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Something Amazing Just Happened!

Dear sir/madam,

I am writing to propose that a Video Games Convention (organised by myself and co, along with any member(s) of staff from the council etc) to take place at The Festival Hall some time in the second quarter of 2008 (April, May, june).

The organising is still in the prelimanary stages but the Convention would consist of multiple Games Consoles such as the PlayStation2/PlayStation3 and Xbox360. Also there may be PC's there if they can be aqquired. Events that will take place will be organised in seperate divisions depending on the components and requirements that are necessary for it to work. An example of an event would be a Competition on a certain console on a certain game between either 2-16 people depending on the compatabilty of the game and the system, but with there being different systems there will be a variety of possibilities.

I know this is rather ambitious, but it is something I and others have dreamed of doing for a very long time, and usually people would think about doing this kind of thing but not act upon the thought of it. Please consider my proposal. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Conner Savage

That there is an email I just sent to my local council about 10 minutes ago... I sure hope this goes as planned...



Why? Why Did You Do That!? I Told You Not To Do That!!

Anyone else noticed that some people are really effing wierd when it comes to headsets... You'll jsut be there, cuttin dudes in half with a chainsaw bayonet, and then some pen0r turns his mic on and starts giving you some grief... Because you killed him... Some of the abuse that comes literally flying out is just totally illegal, in every way, shape and form... I physically can not believe that that kind of vocabulary even exists... To be quite honest, I wouldn't be shocked if some of these people were mass murders sitting in prison with a XBox360 (for some reason). It just scares me that, this dude could be my next door neighbour, or, one of my mate's dad's friends. You never know with the ammount of inbreeding that takes place nowadays...

If any of you have similar problems, not only on Gears of War, because I know it's the same on G.R.A.W too, then please notify me so I know I'm not the only person with these crazy people in my ear. Cheers guys, peace!

Haha, the things I do for charity...

Yeah, it was children in need today at school. So I thought I may aswell do something stupid to raise some money... Sooooo, I had one of my legs waxed hahaha. It didn't hurt as much as last year so that's all good :)

Other people did stuff like sponsered silence but where's the fun in that!? Screaming mroe fun :D

If you did anything interesting for charity tell me about it! Or if you've ever done anything for a charitable event, alos tell me!

Peace guys!

OMG! They finally realised! After soooo long!!!!

Last night I watched the Resistance: Fall Of Man tournament, thinking it would just be the average TTV, but then something amazing happened! They announced that GameSpot UK are goin to have their first tournament soon!!!! I've been getting on at GameSpot for about 2 months to give us Europeans something that we don't have to drink copious ammounts of coffee to watch. This is such a relief. Because I/Me and some of my mates might actually get chance to par-take in a tournament now! OH YES! Even though we would lose badly, it would still be incredibly fun.

I'm just really happy that they finally pulled something out their arse's and gave GameSpot UK something more than a podcast. Now all we have to wait for is GameSpotUK On the Spot. Nahhh, I don't think that'll ever happen hahaha.


EDIT: The UK tournament is going to be Capital Punishment UK, which is Gears of War if you don't already know. So if any of you out there are interested, sign up as soon as registration opens.

I laugh at you!

Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, how y'all doin?

Just thought I'd do a blog and stuff... Ya know... Yeah.. I reackon I might write something about GTA IV? I dunno.. Cos all you GTA fans have just got double owned becaus eof the second delay hahaha, you might have to wait a whole year for the game to be released lol. But I suppose I shouldn't laugh too much... HAHAHAHA GUTTED! Lol sorry =D

Yeah anyway, anyone getting a slim'n'lite? I know I am, 20% faster loading and the battery compatability thing is gonna be pretty cool when I'm whoopin some ass on MHF2 with ma boys hahaha. Well, 20% faster loading + background loading, that's alot of loading that I won't need ot wait for lol. But I'm also getting it to see if it's easier to do the claw grip, it's a really good way to play MHF games but the orginal PSP is pretty fat ass so a thinner version should be just perfect for me =]

There's not much going on that interests me tbh... I've been playing a bit of G.R.A.W on XboxLive but it's not really worth mentioning how annoying some people are on their headsets... I just tell 'em straight lol. They say stuff like "hey I'm the best, I'll kill all 'o' y'all and yo mama's!" Wtf lol, my reply = "dude, stfu, do you get bullied or something? Does no-one like you? Is your mother a whore and your dad a peadophile?" And then they leave the game lol! So I reackon I must hit a nerve on these people when I say that lol... But to be quite honest I don't give a poop. That's right! I DON'T GIVE A POOP!

Have a nice day =]

Anyone seen any good films lately?


How you all doin?

I was just thinking the other day, "Hmmm, I wonder if anyone except me has seen that film Along Came A Spider with Morgan Freeman in it". And it turns out, no-one I know has hahaha. It's a great film, you should watch it ^.^

Yeah anyway, I was wondering if anyones got any suggestions as to any rare, obscure film(s) that qualify to be watchable. I mean, there are alot of good films out there, but I can never be bothered to actually go and look for them, because, I'm lazy...

So if any of you know any film(s) that I may not have watched, or heard about, then just gimme the name and I'll check it out.

Cheers dudes, peace.

Another day... Another IDIOT!

You can kinda guess I don't like my English teacher... Or my Maths teacher... Or my Music/Drama teacher...

My IT teacher is badass though.

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 = Teh Ownage with a capital P. It's a rally emersive game, I've had it a week and I'm already 5*Elder Urgents and HR 6, it's soooooo fun lol. At the moment I'm wearing full Tigrex S with 5 grinder jewels, the 3 effects I get from that equipment is awesome, EarPlus + Fast eating + Fast sharpen. It makes the task of healing and sharpening a much easier and faster task, it also makes it alot safer hahaha. I'm on my way to making full Silver Sol, I've got 3 pieces I just need the tasset and Legs, shouldn't take too long to get 2 more ruby's. And as for weapons, I frequently use High Frost Edge, Djinn (almost Blazing Falchion), DeathPrize (I love watching Monstershelplessly struggle their ass off), as soon as I get it I'll be using Onslaught Hammer. That's about it for weapons? I think.. I'm not sure.

Anyway, I'm having alot of fun playing it, especially on saturday's when me and my boys do some G-Rank ownage. If you have a PSP I would seriously consider buying this game, it is sooooooo much better than Monster Hunter Freedom 1 (or Monster Hunter P as known in america?). It's awesome. But I still think the original Monster Hunter (PS2) Is the best. WAY TO GO CAPCOM! Now I just can't wait for MH3 (MH Tri) for the Wii. I wanna see how they use the unique control system the Wii provides, it'll be interesting to see if they can actually make it work tbh, this kind of thing is a Make-or-Break situation. Kinda like Haze and the whole Nectar concept thing.

That's all folks, peace.

I'm getting better.

Update on my Warchiefs playing.

I've been doing quite well latley, I think I'm corpral and I can beat master sergeants and 1st luitenants with my Dutch HC. It's only level 21 now lolz. But It's good enough, I can get 10 banks and 2 factories, so there's alot of free resources anyway lol. And you can't go wrong with Nassau Halberdiers, they kick ass.

But although I've won my last 5 1vs1 No Rush 50mins Half Map No Block No Warships games, I aint gonna get cocky =]. I'm only in it for the fun factor, and ofcourse, for the exp.

Peace. Btw, wanna play some warchiefs with me? Whisper me some time and say you read my blog. My account name is JackDalton.

Well today was boring...

Seriously, I've got nothing to write about, it's a real bummer because I enjoy wasting your time with my pointless drivel.

The only real thing worth mentioning is that I've ordered Monster Hunter Freedom 2. £17.99, free p&p from

That's a great site, it's got price reductions on everything, well nearlly everything...

F|_|ck today was boring...

Peace guys, enjoy your weekend.

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