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First video post, funny prank.


When I buy a new charger for my camcorder, you will notice a lot of different things about me, no acne, not acting like an idiot, hair, ect. Sorry that my face is in the camera a lot, I was stupid then :P. This was not staged. My mothers friend REALLY was sleeping like that. I was 10 when this happened.

I'm Back!!

Well, I'm sorry I kind of left gamespot but my internet was kind of screwed up for the past couple of months so I didn't really sign on much. I know I said I'd post some videos but I can't anymore because my charger for my camcorder broke and I have to buy a new one soon. Even if I do post any new videos there may not be a lot because my internet is running very slow lately so for me it may take an 1 or 2 to upload one video. Anyway, I got my 360! Sadly my 360 broke so I have to send it in for repair so I may be inactive for 2 weeks. My gamertag is at the top of my blog so now ya know it :). I'll keep in contact every other day or so now.Please forgive me for the inconveinence. I'm also 14 now!

Ps: What I mean by "my 360 is broken" I mean just tonight I tried to turn it on but I got the 3 rings of death so i'm sorry I might not be able to accept a friend request at the time...and please forget some of my previous blog post about the xbox360.

SO MANY THINGs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really sorry bout' this guys but I had to attend to my granddads, homework already :p, savin up for stuff-WORK, my sisters home, the shore (unexpected vacation) ect. It's been a lot lately but I'll be on more now...its good to back well i got quake 4 :p beat it...good multiplayer...the best ;). Doom 3 roe good multiplayer!?!Im quite good suprizingly first place usually...which came as one helluva surprise, beat it too.....and well... ALMOST LEVEL 10! estimated 3 or 2 more days and emblems. I'm getting the 360 for christmas :) savin up for a wii right now and 360 games and games for the wii. the wii's comin soon can't wait! Well thats it cya friends...and I'm sry too. 

Level 9-great.

YAY I made level 9 :). I really dont have much news to say but I am gonna have lots of vid for you fans to watch real soon, and I have a question can any of you friends of mine send me soem kind of a tutorial of how to make a banner with a PM please cause I like making them but I cant do a great job with fading and file size and all that. I guess thats it for now almost I don't have much gaming news 'cause I've been working for a 360 and wii and flatscreen tv and pc and more games soI haven't been playing much. I guess you could say I'm still a little upset bout my grandad. Thats it for now. I'll cya friends.


 I need my video emblems to PROVE that peeps know that I like making Movies cause some of 'em don't even look at yer blog. So to me its an Immediate way to let them know who I am. At least of gaming n all.  

I'm back...and sad.

Well I'm back from the poconos gandfather has died...:( :( :( :(. He's being buried in Arlington for his service in the war of world war 2 and the purple heart medal. Well I'm really upset now, but still. I just bought god of war for the invredibly good price of 5 dollars because my cousin works at gamestop and gave me a discount and so far its awsome just like they said. My progress in splinter cell is very very bad I can't past this one level because of a glitch I am going down the steps on the 3rd level and I'm always cought when the camera isn't even there on some floors. Socom is going very well on the last level incredibly hard in fact. Paper mario I did hold off for a while :(. I'm still playing battlefront cause of replay value and linage 2 I didn't even start yet...but that is about it for now of games and playing stuff. I am however excited about getting xboxlive, and the 360 I'll have you know 9 games for it and be hooked for it for a while I'll probalbly have around 10,000 points cause I will be playing my cousin alot in pfd. My cousin already has xboxlive. I will also have my own website and email for the website it will be my user name was taken...:( killerkake. It will have games movies that I make and more you can buy cool stuff also My vids will be on newgrounds Ifilm and youtoob too. I am really excited about it all. Thats about it for now...I'll cya friends...and please pray for my grandfather. Oh and I forgot I made level 8!  


Dead...Rising... Dead Rising!! I can't wait til' I get the 360 I wanna play those games for the 360 so bad. I was also up all night it is 6:48 am et here and I've been awake since 9:30 yesterday. so this bloggy post is a little early so check out my last one too. If your wondering what I was doing I was playing socom and ghost recon2. Is it just me or was socoms difficulty rating comepletely underrated. I am half way through the game now and it only took me and hour or 45 mins. I thinks its because I've been playing my FPS games on very hard mode lately...Well I migh go to bed now or play oblivion more. I wont be here on Saturday to Saturday I will be on vacation :( :). I'll be at the poconos. With my 2 friends.

100 FRIENDs.

Wow I have 100 friends thxs friends :). Well I have been wrapped up in oblivion MAJORLY. I haven't even been playing my new games a lot socom and splinter cell and lineage2. and here on Gspot, but anyways I'm going to buy an xbox360 and the wii soon for the 360 I'm going to get "Dead rising, Oblivion, Battlefield 2 Modern combat, Prey, Hitman Blood Money, Perfect Dark zero, G.R.A.W, and I think thats about it its gonna cost a lot but oh well I get 200 monthly.


I lost 2 of my emblems and so did other peeps I'm tired of these glitches. Well today I beat RE4 I'll have a review for it today...OH SNAP I forgot to write review all those days...I'm sorry 'bout that. Well today its just so hot!! I cant stand it!! I'll beging playing paper mario now. Thats about it for now. I'll cya friends.  
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