fire is better coverage anyway. 4, Dat Draco Meteor.

While I realize Victini and V-Create is insanely powerful, I dont really like that speed drop. Im a huge fan of Landorus as well, Im just not a fan of his fear of a little ice tea. I never bothered to use the so called musketeers, and Kyurem looks like a frozen chicken.

Reshiram is awesome. He has way better SpAtk than Hydreigon, an amazing ability, a powerful Draco Meteor, and looks awesome. Fire typing lets it deal with steel types as well as ice types that scare all dragons away. Zekroms electric typing does neither. Yeah, I guess Zekrom looks kiiiiiiind of cool, but I still like Reshiram more in terms of both usefulness AND looks. And Reshiram has something extra downstairs that Zekrom doesnt. More points to Reshiram. :P


Now the top 5 WORST Pokemon of Generation 5. One thing must be made clear, the top 5 worst Pokemon doesnt have to be bad stat-wise to be listed. They can be listed for a variety of other bad reasons. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO START RAGING LIKE THE HULK BECAUSE YOUR FAVORITE POKEMON IS ON THE LIST, STOP RIGHT HERE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. :C


5. Emolga


I just want to start of with this flying squirrel and show you what I mean by other "bad reasons". If I did not include this rule, you will likely see Patrat or something similar here because of how crappy it is, like all early Pokemon. Emolga isnt bad because it is outclassed by every other electric type in the game. It is bad because it is the fruit of some stupid trend that GameFreak should just stop.

Just look at it, sure, it doesnt exactly look like Pachirisu, but the resemblance is there, but even worse, Emolga is meant to be the Pikachu of gen 5. Every gen there has to be a Pikachu rip off. Look at the history: Gen1=Pikachu, Gen2=Pichu, Gen3=Plusle/Minun, Gen4=Pachirisu, Gen5=Emolga. They have all the similar typing, they are all rodents, they have the same electric cheeks, AND they all suck. At least the Pseudo legendaries each gen has some variety, they aren't all Dragons after all, we got Tyranitar and Metagross. They also have vastly different designs. I really dont want to see worthless electric rats anymore. They aren't even remotely useful Pokemon. And No, Light Ball Pikachu still sucks.

4. Garbodor


Well to be fair to Garbodor, while its true it you could say it looks ugly and has lazy design, people should understand that Garbodor is technically speaking, garbage. Garbage isn't meant to be beautiful. So why is it here in this list anyway?

Garbodor is obviously gen 5's equivalent of Muk, like Swalot from Gen 3. I'm not being a Nostalgia fan, but Muk is simply better than Garbodor in every way. This is a cold hard fact. Muk looks better, but ignore design, go look at their stats. Tell me Garbodor is better. For a bulky poison type, those stats are still not as good as Muk. Sure, Garbodor has better defense, but that is not saving it from Earthquake. Muk is still better at walling special attackers. So where does Garbodor fit in? No where.

3. Liepard


Patrat line is excusable, like all the early normal types. Liepard is just plain horrible, even as an early Pokemon. It is so frail that early Pokemon hurts it badly, and its attack isnt high enough to compensate its frailty like Mienshao. Mightyena as an early dark type in Gen 3 was still okay. Liepard isn't. Throw this disgrace to all feline Pokemon in the Garbordor and flush it down toilet form Rotom. In fact, I'd rather use a Toilet form Rotom than this.

2. Amoonguss


It's slow. It has more weaknesses than any other bulky Pokemon. It's a Mushroom with a Pokeball for a head. There's no reason to use Amoonguss. There's no reason to like it aesthetically either. It basically plays the Voltorb/Electrode role of gen 5. He sits there pretending to be an item and then attacks you. Best thing I can say about Amoonguss is that at least he doesn't explode and kill your Pokemon.

1. GEN 5 Starters


Finally the worse of them all.... Why separate them when you can lump them into one? Even though this is supposed to be top 5, I decided to put the all the 3 starters final evolution here.

This has to be the first generation where I decided to throw my starter in to the PC well before I beat the game, and with good reason. They are all crap.

First lets start with Serperior. Its movepool is absolutly horrible. It has next to no coverage moves. Aeriel Ace has pathetic base power, and Dragon tail has decreased priority. He has great speed, but mediocre attack, OH But he has good defenses!! Wait why would you run a defensive Serperior anyway? Really, while its true he can function as a high speed tank, he should be given better moves and better attack so he can function as a high speed SWEEPER. There are tons of better defensive Pokemon out there. We dont need one with 5 weaknesses. Contrary + Leaf Storm could fix him, but that's a different story altogether.

Emboar? What is this? Another Fire Fighting type? Bleh... I pass. But thats not the main problem behind Emboar. The problem lies with the fact that he is just out classed, BY DARMANITAN. Aside from that, Blaziken and Infernape also outclass him, as they both have their roles has fire fighting types. Infernape hits fast and hard, Blaziken is still speedy enough, hits hard and has some unique access to flying type moves to give it its niche, while emboar... yeah... he gets destroyed before he can do anything. Want a good physical fire type before Elite 4? Use Darmanitan. Emboar fails.

Samurott suffers the same problems with Emboar. He's too slow. Not as slow as Emboar, but slow enough to be annoying. Samurott, I would say, is probably the best out of the 3 starters (until contrary Serperior with Leaf Storm comes). Still, he's not as good as say feraligatr, or some of the other water types pass gen. Swampert is a better bulky water type. Feraligatr is a better attacker with its higher speed. What Samurott needs is Shell Smash. Come on, theres shells all over its body!! This would prove a great fix for Samurott, probably making him the best starter of gen 5. But nope. No Shell Smash for you even though you have lots of it.

Sure, the starters aren't as horrible as some other Pokemon listed, BUT, they are STARTERS. Most starters from previous gen are at least useful even until you beat the game. It's not the same here, there are significantly better fire/grass types out there, so these guys are useless (with the exception of Samurott, maybe). Put them in the PC, and forget they ever exist.

My views on E3 2012 (It's lame)

Now that all 3 conferences are done, I'm sure many is going to go about "OMG WHO WON ARRGGHHHH, XXX WON"

Well to begin, let's look at the 3 conferences...

First Microsoft, they started great with an awesome reveal of Halo 4, then subsequently lost steam as they continued to show Kinect integrated into hardcore games, then casual games, then boring stuff like navigating menus with Kinect.... Wait, didn't we see this last year?? Why are they showing this again? Alright, Xbox, Bing this stuff. blah.... IE for Xbox? IE is a fail browser. Microsoft did not show much of SmartGlass either, mostly for navigating more menus.... My major problem with this conference is they're showing tech, but not showing games. The tech is used to navigate menus.... why???? What's the point? As for Kinect voice controls, we saw that last year, and to me, it's an unnecessary addition. We don't need to see the same thing two years straight. Overall they still had a couple of impressive showings, namely Tomb Raider and Resident Evil 6, but you really have to sit through a lot of crap to see the good stuff.

Sony did not have that much of a great start, especially since Beyond doesn't look that great to me. PlayStation Battle Royale looks cool though. Then when PSmove started it started to fall apart, especially when wonderbook was shown. Honestly that was the most boring presentation I have ever seen. like what? 20 whole minutes of a couple of people witting down waving the move around to kill paper dragons..... no not even real dragons, just origami rip offs. I seriously feel like turning off at that point, but luckily they managed to save it with a couple of great games at the end, God of War and The Last of US, both of which looks incredible. Also they need more Kazuo Hirai, he is awesome.

Finally we have Nintendo, which had an amazing opening with Pikmin 3 and Miyamoto, which I thought was rather clever. While I thought their reveals were decent, there was one major problem plaguing their conference. There were no major announcements, which is my only problem. Most of the stuff they shown, we already know, while there was also a little too much Mario. It seems like it was here's Mario on Wii U, and Mario on 3DS, and Paper Mario! and that Mario minigame! Nothing wrong with Mario, but they lack their other franchises. What happened to metroid? Pokemon? F-Zero? StarFox? Zelda? What happened? did they forgot? Scribblenauts Unlimited was the only major game revealed which I was somewhat excited for, but otherwise, nothing much. Batman is something we already seen, Ubisoft's games were meh and yup that's it. And they ended it with Nintendo Land, which.... I couldn't really care. They needed that big game to end the show, like 2008 Metroid Other M reveal, or 2004 reveal of Twilight Princess. THat's how they should have ended. But nope, just Nintendo Land.

Final thoughts? They all fail. But if I had to name a winner.... I say Sony did... but only by a hair. If Sony had wonderbook any longer I would have them tied.

So there you go.

Majority of GameSpoters Want Voice Acting in Zelda

Another day another blog, today, I share with you the results of my poll. Sometime ago, IGN created a poll [LINK]. It showed that over 80% of Zelda fans wanted voice acting. Was it accurate? Well, on the off chance that IGN readers know nothing about Zelda (just kidding), I created a poll for you GameSpoters to vote. You can still see the thread here.

Over 100 people have voted, and the results, though somewhat different, the end result did not deviate from IGN's own, here's what it looks like as of posting this blog:

-50% (57) In favour of voice acting

-39% (45) Against

-11% (13) Are fine whichever way.

Total of 115 votes.

As you can see, the numbers show a majority of people favoring voice acting in Zelda, with a strong 34% of people want voice acting, but Link remains his silent self. Helping push the supporters are 13% who want everyone, including Link to talk, with a remaining 3% wants Japanese voices (lol).

If we take a look at the votes of the poll at a slightly different way, we will see that not only 50% of people want voices, but there is, at the very least, an additional 11% of people who do not mind having the Zelda characters talk. So that could, at least potentially, push that total to a whopping 62%.

So while the results do not show that the supporters significantly outweigh the against like IGN's poll, it does show that it's about time Zelda characters get along and started talking too as majority wants it, and that Link will not talk like Samus in Metroid Prime 3.

Understandably, many people fear voices bring an end to imagination, but when I last saw the Skyward Sword Romance Trailer, I tried to imagined, just like the rest of you people against VA, Link and Zelda talking, but then I stopped and thought again, "Why don't they talk?" Having some dialogue or voices of some sort will allow us to understand the characters better, and get to know their feelings as well. Perhaps you may not get the freedom to imagine whatever it is you wish, but for me, the more I imagined those voices in my head, the more I actually WANT them to talk.

After all can you honestly say that playing a game like Dragon Age or Mass Effect, with its tons of dialogue and terrific voice acting, is much better when you mute all the voices? Seriously, go play a game with good voice acting or something like Dragon Age, but turn on the subtitles and mute the audio. Now tell me that the game's conversations are better that way (because it's not).

Nintendo's New 3DS Peripheral is......

..a Complete joke.

Have you read this article yet? If not click here.

Then look at this thing. Apparently, a new circle pad is going to be included so that you can play the new Moster Hunter. But Look at that thing!!! It's ginormous! You call that portable? I can only tell how much pain early adopters must be feeling, first a price drop in barely 6 months, then, a plethora of game cancellations and delays, then a new 3DS iteration supposedly to be announced soon and THEN, they give you one extra peripheral that you must buy if you want to play certain games...

Nintendo, why did you thought having one analog stick was a good idea? WHY? Not enough space??

I have not and will not buy a 3DS until the one with a right tick built-in comes out, or whatever the next iteration will be like.

That and until they come in Gold. I love my Gold GBA. Good times.

Sauce: Link

(Yeah I know it's spelled source)

E3 2011 Impressions

So How was it guys? Fun E3 this year? Better or worst than last year?

Let me begin by saying that this is one of the better E3s, but, I didn't think it was as good as last year, it was still in many ways awesome though. But first, let's start with Microsoft.

Microsofts press conference in a nutshell looks kinda like this...

Okay, maybe that was harsh... but to be fair, I think what Microsoft displayed at E3 was pretty cool. They showed how Kinect could work and apply to many hardcore games, as well as casual, and they showed Halo 4 etc. It's pretty neat and all, but the problem is I'm not sure if I want to talk to my console, like..

"XBOX, Bing Pokemon!!"

*Error occured cannot find Nintendo material*

Regardless, it's cool technology, but do you really want to talk all day and give out orders to Computer controlled characters in Mass Effect 3? I don't know, I don't mind talking to humans online, but machine? maybe not, plus, you get thirsty after a while. I really think Kinect is cool, but it's application works better with robots that have speech recognition and recognize movements. Now isn't that better? Make a robot now Moneysoft!! I mean Microsoft!

The Kinect stuff was nice but they didn't have to spend like 45 minutes, which was almost the entire conference, on it. Many people on live chat said Kinect sucked, while I don't think Kinect is that bad, it's just not really my thing.


On to Sony, Sony's was.... kinda boring. Not terribad like Microsoft, but I feel like they stretched out the conference way too long. It's almost 2 hours, which could be shortened to just over an hour. They showcased many awesome games, talked about the move and let's face it, they also spend way too much time on the move, stuff they shown us was stuff we already know and saw, there wasn't much new to the move. Haven't we seen most of it already? Reaching to your back to grab an arrow? okay, Nice but I thought that didn't need to be showed at E3, I mean it's pretty self explanatory. Motion control is suppose to replicate real life, I get that, sooooooo stop wasting time on something we saw last year Sony.

And NGP, whoops, I mean Vita, now that's something actually worth watching. Sadly, it them like 1 hour to get that far, and by then I was so bored with the move, I couldn't really get excited for Vita. I guess I'm just bias since I only care about the 3DS, but still, they didn't really showed much new content on the Vita, or anything truly innovative with its bacwards touchpanel. Save Uncharted, which was probably the best of the bunch (though not my type of game), much of what has been shown couldn't convince me on the Vita.

ModNation Racers? Nice, but well, I'm an F-Zero fanboy. SFxT? Well that's on the home consoles aren't they? Plus, I could care less about Tekken, give me MvC3 on Vita then We'll talk. :P I have to say, I'm not very impressed by the Vita, but largely because the games they showed didn't really blow my mind like the 3DS did last year, which had MGS, Street Fighter, Kid Icarus, and Resident Evil etc... Furthermore, what they showed didn't really do anything innovative gameplay wise with the rear touch panel which is what I want to see in order to convince me that the Vita was a unique and new system which would set itself apart from the 3DS and other touch systems like tablets and other smartphones. For now, I can only say that the Vita is just a more powerful PSP with a second analogue stick.

And no Kevin Butler, which is a thumbs up for me unlike many people, Kaz Hirai is actually the one who kept me interested in the conference both last year and this year, I care not for a fake CEO I want a real executive to do the talking. Sorry Fake CEO Fans :P


For Nintendo, first of all the orchestra was amazing, and I don't consider myself to be a big Zelda fan, (Actually Zelda is one of my least favorite Nintendo franchise, maybe I'll discuss that in a future blog which I may post). Nintendo definitely opened up beautifully, all three conferences did, but I think the flash back sequences to all the previous Zelda games and the music just makes this the best opener of all the three shows.

My first problem is that stupid translator dude, unlike Yoshinori Ono's translator at the Sony conference who waits for Ono to finish his sentence, this dude keeps cutting in to what Miyamoto is saying. Please ask this dude to shut up while THE Miyamoto is speaking. Thanks.

Next, All I can say is that after spending sometime on things about the 3DS which most of us already knew, except a few like Luigi's Mansion 2, which looks awesome BTW, Reggie announced they named the System Wii U, and well, I am like....

Picture is called the biting pear of salamance by Ursalav on DeviantArt, Check her out ;)

But as Reggie said, Wii was a weird name so I guess it doesn't matter. The controller itself to me was not something that I was very amzaed either. Looks cool but think again, everything about the Wii U controller isn't very innovative as they claimed. Two screens? THEY DID IT ON THE DS! And pretty much everything else! However, to be fair, since this is the home console, there are obviously many things that could be done on it that can't be done on the DS, but overall, the Wii U, while the graphics and 3rd party support amazed me, the controller concerns me a lot.

Just Look at it...

All that controls and screen stuffed into one wireless controller, it's gonna do 3 bad things:

-The controller will have a crazy short battery life

-It's gonna cost a lot.

-It's square shape looks like it will be hard to hold in general.

I don't know about you, but the third parties interview stuff didn't really say much either, outside of DARKSIDERS 2 GONNA BE LAUNCH TITLEZZ!!! They were being really vague about it. I really wish there were more games revealed like for the 3DS last year. So I was overall not nearly as satisfied with Nintendo's reaveal of the Wii U compared to 3DS.

You know what they need? CAPCOM. My favorite third party since, ever. And they need to get Capcom to make Nintendo vs Capcom, ala Marvel VS Capcom. Smash Bros is nice, but I just think the VS series done crossover fighting games much better than Nintendo ever did, so a Nintendo VS Capcom game, with the gameplay of the VS series is all I need, and the new controller will definitely help make it work. Hell, throw in the short cut functionallity like the SSFIV 3D Edition and you'll get the casual crowd too! And Also, Konami. Specifically, Castlevania.

Oh Lastly, Nintendo, I'M STILL WAITING FOR F-ZERO.

Thanks for reading.

So which is the King of Consoles of the Generation?

Let's Crown the King of Consoles!

It's 2011, and gaming has sure come a long way. The Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS and PSP went through many ups and downs between its launch up until now. With rumors of the many new upcoming consoles and with the current generation of gaming coming to an end, I think it's time for us to look back, and see how these machines did over its lifetime and how they stack up against each other.

But before we move on, I would like to explain a number of things. This is going to be from a gamer's perspective (aka, my perspective) so this is nothing official, but I definitely be as fair as possible and judge each console fairly.

There will be five categories we will be looking at in order to determine "The King of Consoles", and they are:

-Market dominance or Popularity

-First and Third-Party game/ support as well as exclusives

-Innovation, (or bringing anything different and new to the industry)

-Features, Hard/Software Capabilities and Unique qualities

-Standing the test of time.

Now that you know the categories we will be looking at, I want you guys to take a look at all the "Kings" of the past generation, and why I chosen them. Unfortunately there's no Atari 2600 because I never played it, nor do I know much about. Without further ado…


The NES: Near complete market dominance, first and third party games, innovation of the D-pad, Light gun, among other stuff. Held its own into the 16-bit era.

The SNES: Heavy dominance in the market despite starting out late. It houses a plethora of great games from first and third parties. Innovation thanks to its semi-3D mode-7 capabilities. It stood well into the 32-bit era.

PS1 (aka PSX): Market dominance, made used of CDs, allowing the storage of more data than usual. And although the N64 could beat it in terms of first party games, you cannot deny that the PS1 houses some of the best third party games ever, (i.e. Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania: SOTN)

PS2: Near complete market dominance. Most non-gamer people I know, never heard of an Xbox, almost none knew of the GameCube, yet when you say PlayStation, they immediately recognize it. IMMENSE third party support, as well as being a DVD player. All in one. Standing the test of time? PEOPLE ARE STILL BUYING AND PLAYING THIS FREAKING THING TODAY.


So which is the King of Consoles? Let's take a look at each of them, by order of release.

The Nintendo DS

The Nintendo DS, was first released on November 2004, and prior to its release, it is one of the most underestimated consoles. True, the thought of having two screens, one of them having touch functionality, does sound like a weird thing, that is until a number of new innovative game made good use of both of them allowing for some interesting new concepts. The extra screen does have a secondary purpose of serving as extra room for developers to put mini maps and stats instead of cluttering all of them together in one screen.

Still, the DS wouldn't see an increase in sales until the release of the DS Lite, the redesigned model which made the bulky DS phat much smaller, with much brighter and much more appealing to the eye. Third parties would then rush to begin the massive support for the DS that we see today.

Even with the release of the PSP, it seems that the PSP just couldn't do much to slow the momentum of the DS down. As it continues, the DS has sold more than double what the PSP did, nearing 150 million units worldwide, showing clear market dominance, at least in the handheld console market.

The DS isn't without problems. It suffers from being an overall pretty weak and flimsy console (all those crack hinges…), and it is also the weakest console using technology back from the 64-bit era. Despite this, it proves that being a unique console with great games will make a successful console.

The PlayStation Portable

It comes as to no surprise that many people assumed that the PSP would ultimately take over the DS, establishing itself as the new king of the handheld department. Released on December 2004 in Japan, just a month after the DS, the PSP would go on to sell over 60 million worldwide as of this blog post.

The PSP would introduce a number of new concepts to handheld gaming, including using an optical disc format as its primary medium for gaming, introducing a large 16:9, widescreen display to the portable, as well as a new "analog stick". The PSP itself was also a multipurpose device, capable of watching movies, displaying photos, listening to your favorite music and much more.

There are problems with the hardware itself, the UMD way of loading games prove inefficient and not very practical for handheld gaming, and in terms of third party software, it seems the PSP is usually being left in the dust.

There's no question, that after having 60 million sold, the PSP has definitely put a dent into the DS's market. It may not be significant, but it has showed that Sony is definitely a player in the handheld market.

Xbox 360

The 360 enjoyed having the earliest launch of all the 3 home consoles. Released on November 2005, it was plagued by having some of the most well known hardware failures of video game history, RRODs. Though it was eventually fixed, some gamers were already put off by it and decided to go with the PS3 or Wii. Despite this, the Xbox 360 did brought us a number of things that are undeniably important to the video game industry.

The most recognizable feature of the 360 is Xbox Live, an online service that has, in many ways, helped made socializing and multiplayer in gaming much easier than before. With friend lists, avatars, easy to use menus, voice chat, downloadable content and many other social features, the Xbox 360 propelled online interactivity and social gaming to whole new level. Even though the original Xbox already had XBL, it was the Xbox 360 that truly set the standard for online gaming.


Sony's Playstation 3 is a bit of a difficult one to judge because of how much it has changed over the course of its lifetime. First released on November 2006, it boasts to be the most powerful hardware of the generation, with processors that rivals of that in supercomputers. That was a fact, and no doubt, it is in fact the most powerful console of the generation. With its Blu-Ray format capable of far greater storage capacity than DVD, it looks to be the best hardware of the generation!

Except when it comes to pricing and marketing, the PS3, was almost a complete flop, with the Wii outselling it nearly 3:1, and it still is the least sold hardware of the generation. However thanks to recent redesigned models and price cuts, the PS3 is coming, rapidly catching up to the 360 in terms of sales, and its hardware power along with the massive storage capacity meant that there are definitely games that cannot be done anywhere else.

While the PS3 didn't really push gaming to new heights with any new innovation, it makes up for it with raw power, and being able to just about anything from playing games, to watching movies, to surfing the web. It's an entertainment center that does everything, so you don't have to own anything more than that.


The Wii is definitely the weirdest of the 3 consoles. Released on mere DAYS after the release of the PS3, the Wii, was both fascinating and weird for many gamers with its motion controls. The Wii was no doubt a commercial success, selling well nearly 85 million as of this blog post, nearly twice as many as the other 2 consoles, no doubt showing huge market dominance as well.

The Wii has a great amount of first party titles, many of which take advantage of the Wii's motion sensing capabilities. It allowed gaming to be more interactive as swinging a sword is no longer a simple button press, and shooting required you to aim you wii remote at the screen.

The Wii is still, unfortunately, not the best of all consoles. Its online is without a doubt, worst than XBL or PSN. It has the largest amount of shovelware, thanks to developers who wants to cash in on the Wii hype, and to top it off, it does not support HD and is the weakest console of the generation (Besides the handhelds for obvious reasons). Still the Wii proved that graphics isn't everything, and gameplay is all that matters, but it also proved, if given a choice, I would like to have both good gameplay AND good graphics. Cheers to those who agree. J


So, which is it? Who is the king? Which gaming console reigns supreme!!???

It's the Nintendo DS!!!

Well, at this point, I don't think I need to explain much more, but you might be wondering "why?" Well it's because when you look at all the consoles, it's obvious the DS has almost the entire handheld market within its grasp, and sure, handhelds tend to sell more than home consoles, but looking at the gameboy, you can see the DS is definitely doing better than the GBA did in its own years. In terms of gaming, though the DS has had its share of shovelware, it cannot be denied that it still has one of the largest and greatest gaming libraries with amazing support from both first AND third parties. The DS was an amazing little machine that was ridiculed by many gamers and looked down upon as well. Not surprising with its weird 2 screen design, yet somehow, it turned out to be the best selling console of the generation.

The home consoles may have proven worthy but to me, it's a bit too early to judge which the better of the 3 home consoles. With the release of Kinect and PlayStation Move, it will be sometime before we can accurately judge these 3 consoles, but for now, the DS is king, and the 3DS will likely follow.


EDIT: More than 1700 words, I felt like I written an article for GameSpot or IGN or something. XD

Nintendo has gone to a new low...

I don't post blogs here very often anymore, neither do I come to GameSpot very often anymore, but this is one story I cannot let slip by.

If any of you have been paying attention to whole Pokemon Black and White news, you would know several things, it was recently released in Japan, and it sold like 2 million copies in like 2 days.

Of course, with a launch of a new game this big means fansites like Serebii and PokeBeach are going to be reporting those with sprite and screenshots taken from the game right?? Yes, and you know what, it appears Nintendo may not be so happy about it, Kotaku reports. A number of articles appeared, but Kotaku is the most up-to-date as of posting this blog that's why I'm linking them here. On PokeBeach's main page, they have posted an update to the whole situation. so those of you and your conspiracy theories on they used ROMs etc. can stop it, it's pretty much legit.

It appears that C&Ds has been sent to multiple Pokemon fansites, namely Serebii and PokeBeach. Though I don't actually go to these sites I find the whole situation pretty retarded. Let's look at this, NINTENDO, is trying to stop their fans from hyping the game??? This whole situation apparently, has nothing to do with them using ROMs to get the images (Serebii at least, didn't) It's the fact that they posted images at all, which is really really stupid. Well, understandably, I can see that perhaps they don't want the people to be spoiled but then, so what? A few screenshots and sprites can't possibly make people not buy the game. I honestly don't see the whole point here. If anything, it helps them advertise the game and get more people to buy it! These sites are also not earning any money from what they are doing, so why?

Some people may be asking. Why now? Why Black and White? Why not Diamond and Pearl etc. etc. but I think this is why, Pokemon Black and White happens to be the first Pokemon game to be region locked, at least on the DSi, and Nintendo probably wants to keep information from getting out of Japan by doing so. Still, it does not make sense for them to want to stop us from getting the info. It clearly isn't fair. If Nintendo had went with an international release then none of this would have happened, but instead, they chose to release one region at a time and of course screwing with the fansites that may have the information.

Nintendo has gone to a new low. Really low. It's just heartbreaking to a Pokemon fan, a Nintendo fan. It hurts me because one of my favorite RPG franchises of all time, the franchise that got me into RPGs, the franchise I grew up on is now owned by people who are bullies others just because they are doing something they love. I'm not sure if NoJ was involved, or if this is an NoA only thing but either way it's still pretty ridiculous.

I'm no long the huge Pokemon fanatic I used to be, but I still loyally follow the main series at the very least. I've been following the series for about 10 years, and of course I'm gonna buy Black and White, but I'll probably hate myself for doing so.

I'll be gone until December...

Hi everyone, it seems my internet was busted. And I was rather busy...

Now, first things first. Next month, that's september, is my third examinations of the year, and another one will come the following month later and will end on the first week of December. So I will be gone for about 3-4 months to study every and get the grades I want. So that means I'll be spending little time playing video games and more time studying, and If I do play, it would most likely be with my DS since it can be brought around easily. So until then have a fun time.